Nokia 6600 fold review: Flip and the city

08 October 2008
Smoking hot body, brilliant looks, user-friendly interface and almost no value for money, but still packing quite a punch Nokia 6600 fold is exactly the kind of meal to order from an unpriced menu. The OLED screen, the cool magnetic flip and the mirror front panel just make it all the sweeter and kind of make sure it feels more at home in designer handbags than pockets...

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  • Jodie

Loving it hope to get it for Christmas

  • Greg

I'm not happy with the quality of the sound reception.

  • Lenny

Great to look at, good to touch, sure ladies will like it very much...

  • DJ

I bought a Nokia 6600 fold for my girl. She loves it! I would say, it has the "feature" that REALLY matters. =)

  • Veena

I like this model very much. But i need to you if has security code for the menu and also for messages to avoid someone get access to them. Please if anyone could help me. thanks

  • Nahla

I just need to know how can operate the secondary camera and picture myself.

thank you

  • kiran

clean Copy of Z750i...

  • alex

Copy of Z750i

  • nokia

this phone should be unbeatble.

sexy ladies are definatailly like this phone.

  • smile

I think that there are only 2 nokia clamshell phones that looks good (this one and prism ), so if you are nokia person who wants nice flip up phone.. you basically must chose between overpriced fold (in my country converting to other currencies it costs a bit more than 400-american dollars/285-euros) or featureless prism..

  • Anonymous

this phone support WMV code!

  • david_uk

My wife loves her new 6600 Fold - in purple of course. All she needs is voice and SMS and the keypad seems to suit her long nails.

Of course it's a fashion phone, but it looks and feels cute, the lady's happy and thus it succeeds.

  • Anonymous

I must be the only one that thinks this phone is ridiculously ugly...

  • Anonymous

Thanks for doing such a great in-depth review of this phone. Been waiting for a decent review for months!

Oh, and is the calendar and contacts on this phone sync-able with Outlook?

  • Anonymous

Why wouldn't you also compare this with the new Motorola Razr (V8 or V9)? Seems like those are also shiny / flashy flip phones with lotsa stuff including the 3G and quadband.

  • The Vesti

many thanks for doing the review...

and it seems like the Slide is the better buy... But man.. the phone's so sexy.. :( battery life is an important thing for me.. and the 3 day battery life is somewhat of a downer for me. :(


i held the store display version and the build quality impressed me very much.

haha thanks for the review, once again. You are doing God's work, kind sirs. :)

  • Anonymous

very good

  • Steve

James, 08 Oct 2008A fashion phone. Not so good specs, not a phone for geeks like m... moreI think Nokia are aiming at the mainstream user rather than supermodels ;-)

  • Anonymous

" Key features
Cute design "

  • CSingh

4th!!! pink ewwwww either way the from factor is quite unique this would be a great gift for a girl