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  • sweetu

i like it.......

  • Anonymous

Malyn, 18 Dec 2014Hi! I just want to ask where can i buy the battery and charger ... moretry ebay, should still find batteries and chargers for sale there :)

  • Malyn

I just want to ask where can i buy the battery and charger for my VS7? I haven't using the fone since 2009, will it still work if i replace the battery? Thanks!


RIP Panasonic Cell phones division.

  • ww

*sigh* i remember how much I wanted to get this phone so I could play sonic the hedgehog on it... But since then phones have come a long way. I can play a sonic rom on my genesoid app on my android phone. But I still remember how cool it would have been back then...

  • Anonymous

Dozer, 30 May 2008try to contact some ebay seller who has got VS3 full housing, I ... moremay as well get a new fone

  • Leeroy

Has no one here heard of 3G? Its been out for a while hey, most handsets have them these days, maybe consider gettin a phone with the LATEST FEATURES. something of actual quality... (and then suddenly nokia comes to mind) :)

  • kramer

Yes , the problem is you have a crappy phone - get a better handset

  • 09292963883

most panasonic mobile phones specially their VS series.. the commnon problem is the flex cable it is very versatile and when you usually flip it often you are closer to your phone damage.. hehehe like in our country most people here are txters so.. its not really a good phone for people who are is more on call and entertainment.. but texting.. i would not recommend this

  • Zen

There is no memory slot...???

  • Anonymous

i have problem transfering data from my vs7 to my new pc. is that because i'm using window vista? the handset manager cannot detect vs7 while connecting it with data cable. does anyone knows the problem?

  • brian_dm

This is a good phone. The camera is awesome. I have experienced the white screen though and not sure what is causing it. Basically, I can't see anything except white. Anyone experienced this before?

  • PH

Dozer, 30 May 2008try to contact some ebay seller who has got VS3 full housing, I ... moreyou go to nearest service center, they have.

  • derek

Dozer, 09 May 2008I like my VS7, I don't know why there's been so many complaints ... morehi can you locate me a new one cheers mate

  • Dozer

Ian, 13 May 2008Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how or where I c... moretry to contact some ebay seller who has got VS3 full housing, I think that if they live in Hong Kong or Taiwan they can find a VS7 housing for you so that you can have the replacing parts you need.. anyway I don't know how to remove the old housing and to put it the new .. it maybe risky, you may break the phone flex cable or mainboard..
You may also need a special screw to open the old housing, ask for it to the seller..

  • Ian

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows how or where I can have my broken VS7 fixed. The main screen is damaged with the display completely not visible. If I were to find a screen from another VS7, does anyone know how to install it? I also would like to know if anyone out there knows where I can get parts for the VS7. You help is appreciate it. I love this phone and hate to see it unused.


  • Dozer

I like my VS7, I don't know why there's been so many complaints about microsd and so on.. it's the same with VS3 and Bluetooth.. This mobiles lack some features.. ok, you know it before buying.
I don't miss the micro sd, it would have been useful ok but I can live with my 30mb of built-in memory. (for those who want a pana with microsd, just find some used x700/x701/x800).
Screen is superb.
Camera is absolutely great.
Customization is great but only if you can find some asian transparent faceplate for vs7 (not so easy to find) so you can create your own custom jackets.
Speaker is lower than average mobile phones but not so constraining. I'm most of the time at home and never had any problem with the speaker's volume.
Dimensions are maybe generous.. I'd prefer the vs3 but with a bigger screen as VS7.
Push-up button is the most craziest and sametime gorgeous thing I've ever tried on a mobile phone.. I LUV IT!!

Battery lasts poor time after months of use.

There are some minuses I know.. but once you have this phone.. you'll luv it as I do.

  • Anonymous

to grifford, did you try the local panasonic service center. they used to have a display center at digital exchange in glorietta but its closed now. but i think they still have a service center at shaw blvd just don't know if they still repair cellphone.

  • Grifford Leigh

asking for a help . . .
Good day to all! im from the Philippines.i have this my Panasonic VS7 unit for in just a couple of months in me that was already malfunctioning. on the night of March 25 of this year, i was been annoyed by the display of my phone. i was texting my friend that time when suddenly i noticed a single white line light on my LCD display until it multiplies and can't see anything aside from a white display all over my LCD. i was too panic by then, i suddenly turned it off. but by the time i i turned it on again, the whole display was already black. it shows nothing. the following day, i asked some cell shops if they repair such kind of unit, but they only say same thing, "it's really hard to find the parts of your cellphone,you look for other shops if they repair such unit" and other thought, "it's all about the flex boi".". my day was over yet i didn't found anyany shop that would accept to repair my phone. hay.. that was really too bad to hear for my part. my communication is really important for me, specially in my nature as a leader and an active person to many organizations. i hope you can help me with regards to this matter.if you know some repair center please kindly notify me. i'm looking forward for your response. thanks. God bless you all.

  • Mark

I have use the VS7 for 3 years. Its a nice phone except the reception is poor and the speaker is very week. I thought it looked cool and I don't know how it got labled as ugle. I found the camera to be outstanding which you would expect from Panasonic, with a built in optical macro which was the best in its class in its day.
If your in a city its OK but on the fringes its very anoying becuase you can't hear clearly what the person is saying. I will be buying a new phone soon and I would buy a
Panasonic again if they were making them just for the camera alone. Regards Mark