HTC HD2 review: Portrait of a rockstar

17 November 2009
Quietly brilliant is what HTC like to call themselves and they’ve been giving enough proof lately. But allow us to disagree. The last thing to call the HD2 is quiet – the monster of a PocketPC simply screams rock'n'roll...

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i have this phone and got it updated to android jelly bean witch makes it a greater phone than it allready is.

Like most phones when you play with it a lot battery goes fast , but when idle and systems off that are not needed a 2 day is possible

is it a phone , no it is a personal assistant that does more than just makes calls , i like that it is big , though in 2013 days it still is big and huge but not a walking refridigrator like the s4 or note

to me i don't care that old is bad , no i just let it be brought back to life

great review . i miss the options of rooting though, this is my first phone that uses a android 4.1.3 jelly bean on a previous windows phone .

i am a cellmaniak

  • HTCman

Minus - pretty large phone....
Today smartphones are bigger than that... I can't think how about Samsung Galaxy Note II in 2009 :D

  • Ausberto

New User, 25 May 2010I got the HTC HD2 and have the following issues: 1.Excel work... morehello friend! I need you to tell me pelase the name of the music that touches the beginning of this video. the exact name, I want this particular song, which you have. because the name, I know, but is not the same version of the video. if you tell me. I will be happy. thanks

  • Crysie

seedwon, 04 Jul 2012My htc hd2 is swiching on when i try to do reset haed dice. What... moreGreat article, thank you again for wrtinig.

  • Bobbi

GB, 15 Feb 2010Yes i change cards all the time, making changing Program availab... moreSuepiror thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!

  • seedwon

My htc hd2 is swiching on when i try to do reset haed dice. What can i do? Pls

  • Abadi

So GSMarena after 3 years do u still believe this phone is huge lolll

  • Troud

forgot to mention tv out

  • Jen

Is HD2 on its way out should I buy an HD7? I like the looks of 2 better then 7

  • Eddie Paulos

Can anyone throw some light if HD2 will have compatibility to Windows mobile 7.

  • ally

yes_k, 04 Jan 2010i have problem with my HD2:(, everytime i turn on my phone, it's... moredo a soft reset and hen check if it works....

  • Anonymous

Gaurav, 12 Jun 2010Hi All, Please let me know the process. How I can change the ... morethere are arabic custom roms available on xda forums...

  • Anonymous

Guyz after using HD2 for a month i would say i was a true nokia lover before i have used more than 50 nokias brfore more than 10 n series an X series also and few sony ericcsons .. but really im in LOVE with HTC.. HD2 is the best phone i have USED .. if u buy i would suggest the T-mobile us Version it has got bigger internal storage of 750mb,ROM is not 512 MB its 1024 MB,Ram 512 MB wid 1 GHZ snapdragon.. and most importantly NOW im using almost perfect version of android for daily use.. I got duel boot.. android or windows whenever my mind wishes to run anything i run... thats like a new freedom to me... SO by HD2 nokia sony-e.son apple sucks ... can they provide dual boot?? ITS worth the money... and do the necessary tweaking... cause after u tweak its the best and smartest smartphone in the MARKET...

  • Baz

I am considering purchasing the HTC HD2 to replace both my electronic organiser and mobile phone, and require some help/advice from existing users. Within the Office facility, the Calendar feature is particularly important to me, and the ability to search completely, the database of events. I have noticed that some phones have only a limited Synch and search facility.
Presumably I will be able to synchronise all of my calendar entries in Outlook on my PC to the HD2, however can anybody tell me if I will be able to search on the phone for calendar events of perhaps 2-3 years previous, or ideally, the complete entries as able to in Outlook.

  • Ophir

You keep saying - as in the HD - that you can rename one of the existing fields of a contact item if needed, can you explain how? I could not do it on my HTC HD.

  • Gaurav

Hi All,

Please let me know the process. How I can change the Language of HTC HD2-Aribac to English.By mistaken I clikc on arebaic loclization AP in valuaded option. Please help me And suggest me How can I change the device language.

  • New User

I got the HTC HD2 and have the following issues:

1.Excel works only in potrait mode not landscape, which is very annoying when you have a decent size spreadsheet with fixed coloumns.

2. Can not open password protected spreadsheets which is dangerous if you lose the phone as sensitive information can be visible to all.

3.I downloaded a Java app, freecaddie, had difficulty initially installing. Having overcome that, HTC tell me that a quicklink can not be created for a a Java app, so everytime I need to use it, I need to go through many steps rather than shortcut.

4.Bluetooth connect does not automatically activate to sync with active sync, very important if one is always in an out of office and syncing with work pc needs to be up to date.

  • Shamim Ahmed

Hi! I am using HTS Touch Cruse last 1 year.Now, i would like to switch HTC HD2. Can any one give me suggestion, is this woeld be a good move?

  • MJ

Reading the reviews for the HD2 it mentions you can access "almost" any app from the home tab screen shortcuts. Could you choose to access the "office" app for example?

Ps Hi Tony, no the phone does not have a secondary camera for video calls.

  • Tony

Thinking about purchasing a HD2, can anyone tell if i can make and receive video calls on this phone.