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Pantech Breeze III

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slotalkinwoman, 27 Nov 2012Sorry everyone, I am new here and did not mean to post that same... morehi LOL what about Pantech Breeze III, please tell me

To slotalkinwoman:

It is not an Android phone. It is known as a "feature" phone, the features including messaging, the camera and music player. I would not use this phone for any internet data (email, web, social apps, etc.) even if it were possible.

I am unable to access the web/data on my phone. I have tried several times using the values given by straighttalk for my unlocked AT&T cellphone.

Has anyone successfully set up their phone to work using a straighttalk SIM?

Sorry everyone, I am new here and did not mean to post that same question 4 times.

Can anyone tell me if the Pantech Breeze 3 is a android phone. I have read just a few minutes ago that it is a smartphone. Are they the same thing?

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The phone is a good phone for the younger set I think, but for myself a little hard to handle because I'm an elderly woman who is hard of hearing plus I don't see too well...the buttons on the side that control the volume are not in a good place for me because that is where I hold the phone and I keep lowering the volume, I'm thinking of getting a blu tooth or earbuds only I can,t find them on your website, I will keep looking and hope to find shortly.