Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia N95 8GB

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  • yamadron

just gotta the The price for N95 8GB. It will be for $ 699.

  • Flacker

I just saw alot of opinion. My nephew is a Quality supervisor in Nokia Company. Drop me an e-mail to tell u what u need about N95 8GB.

  • Anonymous

8gb n95? disaster in the making. these phones are prone to crashing anyways, stick other things for it to think about in there and the whole thing is bound to die :S

  • Anonymous

Is the slider on the old N95 that bad??

  • Anonymous

Can i use a 4gb memory card on the old N95

  • Anonymous

this phone have the same problem that all nokia sliders have: BAD SLIDER
the most cheap samsung phone slider beats all the nokia sliders

for the record: i hate samsung's phones and all my phones are nokia

  • Anonymous

worry the price.....hope nokia wouldnt go too far...

  • Anonymous

everything is fine but if this one features 352X416 pix screen then i liked it more.

  • samson

i am having the n 95 i need the n95 8 gb now just now i am going to get it::::::

  • n95 lover

the new n95-8gb even have n-gage go check in

  • Gimi

What I'm gonna do ? I have N95, and I wanna N95 8GB!!! Now, I most sale N95 to buy N95*8GB...

  • Anonymous

@KTHubbybunch, this N95 8GB comes with 128MB ram for running applications. And in some of the reviews, some said that it is faster than original N95

  • Anonymous

@ Dave, check the info again please, N95 8GB has a bigger capacity battery than the original N95

  • dave

ok ok n95 8gb emmmm sat nav all the things a phone mad pearson whats but i have been told by people i no in phones (carphone) (phones4u) (excellcomms) (nokia rep) it only has 1 hour talk time why would you make a phone that good and the forget about the battery HELLLLLLLOOOOO NOKIA COME ON !!!!!!!!

  • well hung man

is that a phone in your pocket or are you pleased to see its a brick that tels me how to get home !!!!

  • Anonymous

huge stick for a phone, breaks easily nty, too expensive

  • g.u

i thing the phone is awsome but ill choose the silver one because almost evrethig is the same and have a memory card .is so usefull, having this 8g of memory will take to much time to upload by usb port,and memory card as we know is prety good speed

  • KTHubbybunch

hmm... does this stupid phone came out with RAM or not? -__-;; geez! Nokia is just make their phones really complicating without RAM! >0< they still haven't learn their lesson yet eh..?

1 thing they learn is Ripping off people's money!

  • Shan

Very good phone, but no optional card slot