iPhone overview: Apple of discord

06 August 2007
Cutting edge, sleek and promising, the iPhone stirred the mobile world – not bad for Apple’s first go at the mobile phones market. Inspiring and provocative, the iPhone will always come to mind when a handset with full touch-based UI is in question...

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  • Anonymous

@ 3Zs,


I finally got to see an iPhone and I was playing music out of the "speakers" and one didn't work so I thought it was broken.

Guess not.

  • 3Zs

what a pathetic phone, how can gsmarena call it a multimedia device , it cant even MMS, no 3G, "feels like a game" i doesnt even have games not to mention NO video recording, r v in 2004 or 2007 should i say 2008.

This is not a business phone, its NOT a multimedia phone & definately not a camera phone. its just a music phone, a music phone with a (only 1) terrible loud speaker. & it costs US$600.

if u want to buy a phone based on its looks go for the nokia's 8 series

plus in 2008 SE is launching a W series phone that can store 8000 songs. source: TIME magazine

  • Anonymous

crappy stupid phone!

  • Lukas

May be not only for a review, but it was way harder to get this phone I suppose. Good job, GSMarena :)


  • Anonymous

Forgot to mention that it has no games, and no mms. You guys didn't even mention the usability of the keyboard.

It'd be more interesting if you added a more in depth look at the interface. How to make calls (which was said to take 6 steps), etc.

  • Lukas

Nice of you to go to USA only to make a review