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Oppo N1

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  • Mahesh

ns, 16 Dec 2014Guys could u pls suggest me wich pH I will purchase iPhone 5s or... moreOppo r5 it's super phone & slim luk like awasome

  • appole

I am charging my OPPO N1 when unexpectedly there's an incoming call, when i pick up the phone it suddenly blackens the screen till the power shutdown without pressing any keys yet.. Now i cant power on anymore even charging it is disabled.. What is the defect of the phone in that matter? Can u help me find the site where i can install the hardware gin troubleshooting the OPPMO

  • lyn

If u use my viber or skype my camera was inverted what will i do.?

  • aman

rudi, 28 Feb 2015I have using oppo N1 , the feature is excellent , but the voice ... morei want oppo n1 how much u want

  • rudi

I have using oppo N1 , the feature is excellent , but the voice is not too clear , too many bass , so all phone is not too clear than oppo N1 or Note 3 , I will sell it , who is want to buy ?

I had a problem oppo N1 ... ... ... ... ... all the google applications cannot be opened and another one how to solve the problem unfortunately exposure launcher has stopped and the setting has stopped the ... ... Please solve the problem

Danish, 11 Oct 2014this foon is good but there is android version in so old a... moreReinstallation to CyanogenMod and u get 4.4.4 Kitkat

Only Oppo n1 because CyanogenMod unlimited

  • Droophy

Very expensive

  • dew

this phone is vervy good

  • ns

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2014want to take this phone.How is this can you suggest plzeGuys could u pls suggest me wich pH I will purchase iPhone 5s or oppo n1

  • Brijesh

ansh, 11 Jul 2014in compression of galaxy s5 shd i buy oppo n1 or galaxy shd be a... moreAlways n1 is best phone to other

  • sanchu

aj, 31 Aug 2014which one should i choose between n1 and find 7 Find 7

  • raf

sonu, 04 Nov 2014the nokia is good but price is very highOppo may be great, in some sense,but Microsoft has the ball in their court. Its the time for windows, high performance, low price, secured security..

  • suls

hardware are good, except non additional memory. But the most concern is lack of support from oppo to upgrade the OS. It still using Jellybean

Very weak reversable camera. Try to compare to gionee e7mini and see the difference

  • Angie

Specs are good but price is high

  • waltz

it has no gps glonass...... im looking an oppo mobile that i can use in my work.... oppo mobile that has geo tag or cam, gps status with glonass

  • Mobile Lover

OPPO opens the customers eyes wider as its features are amazing. Comparing to Samsung, micromax, gionee or any other android brands, OPPO provides excellent performance and features. Unlike other brands, OPPO comes with its android based colour OS which gives additional smart functions like gpad, WALK, etc. The price is a little high but the phone worth it.

  • Shrey

Go for Gionee Elife S5.5......it is the best phone with good features than oppo n1 and with low price. I am using it since 2 months....no issues at all.