iPhone overview: Apple of discord

06 August 2007
Cutting edge, sleek and promising, the iPhone stirred the mobile world – not bad for Apple’s first go at the mobile phones market. Inspiring and provocative, the iPhone will always come to mind when a handset with full touch-based UI is in question...

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  • dpnk

Thanks you! someone FINALLY got what I was on about... it was a very thorough review I will give GSM arena that.

  • Hoang

Great review.

  • Anonymous

i heard it doesn't even let you send a picture message

  • Anonymous

I agree this review wasnt as objective as GSM Arena normally are. The shortfalls of this device were brushed past and excuses were made in that it looks nice and runs smoothly, and Apple have tried their best. So what? If any other $600 handset came out LACKING an autofocus camera and flash, MMS, video recording, custom ringtones, expandable memory, 3G capability and addon software support, they would get slated and thrown directly into the bin. The phone is lacking very common, standard, recommended features that a handset of this price and stature should not be lacking. It is a glorified touchscreen video iPod with basic phone features and a fancy OS/internet browser. Nothing more and nothing less.

My N95 may be a little unreliable but i'd take it over the iPhone any day tbh.

  • dpnk

I think some of you are taking my comment in the wrong way, so let me re-itterate.

I thought the review in this case wasn't as objectionable as they usually are; if any other handset had shortcomings on basic elements such as MMS, etc, then GSMArena would be pointing this out as a MAJOR issue in the end of review conclusion. They also keep refering to it as some multimedia device, yet how is this a multimedia device if it can't do video or MMS and has no 3G? The reveiw came accross like it 'forgave' the handset for these failing because they fell into the hype of the handset - which beats the point of an objectional review. They might as well have had some representative from Apple write the review.

...I hope that clears things up - next time I hope you properly read MY comment before accusing me of being a disgruntled forum user. Plus you're the kinda person who'll buy the handset anyway even if it is the most overhyped handset since the N95.

  • Erik

I think this site has the best cell phone reviews on the whole web.
This particular review was spot on. They were clearly not taken by the hype and managed to point out the flaws, and they did a good job mentioning and motivating the things that were good.
A little lazy to refer to videos when they couldn't find a way to explain some features themselves, but it's forgivable.

  • Anonymous

not up to the mark !!!! :-)

  • Anonymous

It's shiny and lacks even the most basic things. Apple fanboys will love it :)

  • Anonymous

iphone reaaly sucks no mms no 3G why to spend 600$ !!!!!!!!

  • alexa

i can't believe this phone doesn't have MMS, and they didn't even put it in main disadvantage.
i don't mind not having 3 G, but since MMS is pretty common nowadays i thought this phone would have it.
i guess there's no such thing as a perfect phone after all :)

  • tordrumguy

haha... all you people complaining about GSMArena didn't say this and didn't say that bad about the phone... you obviously didin't read the review... which makes your post worthless. You are the ones who are bias in your opinion.

The review does point out thier is no MMS, 3rd party apps, very basic camera, no 3G (which doesn't matter anyway because it only is released for the US market), etc. etc.

Read the reveiw, test the phone (which I can tell by most of your psots you've never had one of these in your hands), then post something.

Is this the best [hone ever living up to all the hype? In my opinion, no. But I think this reveiw gets it right and is fair in both pointing out what is good, what is missing, and what a buyer should keep in mind before making a decisions to buy.

  • dpnk

I think this review is completely biased, gushing infact. I agree the iPhone is a step in the right direction of what mobile UI SHOULD be like over the next few years, but it sounds like the reviewers already made their mind up that they were in love with this phone before they even had it in front of them.

With so many basic shortcomings (MMS, Camera/Video, 3G, etc (all things you'd expect as standard at the price)) the handset seems half-baked to me - perhaps it could have done with 6 more months testing and developing before release. I think a lot of people will still buy it and secretly be disappointed, but they'll say they love it anyway.

Normally I find GSM Arena's reviews unbiased and scientific, it's a shame they weren't objective with this handset.

  • Anonymous

it doesn't even have games xD

  • mike

Yo Lucus, chill bro, just HAD to correct you, GSM DID mention about the useability about the keyboard experince... ne wayz...

For the price of $600usd, i'd go with the Nokia N95 ANY day over the Iphone, but i will admit that the Iphone is sweet in hand. So the review is as i would expect.

Once i held one i was in-love, but then when reminded about no 3g for a 3g capable network--leave it to Apple to strip that option for probably the only sweet US exclusive mobile EVER produced and selected by a US carrier.

For $600usd, sorry, but i didn't buy this for the following reasons!!! no 3g, no MMS, no battery swap options (For the time when u need to ebay for a replacement for dirt cheap), no removable memory (the fuk?)! shitty camera with no flash! no VIDEO RECORDING (for a YOUTUBE dedicated device)!!! No Java/Flash!!! For being a Music Phone NO A2DP Blue Tooth (wireless stearo Headphones (for the price, c'mon apple)!!! a locked OS--maybe for good reason as the system is reviewed as flawless user interface for all Aps-- just seems to me a limitation that makes me scream Rebell.

Over-all the Iphone IS what it IS, a cool, slick, heavily over popular phone that is over priced but gets the job done.

for the Price, The N95 gets you way more.

  • SeF

Mac OS is the best OS i've ever seen on mobile phone. no lags, hangs and crashes. and it animates like a charm. nokia and SE should follow this lead :P

  • Smacky_Wolf

I noticed a lack of comment about the A2DP support of the iPhone.
What happened there? This is a standard and incredibly useful feature that has been completely ignored. Is it possible that there's a lack of faith in third party hardware?

In a phone that is supposed to be a music device, this seems like a glaring oversight... =/

  • blah

is this phone unlockable or is it only available to at&t users?

  • MonkeyKing

Forgot in the cons, you forgot to put non removable battery.

  • abolghaseme ferdosi

baba ey val goshi iphone

  • Wrusss

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