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  • Anonymous

Uma , 19 Sep 2015Worst phone .... dont go for this ....poorest customer service t... moreAgreed ...

  • Anthony

Please do not buy any oppo phones because these phones start problems in two months from the date of purchase and their customer service is very terrible and they are least bothered in solving the problem. It is a waste of money and its best to concentrate on a branded products. If you still wanna try its your choice.

  • Dave

Terrible customer service-- don't buy Oppo products -- they are not interested in anything once they have sold you the phones-- I bought two different Oppo phones including the N1 -- both developed problems with 2 months but Oppo are not interested. AVOID OPPO

  • Uma

Worst phone .... dont go for this ....poorest customer service they have ...

  • baby

I want to ask, which 1 is better, n1 or n1 mini?


cn i c d picture of oops of n12,990 n d conutry dat produced it?

  • Mann Putrajaya

I am using this phone since May 2014, bought it during mothers day. After 1 year there is problem i found it:

1. Take some time time save number into contact;
2. Storage memory problem, the seller told me that problem cannot be solved;
3. Too slow to search emel ( inbox) by key in they keyword i search for;

But something that i proud of:

1. Nice picture / camera
2. I like the shortcut / faster to find app installed

For this phone, i give 3 star out of 5.

Just personal opinion.

Its a very nice phone, hope i can get one

  • Annie

is OPPO N1. worth for 12,990? and with regards to the specification ?

  • hamza

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2015How to stop unfortunately status bar has stopped in mobileunfortunately status bar has stoppe How to lose

  • jenka

Avramaris, 12 Jan 2015Reinstallation to CyanogenMod and u get 4.4.4 Kitkat Where is the cygonarian mod where I find it to update ma phone plz help how can I update my phone

  • Anonymous

How to stop unfortunately status bar has stopped in mobile

  • Mahesh

ns, 16 Dec 2014Guys could u pls suggest me wich pH I will purchase iPhone 5s or... moreOppo r5 it's super phone & slim luk like awasome

  • appole

I am charging my OPPO N1 when unexpectedly there's an incoming call, when i pick up the phone it suddenly blackens the screen till the power shutdown without pressing any keys yet.. Now i cant power on anymore even charging it is disabled.. What is the defect of the phone in that matter? Can u help me find the site where i can install the hardware gin troubleshooting the OPPMO

  • lyn

If u use my viber or skype my camera was inverted what will i do.?

  • aman

rudi, 28 Feb 2015I have using oppo N1 , the feature is excellent , but the voice ... morei want oppo n1 how much u want

  • rudi

I have using oppo N1 , the feature is excellent , but the voice is not too clear , too many bass , so all phone is not too clear than oppo N1 or Note 3 , I will sell it , who is want to buy ?

I had a problem oppo N1 ... ... ... ... ... all the google applications cannot be opened and another one how to solve the problem unfortunately exposure launcher has stopped and the setting has stopped the ... ... Please solve the problem

Danish, 11 Oct 2014this foon is good but there is android version in so old a... moreReinstallation to CyanogenMod and u get 4.4.4 Kitkat

Only Oppo n1 because CyanogenMod unlimited