Sony Ericsson T650 review: T-Series refueled

18 July 2007
The exciting new Sony Ericsson T650 pleases the eye, in a wink. A far descendant of the legendary Sony Ericsson T610/T630, the T650 is dressed to kill and packs in some serious high-tech ammo. It’s all there – 3G, TFT display with QVGA resolution, stereo Bluetooth, FM radio, a cracking 3 megapixel camera – and all those are fitted into a bar-shaped handset measuring only 12.5 mm in thickness. You may have heard of Sony Ericsson W880, well… meet his big brother. A serious promise, indeed!

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  • dyskrasia

I've had this phone for almost 1.5 years, and I send texts heavily every day. The key size has *not* been a problem at all! If anything, I type faster than I have on any other non-QWERTY phone, especially with the ease of T9.

Cons: being tri- rather than quad-band, I get spotty service (here in the U.S., with AT&T). Places like planes after landing, airport terminals, hotels, even some office buildings will get zero or few bars of reception. Sometimes when calls come in, the voice on the other end is garbled. I'm only considering upgrading to a quad-band phone, since the T650i is really a phone better used outside of the U.S. Also, the paint on the center of the D-pad chipped off a long time ago - not completely, but enough to be just less pretty. That doesn't bother me much.

That said, I hate the thought of giving up my T650i, especially because it has the best camera I've ever had on all of my phones in the past 10 years. Whenever I upload phone pics to my photo galleries, I get many compliments on the quality. I would really love to get the T700 for its similar build, but the camera lacks the superior quality as the T650i. I'll have to keep looking.

  • Anonymous

I have bought this phone, a decision taken after reading the review here. After the first week I am disappointed. The keyboard is not comfortable for SMS typing. The space key is located on the #pounf to the right and if you are texting holding the piece with one hand, everytime a space needs to be placed between words you risk dropping the phone as the thumb has to release grip.
Also screen brightness is bellow average under the sun.
The phone refused to take pictures with the camera in dark. I don't know why, no matter how hard or how long I was pressing the snapshot button it wouldn't take the picture. No problem taking pictures under normal light, though another flaw comes here -- you have to hold the phone steady and wait for a few seconds after you press the button. Many times I pressed the button and lowered the phone and just than the camera took the photo. Also image stabilization is not good. In general not a good cameraphone if that's your aim.
For pros I have to admit battery life is good if you charge it first for more than 6 hours (even though indicator shows full keep on charging it!) and if you recharge just after the first charge has been fully drained (means the phone has to shut down on its won). Than battery life is impressive - 5 days with regular talk, texting and photo/video play.
Overall if I could turn back time, I wouldn't have bought the t650.

  • Anonymous

Hi all...
I have bought this mobile for my's a surprise gift for him.I like this mobile it has neat finishing, slim and sleek..., with all features...:)hope he will like this...

  • Bay

By T650
Now SE has become it's rival (i.e. NOKIA), for releasing an overpriced products.

  • saurabh bhatia

Despite of no WI-FI and fast forward option in video, this phone will rock.

  • arun

the phone is looking beautiful.what is the prize of this phone?

  • Anonymous

SE would not bring out a phone with good video recording capabilities (VGA) - Sony probably worries about its own videocam business.

  • Anonymous

Awful keypad for heavy texters :(

  • Anonymous

OMG!!!!!! the coolest phone ever

  • dos

Very sweet.

  • Anything

to zab: same question as you. it'd really be a miracle for a sony(or sony ericsson) product to support a filetype from microsoft!!!

  • Anything

cannot fast-forward videos? doubt about that. anyhow it's quite stylish. considering getting one.

  • biscuit

ugliest phone i've ever seen

  • optional

Cut it out Castor Troy

Obviously, the person you are referring to does not even know the difference between a smartphone and not smartphone. It is pointless to argue with this person.


  • Anonymous

Just I want to know that is it whole T650 are made of Metal?

or uppper part is metal, lower part is plastic?

  • Castor Troy

Huh????? It has no WIFI because the manufacturer didnt want to.

At least I made my point that you were a lost sheep saying GSMarena should've mentioned that one of the disadvantages of T650 is that it does not have a WIFI. What can you say about this???????

  • zab

I read that review already. Just i found that the article wrote"Sony Ericsson T650 music player supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, E-AAC+, WAV, WMA, M4A and MIDI file formats." is it true?

if yes, that is perfect!

  • flavor

i agree that t650 can not be compared with n76 coz of its different segment. imho, the flaws of n76 is the camera module, no secondary camera (like 6233) which very useful for 3G communication. beside, the built-in material of N76 is not so good as it's not made of steel. as the t650's segment is lower than n76, imho is worthed enough with the features it has. just buy things with worthed price. ok?

  • dwijef

quote: "Besides 3G and GPRS for fast data transfers, video calls and content-streaming support, the handset offers the usual connectivity capabilities such as USB, Bluetooth and an Infrared port."

Infrared port you say? Hmmm, I'll take that as a mistyped review. More below the review, you can find that there's no support for infrared whatsoever. I'm kinda shock when i read this sentence, "It has infrared?!, oh my, I gotta get myself one of these!"

But all and all, i am definetely in love with it. Everyone can say that the keypad (looks) crappy, but i've tried the K810i, and was stunned by its tactileness and comfort to use. Have you seen the video on the official website? It features most dazzling light effects, for my humble opinions.

And also, i am glad that they will be packaging this phone with a 256 MB M2 (Memory Stick Micro, right?). It maybe small for today's needs, bu better than no extra memory at all.

Last of all... what's the price? I am living in Indonesia, can't wait to get my hands on it, and hoping it will not exceed 400 euros (Thats about 4 million rupiahs in my currency). Can somebody tell me how much will it costs? I'm in love with this phone.

  • Anonymous

Castor Troy,
you are mistaken here as always. Not smartphones can have Wi-Fi. Examples: samsung p110, nokia 6136.

they do not know more than we do, they are ordinary people with their own preferences. And SE made their W910 with HSDPA, but in T650 there in no such technology...