Samsung I9000 Galaxy S vs. Apple iPhone 4: Collision course

06 August 2010
It’s not like you’re out of options. Here’s one. Another one would be to get a friend’s iPhone 4 and another friend’s Galaxy S, put them on a table, close your eyes and… tell your friends to bugger off. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way. Flip a what...

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  • djliki

For more opinion Apple gets Samsung CPU-s Samsung Hummingbird

kiloh3rtz, 08 Mar 2011So dear readers Imo Gsm arena ppl should not make this big+ for ... moreIphone 4 is te god of the other phones .i ve tried both .games r better in iphone.what u can say bout the retina display?????????camera is better .hardwares r better performance is perfect.the ios is the best.all those who say that galaxy s is better than the iphone4 r thosr who own samsung .dont be upset .u must confess that the iphone is killing the galaxy

KING, 20 May 2011Ohh please , iPhone 4 is better than Samsung Galaxy S . Why - ha... moreHtc , latest samsung phones , toshiba , nokia , sony ericson, all the other phone , No one is better than the iphone.we have to believe this

  • Victor

Reasons why the Galaxy S wins and why Android wins overall:

- Better UI: Yes apple, the iOS is simply all your apps scrambled together.

- Flash Support: Play things right out of the web instead of having to download an app for it.

- Decent calling. What a phone should do in the first place.

- Real Multitasking: The ability to run apps in the background and not have a simple historic for it.

- Open Source: You can hack your Android and they could care less. While jailbreaking iPhones ruins your guarentee with Apple.

  • KING

Ohh please , iPhone 4 is better than Samsung Galaxy S . Why - has better Apps , has better Camera , has better display , has better design , has LED-flash .

  • Velocistar

Honestly i tried both of this phone because i own a samsung galaxy s (and a galaxy gio), my sister an iphone 4.
Apple made an awesome phone really. Perfect design, solid build, perfect warranty marketing, perfect applications on the market...Anyway most of people buying an iphone just because it's a fashion product almost the 60%. (we know that come on).
I don't complain at all, but apple in my personal opinion would to sell to their customers a phone without any defect, The perfect smartphone, but this is really impossible at the moment. Always in any product like this nobody is perfect. Remeber that!
Like cars,videogames,cameras,videocameras, laptops everyone have pro and cons.
The famous Antennagate really exist (you need a bumper), the proximity sensor same (you have to upgrade IOS but not solve at all the issue)Sometimes the screen during call dosn't lock.
My sister paid 650 €uros a lot lot of money...and you have to be careful with this not very hard to broke the glass... Apple have to sell a bit cheaper in my opinion the iphone because is not perfection.

And now have a look at samsung..Who was samsung 5/6 years ago??(nobody) they made tv's, vacuum cleaner, veary cheap phones...and have a look now, what they do in all this years, its just incredible.
Please don't say samsung copy apple or or the opposite, because apple copy the technology too but with style...
SGS is not the perfect device, is not the ultimate fashion product, but it work without any major issue...(for example battery drain fast..ok..but you know? you can replace the 1500mAh to a original 1650 mAh samsung battery. apple you can't do this).
And what about the price? I mean new, and second less than half price than an iphone... you have the same features.
Ok apple have a resonably good warranty...but warranty is not all , if you broke a samsung you don't wanna kill yourself because you can find some good bargain online new and not new...
what about if you broke iphone (650€)?...if you buy a second hand one, you have to spend at least the same money as a new...that's why i belive in samsung.
Anyway i like iphone 4 it's a surprising product, but the price for what it offers is not justifiable.
At this point I would prefer buy two sgs with the same money as an iphone4.

  • ishanaba

sgs s are always a leap ahead in technology implementation...
apple in inovative technology.

how ever if we consider most advantegeous is always give some thing more for dollar...

  • Anonymous

I think for me. The most telling story is that we hardly hear about the sgs any more.
It's all about the sgsII. Yet we still hear about the ip4. So yet another iPhone killer
has fallen by the wayside, forgotten by its army of rabid fans. They're going dirt cheap
on eBay as the ill educated masses try desperately to build up funds for the next pile
of plastic crap that they'll be convinced wipes the floor with the iPhone.

And no, this one won't be outdated in two months. Honest.

Hmm I wonder if the fool who stated that samsung wouldn't release a replacement
any time soon is still on here.

  • Anonymous

the two of these are wonderful phones with wonderful features.The sgs wins on not having to pay for music and games and basic phone calls and messaging while the i phone wins on screen brilliant games on app store screen and user expierience.I own the two of these phones but i would just give the i phone the edge

  • rachit

samsung galaxy s i9003 is a great gadget.
user friendly, cheap,amazing apps.(android 2.2 froyo),4 inch display,
it comes with sesor which helps while ur in a call,in built 4gb....
therefore, with due respect to apple i phone 4..i prefer samsung galaxy s as its easily avilable, cheap(in compare to apple iphone 4)
so, my pick would b samsung galaxy s i9003

  • Anonymous

how much does this sgs cost?? can anyone tell me??

  • bothlike

Richie G, 18 Feb 2011I-Phone = Locked to I-Tunes for updates and sync, buy applicatio... moreThey just think on your safety.. virus etc may get inside easily in galaxy s

  • bothlike

Ptlnil, 05 Mar 2011samsung galaxy kiled i phone 4 i say samsung si9000 is imaging mobile If you want camera, get a digicam
if you want games, get psp
if you want phone, get iphone4 . haha

  • gaurav mobiles

I think that samsung I good option bcoz its cheaper and samsung is having gr8 company support for warranty. Its best anriod with super amoled display with card slot. Without breaking SIM CARD we can insert it into galaxy phones. Its easy to upload and backup also we can backup our contacts in memorycards also.bluetooth can be paired with any type of phones.and many more stuff so samsung is better.

  • Anonymous

actually I think that Samsung Galaxy S has more advantages than the Iphone 4 company, because:
1- its relatively cheaper (that makes a large change in sale)
2- it has a better screen being Super amoled and all.
3- not so complicated when youre trying to make a call
but the Iphone 4 has the advantage in materials and apps
and the samsung galaxy S is not fragile, I have one and dropped it over 6 times and each one was on either the road or tiles (not on the rug)
so I give my full support to this review, because I find it quite accurate.

  • arief

apple iphone comparable is with only htc not with samsung

  • chap

Khantastik AK, 02 Dec 2010Samsung Galaxy S Is far more better than Apple Iphone 4..As it u... morehow many people want to customize their mobile phone ??

with Iphone i just jailbreak the phone and get all the apps free !! I can install the free apps directly on the phone using installous..

I used the phone and never restart the phone.. it is perfect no error and apps run smooth..
a lot of games too.. better touch screen and the best portable music player too..

just make my life easier.. grab the phone and used it with a lot of its function ..

  • im

do you know that alot of iphone compenents are from Samsung..that is why the company are just happy that iphone is selling well..they win either way

  • xtzee

Pellie, 10 Feb 2011Think about it, Apple is alone. Android has big companies like h... moreactually the CDMA iPhone does still have the antennagate issue. Consumer Reports brought it to light..

  • htc

htc desire is the best (after the 2.2 froyo update, and 2.3 gingerbread is just around the corner)