Philips W8355

Philips W8355

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  • Luce

mark, 15 May 2013Where can I buy this phone?Not in Europe I think?that's interesting! I would like to have one of that cell phone.

  • mark

Where can I buy this phone?Not in Europe I think?

  • Fantastic

Philips Xenium W8355 mobile phone have few VOIP CALL DEVICES, to compare to other mobile phones. I tried downloading JUMBLO VOIP CALL DEVICE but was told that it was not in the Philips Xenium W8355 market. All other mobile phones have excess devices in theirs. Lots of features are not found in this particular phone, such as option for sms ringing tune, where you add your own sms ring tunes, others do make provision for that.Lots of futures attracts buyers.

  • masos

w8355 is wcdma 900/1800

  • b

Adreno 203? a little tablet for the masses, or what?

  • masos

dartax, 14 Jan 2013Philips was recognised by the best batteries, but now the mobile... moreabsolutely non correct!!! philips transferrend his mobilephone activity in china in 1996!!!

What's this? A $100 phone?

  • f1ddy

Omg Philips what playin at these specs make no sense it could do with a 2gb ram and quad core cpu and maybe a higher ppi

  • dartax

Philips was recognised by the best batteries, but now the mobile phone division is bought by a chinese company, so this is not a european product, I guess is 100% chinese !

Phone with all the outdated OS and hardware.
Not sure why Philips wanted to throw away their money like this.


  • alien_mkd

phablet on the budget.

A 5.3 inch screen with qHD display.. dual band 3G at 7.2mbps.. 512MB RAM.. I mean every spec is as wrong as possible. Sense and simplicity huh? This phone makes no sense.. guess its all about simplicity, too much of it..

lol, 13 Jan 2013512 mb ram at dual core 1.2Ghz cpu? im sure temple run and sub... moreUm, even Xperia Tipo can run Temple Run rather smoothly.. Resolution helps too, of course :)

  • Andrei

I want Philips to be making those battery beast phones like it used to. That would change the wind for them

adreno 203 huh?

  • Archbishop

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2013The phone would have to cost £10 to be worth the moneyno ,it would cost above US $ 60 in the beginning.
but would surely rest in the dustin soon.

  • lol

512 mb ram at dual core 1.2Ghz cpu?
im sure temple run and subway surfer shall be laggy.
make it 1gb ram instead for smooth and fast

  • farbror Frej

"MP4/H.263 player" only??? Sic!

That means lots of tedious video-converting. And you STILL not sure if its really playback-compatible despite correct format because of odd out-of-range video-res, bit-rates, encoding-options and what not. I had that exact problem with my old "Cowon J3" videoplayer. I say; never more.

Just buy a Galaxy S3 for probably not more then 100 dollar more and you get "MP4/DivX/XviD/WMV/H.264/H.263" support right out of the box. I bought it newly released and to this date I have never been forced to convert any movie. Just drag and drop straight over.

  • Anonymous

The phone would have to cost £10 to be worth the money

  • ry

at least 1gb ram.@@
is it very hard?

sell it at 150euro for such low specs.