Opera Mini 4 spawns a new beta

26 Oct, 2007

Today Opera presented the next version of our favorite mobile browser Opera Mini 4 along with a new service called Opera Link. The new browser version of the Opera Mini 4, has some cool new features that seem worth upgrading.

The new Opera Mini 4 beta features a number of innovations such as Link support and Speed Dials support plus RSS feeds support. There are three levels of image quality instead of two, and images now fit better than they did with the previous version (there's no need for panning). There is improved support for bi-directional text and when you need to reload the web page you are previewing, the page position and scaling is now preserved. Numbers will be shown in ordered lists and there's improved handling of CSS.

Opera Mini 4 new beta Opera Mini 4 new beta Opera Mini 4 new beta
Browsing GSMArena.com with the new beta of Opera Mini 4

The Opera Link service allows synchronization of all your bookmarks among your computers and mobile devices. Just install the latest desktop version of Opera and every bookmark will be stored on the Opera Link server. Later on you can synchronize the Opera browser on your portable computer or your mobile phone and get the exact same bookmarks - plus the new beta of Opera Mini 4 now supports downloading of the favicons of your bookmarked web locations.

The Opera Speed Dials offer you the option to start several of your bookmarks via keypad shortcuts, thus making quick opening of web sites even easier.

We probably should also remind you of some of the other features that made the Opera Mini so good. First off, it's fast. The Opera Mini server compresses the on-screen content so effectively you even pay less data charges. The Opera Mini 4 allows really fast scrolling vertically and horizontally. The nifty browser also offers a virtual mouse pointer to visualize better the currently active links on the web page. And finally, the Opera Mini boasts landscape mode on all mobile devices. Did we mentioned that you can install it on your regular feature phone, because on top of all it's a simple Java application?

Well, the future for free mobile browsing looks even smarter, now. If you want to give the Opera Mini 4 beta a go, feel free to navigate your mobile to mini.opera.com/beta.