Nokia working on a phablet, 41MP Lumia and an updated 920?

18 April, 2013

Nokia has covered the entire range with its Windows Phone-powered Lumias from entry level to high-end. Now, The Financial Times says the Finnish company is looking to expand beyond the phone market with a phablet.

FT sources claim the Nokia phablet will be similar in size to the Samsung Galaxy Note, but more advanced. Its not clear if those sources are comparing against the Note II or its upcoming successor, but either way the 1080p screen and quad-core CPU support for Windows Phone 8 will be vital. The update also supports devices with 5 and more screens, making it just right for a phablet.

The sources also brought up the Nokia EOS the mythical Windows Phone handset with 41MP PureView sensor, a true WP8-powered Nokia 808 successor. Rumor has it this device will pack a quad-core processor too, inside a Snapdragon 800 chipset.

Nokia is also planning a lighter, more advanced version of the Nokia Lumia 920, say FTs sources. This could well be the Nokia Catwalk. A more affordable version of the 920 is also reportedly in the works.

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