Nokia N82 review: Comes with xenon

10 December 2007
Nokia N82 is considered the next N-series bestseller and, guess what, it has already hit the shelves. Following the sweeping success of Nokia N73, it was a pretty sure bet that a worthy successor wouldnít take long to appear. As we see it, Nokia N82 fits...

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  • n.82


  • Anonymous

i liket this phone.

  • Accercef

TiTo, 11 Dec 2007WOW..very very good reviewI'm sure the best for you monster beats for gift

  • Accercef

Raul, 12 Nov 2010my N82 is magic!Strong case shock resistant;mp3,best camera(ever... morebuy beats by dre and get big save

  • Anonymous

i have my N82 more than 3 years, it still beats any smartphone out there for it's 5mp camera.
Still going strong and solid .... sure will last another decade

  • Belle

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2009Too bad. But I really don't care anyway.This makes everything so comlpetley painless.

  • mhel

one thing that i never know about this phone..,
is it a flashlite support???
for full web flash???

  • Sami

n82 Tuga, 20 Apr 2010yep ovimaps work fine on nokia n82.Hey can you please email me OVI maps for Nokia N82, i have been looking for them for a while and haven't been able to find any.

Kindly email me them at


  • Raul

my N82 is magic!Strong case shock resistant;mp3,best camera(ever on 5m phones)even if is an old phone now it makes up to majority of now days phns...anyway lots of free apps lots of feature..and!!!!:xenon flash! buy it if U can!!!!U will not regret it!!!!

  • gino papet

n82 features is good but the keypads are small.

  • n82 Tuga

fam, 03 Mar 2010hi, does N82 support nokia's full free ovi maps? -famyep ovimaps work fine on nokia n82.

  • ranji

It is the unbeatable 5 megapixel phone ever released. No other 5 mp phone can beat it. . .

  • Riamo

Best nokia mobile yet in da market. i give it 10/10

  • fam

hi, does N82 support nokia's full free ovi maps?


  • stone azeez

Its now almost 6 years that I'm into the nokia family and never got disappointed...using the N82 its just magic...

  • duh

ind, 10 Sep 2009camera samsung g810 better than n82duh! have you even tried the phones in pitch dark? n82 overwhelms the competition with its xenon and camera prowess.

  • John

I love my N82!

  • Coen

I'm using this phone for half a year now and am quite satisfied in general. The major disadvantage si that it's rather slow in its camera and other applications. On the other hands, photo's have high quality, especially un suboptimal circumstances.
Minor disadvantages are small software problems with for example the dictionary and the automatic updating of date and time. Furthermore the GPS used to have better reach in the beginning.
Nokia softare is consumer-friendly for the rest and gives you lots of opions.

  • hardikpatel

it very best mobile

  • Anonymous

dial, 07 Dec 2009is there any stock available?pls help phones in sri lanka????/in many many countries N82 is hard to find right now. the phone is too good that it was stealing market of some other phones.
go N82, go go!