Philips X710

Philips X710

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  • Love mobile phones!

Dani, 20 Jan 2009Now thats power from the battery!!!!It really is!

  • Love mobile phones!

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2009sorry,not 5h... 12h! my badd...LOL too excited maybe jaja

  • MJR

As an addition to my previous comment, I forgot to mention to the minuses list:

- sadly, no 3G / HSDPA; I am using it quite often as a bluetooth modem for either a laptop or a PDA, and the connectivity is pretty flawless, but the speed is sometimes slow, having to rely only on EDGE as maximum performance connection...

  • MJR

I've had this phone for about 9 months and here are my opinions - although it's not a new model anymore, maybe some people will find them helpful.

A good phone overall, but I do have some issues with it.

What I like:
- overall, good build quality; the phone feels solid and I didn't have any major reliability problems so far;
- very good battery life; not quite as advertised, but still impressive for me, considering the HUGE amounts of talk time I have to go through, every day;
- (pretty) logical and quick access to menu functions, once you get used to it; some customizable shortcuts and other helpful items, which are welcome, although they are below the performance of other competitors;
- phone feels comfortable to hold, keys are easily reachable and comfortable;
- good functionality overall (but not exceptional);
- very nice and bright screen, easily readable even in strong light; also, the outside screen surface seems very durable - I only have a few minor scratches, and I've used it at times in VERY harsh conditions, with dust, dirt etc;
- very good camera (for a phone), for STILL shots; unfortunately, not much use for moving subjects;
- standard miniUSB connector and no need to install the software in order to transfer files; as long as you have a standard USB cable with you, you can use the phone anywhere as a USB memory stick;
- good software suite, easily installed and with good functionality;
- (pretty) good sound quality for the music player and FM radio; the wired headset included into the package seems to be of very good quality.

What I don't like:
- sound quality for phone conversations, especially when using the speaker phone function, is below average;
- although the overall build quality seems good, after some months of usage already 2 or 3 keys are not always working properly: they take 3-4 presses in order to work once (possibly, opening the phone and cleaning the contacts could fix this problem);
- the phone sometimes freezes / "hangs" when I'm in a conversation and I try to put it on hold in order to answer another waiting, incoming call on the other SIM; you either have to wait for about 30 seconds, or take out the battery, put it back and restart the phone - which is quite annoying;
- I would have liked more functionality, for example when working with phone numbers: if you have a number in your call list and you want to add it to an existing contact in your phone book, the only way seems to be to write it down (or memorize it), then go into contacts in the menu, and enter it manually (or maybe I'm not smart enough to figure out another way...);
- no separate connectors for headset and charger; therefore, for example, if you're driving while using a wired headset, and the battery runs down, you have to disconnect the headset in order to charge the phone.

These would be my opinions on this phone. Overall, I'm happy with it and I intend to keep it, but I would really like to see some improvements to the minuses shown above.

  • Anonymous

Popularity has nothing to do with the quality of a phone

  • Anonymous

Will philips make a successor of this phone with both quadband, hsdpa and camera for video call?

  • twenttysix

Hi there Ls & Gs,

for all of you who didn't find it yet to buy this model, go on either of this and you'll have it(I suggest the first option 'cause is more,... how can I say.. without hustle... no taxes on the electronics import and very reliable,.. by tracking no.): &

PS: 1. maybe some of you will say,.. why did i give the 2nd option if is not that good... well,.. 'cause is out there!;)
2. I bought from both sites and i tell you all of this from experience.. i'm at the 3rd philips mobile already!

Have fun and,.. enjoy the Philips experience!

  • Anonymous

This handset can also be officially bought in China;)

  • pawan

Absolutely this is packed with great stuff.... but where is the marketing team for Philips?????? very poor publicity, very poor distribution network... I cant find even a single distributor for this in India.... If it this gonna be released then I would be the first one to grab this.....

  • wladd

hi for all, a small message for all that like this phone, a friend of mine have bought this phone in russia, and in the shop he was informed that this phone is made only for russia region and not for other country so good luck

  • SAID

how can i have this phone in morroco , france or spain.
i asked and didnt found it, please tell me how

  • rohvel

uptime specs:

Stand-by 1200h
Talk Time 12h

  • manix

I have a great desire to buy this phone. Should I have to think twice on account of poor feature than any other brand?

  • Deepak

on the overview i have take all of you one suggetion that this phone will be hit the in the Indian Market. Because of his Features.

  • Deepak

on the overview i have take all of you one suggetion that this phone will be hit the in the Indian Market. Because of his Features.


mike..of coz this phone will be at malaysia..
im the one who wait 4 it..

  • philips fanz

Did philips launch this phone in Malaysia?

  • TTNg

not sure it is able to check email or not, could someone please advise? I love this long life batery but also really need to check email.

  • sumon

when does it is available in Bangladesh & how much it'
s cost?

  • ahm

Philips mobiles are not available in United Arab Emirates