Philips X605

Philips X605

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  • Dinesh Mangal

Philips makes good quality products, but, unfortunately, they are not able to market to people who can appreciate the product that they put into the market.

It is not only Mobile Phones, but across all catagories of electronics that they manufacture.

  • Anonymous

I don't understand: why does Philips still try to make cell phones? I can't that with all the competition it thinks it makes a chance with phones like these..

  • zader

I'll buy it for $100, as long it has a good music player

  • Pancho

It looks like a decent phone, but they could have trimmed it's weight down a bit.

  • Sanich

What's its OS? there wasn't anything about it in spec!

  • Ulol

It has a good design, hear turner but it lacks functionality, however if you just use your phone for calls and texts, then this might be an option.. I'm just hoping its not that expensive...

  • xman

Finally a touch screen phone with a decent number of buttons and a D-Pad. Substantially original compared with all the 1-3 button touchscreen phones that have flooded the market.

Has a feature set designed for emerging markets. All that I use, but many believe they need much more.

  • adit

no 3g, no wifi, no gps : no good