Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia N95 8GB

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  • dave

ok ok n95 8gb emmmm sat nav all the things a phone mad pearson whats but i have been told by people i no in phones (carphone) (phones4u) (excellcomms) (nokia rep) it only has 1 hour talk time why would you make a phone that good and the forget about the battery HELLLLLLLOOOOO NOKIA COME ON !!!!!!!!

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  • 2007-08-31 18:55
  • S3LE
  • well hung man

is that a phone in your pocket or are you pleased to see its a brick that tels me how to get home !!!!

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  • 2007-08-31 18:54
  • M3s@
  • Anonymous

huge stick for a phone, breaks easily nty, too expensive

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  • 2007-08-31 18:43
  • mh{Z
  • g.u

i thing the phone is awsome but ill choose the silver one because almost evrethig is the same and have a memory card .is so usefull, having this 8g of memory will take to much time to upload by usb port,and memory card as we know is prety good speed

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  • 2007-08-31 18:42
  • LrSu
  • KTHubbybunch

hmm... does this stupid phone came out with RAM or not? -__-;; geez! Nokia is just make their phones really complicating without RAM! >0< they still haven't learn their lesson yet eh..?

1 thing they learn is Ripping off people's money!

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  • 2007-08-31 17:46
  • PGij
  • Shan

Very good phone, but no optional card slot

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  • 2007-08-31 17:38
  • PDJ1
  • cipri

omg!!! what a huge

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  • 2007-08-31 17:28
  • pkfN
  • Anonymous

good phone ,but to big.........

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  • 2007-08-31 16:46
  • QPGT
  • KIKE

good phone , oh my god!!!!

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  • 2007-08-31 16:45
  • QPGT
  • yamadron

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  • 2007-08-31 15:33
  • mJDF
  • jojo

looks like a nice phone, but since the original N95 itself sucks(i own it), it decreases the quality of this phone too. but i think w960 is way better.

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  • 2007-08-31 15:32
  • SkEn
  • Anonymous

To SE fanboys: go and buy tons of accessories if you like, while N95 8GB contain everything in one small body. Luckily normal people understand this, that's why n95 is a top selling phone unlike current SE phones that are failures

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  • 2007-08-31 15:11
  • MA2e
  • yamadron

Hey Hassan 4444. i deal with u. I have a Silver/pulm N95. It is better than that N95 8Gb even that differences. Even more the battery will still the same , the increasment in mAH will have no effect as the processor became faster. But what about Ram ?? What is the Silvery N95 Ram and that blacky one ????

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  • 2007-08-31 15:10
  • mJDF
  • Sunny

shit..i had just got the n95
now the new model is released
i guess its a better one

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  • 2007-08-31 13:53
  • PT6M
  • Anonymous

this phone will be a FLOP

it will have:

Bad Battery life
Slider will Crack

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  • 2007-08-31 13:38
  • nERs
  • Anonymous

it's a beautiful fon but i will still wait for n98 which is going to release end of this year..

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  • 2007-08-31 10:13
  • ijsq
  • dichar

i don't get it. they(nokia) put in a bigger battery and yet the talk time/ standby time is less than that of the normal n95. I think gsmarena made a mistake.

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  • 2007-08-31 10:01
  • mS7f
  • Andy Walker

This phone looks amazing!

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  • 2007-08-31 09:25
  • pJhX
  • sunshine

the only thing that makes me think of upgrading from my original n95 to 8gb version is the ram

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  • 2007-08-31 09:10
  • PSvW
  • Omran

Well all i can say abt this phone is. its in the market to remove the flaw for previuos n95 which has battery that last less then a day. So all eyes on the battery life of this phone which is with a enhancement from 900mA to 1200mA. Lets is this is enough for the consumption of the phone or not?

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  • 2007-08-31 08:45
  • Nyjx