GSMArena smartphone shopping guide: November 2013

4 November 2013
One of the most common questions we encounter as writers and editors for mobile tech revolves around which phone to buy. We've taken it upon ourselves to share our insight with more than just our friends, so we're starting a recurring article...

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  • Anonim

Please Infinix Zero 2

  • Grumbler

alexalex, 10 Nov 2013Infinix Alpha is a phablet with 5.7 inch display (257ppi) while ... moreJust listen to yourself,quadcore is far better than dual core that's a fact!

  • J D

plz suggest me about which is better nokia lumia 520 or nokia kunga 525

  • Sally

I wish HTC Max had been included!

  • AA.M

I think the best phone is LG G2!


ganex, 11 Nov 2013which smart phone can we compare to infinix alpha?Compare it with tecno brands. Apple to apple.

  • DTM

sony xperia sp or nokia lumia 920

  • Anonymous

neo6053, 21 Nov 2013I'm planning to get a phone around the price of these phones. Ca... moreBuy Dell Android Phone

  • Anonymous

I see a lot of WP8 in here. They are underrated, especially the Lumia phones.

Hi Ppl! What abt Samsung Mega? I heard good comments about it.

  • Anonymous

What about moto g,moto x, Gsmarena?These are great phones too and worth mentioning

lg g2 best buy phone

  • Humo

Moto G!!!!

  • hamid reza

noly love G2

  • dinesh raj rs

y there is no blackberry mobiles specially z10 and z30 ....... ?????????????? still iPhone 4s is the best mobile to buy......i buy iPhone 4s or blackberry z10 no other mobiles i like...

  • chotan

I need lg nexus 5 .what is the prit of this phone.

  • rusty

For the oppo find 5, i think you should add the biweekly software updates with content that is added based on what the users are voting for!
One of the reasons i am now consider buying it.

  • bob

i really like Sony design but their very reflective screen really disspoints me and, their Home keys take up the LCD spave at the bottom, so dunno if the quoted screen size is the real actualy usable or not...the main issue is the screen..even in ads u can see the screen like a mirror

The phone with the best quality price ration out there is Xperia SP in my opinion also Huawei P6 is worth taking in consideration.

  • John

Thank you - very good - I think the best value at current price reductions would have to be the Blackberry Z10 - for value at around EU250 that quite good at the moment