Samsung I9000 Galaxy S vs. Apple iPhone 4: Collision course

06 August 2010
Itís not like youíre out of options. Hereís one. Another one would be to get a friendís iPhone 4 and another friendís Galaxy S, put them on a table, close your eyes andÖ tell your friends to bugger off. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way. Flip a what...

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  • smaller mortal

the great race to pack everything in a single and smaller package is leading to nowhere.
we are getting JACK_OF_ALL_TRADES_MASTER_OF_NONE things.

grow up people.

  • Anonymous

galaxy s still the best 2.1.....i like it .......

  • Anonymous

Great.. The iPhone vs. the iPhone wanna-be clone.

Seriously. The Galaxy is a nice phone but it has IPHONE all over it. From camera placement to design (3G) to UI.

  • Anonymous

should've included a durability test too:

look at galaxy s fare against falls and scratchs

  • Khalis Suratmen

Thanks Samsung! galaxy s is the best ever phone!

  • gosht

screamming mimmi, 07 Aug 2010Gosh, does apple pay your salary? Why are you so sore about the ... moredid ur blind or what @screamming mimmi in reading my comment?
there is no apple pay or samsung pay me.
im just saying samsung-hummingbird is superior than apple-A4 based on phone arena benchmarking.
all i say is based on fact as reply for techii comment.

i think u get the wrong man.
jeez..did u need me read for u.

  • Shaoul

I thought the iPhone photos manifested better than the Galaxy, which were not as well crafted. Video recording is a toss-up but it would have been better if the iPhone had ameliorated their rendition.

  • Ammory.M

the Galaxy S probably beats the iPhone 4
can you do a Samsung Wave S8500 VS iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs

  • dd

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2010Defend samsung or apple??? Why should I? How old are you? 12?...... moreI think you may be grown up guy. But ur brain must be like 5 years old callow youth. Did you see ppl saying "this review is biased , iph4 is better, Nope galaxy-s is the best, etc in this comment session?
That's the reason I said fans are defending and fighting each other. Thats all.
I 'm wondering why did you get hurt by my comment. May be u can't effort both phs. I can give you my i8910HD free.

  • pranav

wow great d iphone 4 loses in d camera-battle despite having a powerful LED flash which samsung (very idiotically) left out of der galaxy s.

  • Rima

NICE review .

Samsung AND GALAXY S is the best .

  • Anonymous

dd, 07 Aug 2010when u r samsung user, u 'll want to defend samsung is the best.... moreDefend samsung or apple??? Why should I? How old are you? 12?... Is a matter of choice, you make yours and you should respect the others choice too... grow up and at least try to be a bit more adult than most of the fanboys...

  • Why Bother

I don't get this. If you believe the iPhone 4 or Galaxy S is the best phone in the world why bother reading articles to prove what you already believe/know? I don't get why people want to argue? What does anyone gain from this? Read the review if you are interested and unless you have anything useful/informative to say then don't bother commenting. I used to read comments before because they would provide some useful info or tips but now it has just been a bunch of "fans" arguing which is the best phone with no real facts to back their claims. Honestly, there is no perfect phone or a "best" phone. People really need to give up this back and forth arguing because in the end you really are just wasting your time.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy S is the iphone KILLER... it's dead
Thanks Samsung. You did it!!!

  • Anonymous

Steve is so screwed by this phone, but they can't do anything about it, after all its Samsung that makes their processor and memory modules ;)

now we have another press conference: superiority of Galaxy S over iphone4 has blown out of proportion by media :0 we know that, you know that, but we love our costumers, we want everyone happy....

....and that's why iphone4 costs 1050$ (unlocked, 16GB) and Galaxy S 700$ (unlocked, 16 GB)...

  • Mrksens

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2010But at the end of the day, I think the iPhone4 is more desirable... moreYou bet, I would take the iphone everytime, and sell it to some blind sheep. What else would you call someone that would buy a phone with a broken antenna????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2010Lost? No winner was proclaimed. And we are not mad either. We... moreThe review is not biased, if you want biased review go to engadget, they did not even compare the Super-AMOLED contrast to the IPS-LCD like gsmarena did, all they did was comparing the pixel density because they don't want to show that steve jobs was being dishonest when he claimed IPS-LCD or what he dubbed as "Retina" is better than Super-AMOLED but so far other reviewers have proved that Super-AMOLED is superior and they did various tests on youtube too. As for the Camera, i Think the iPhone has more advantage due to the LED flash which Galaxy S sadly lacks. The OS is no longer an issue since Android has more than 100k apps and now developers are making apps for both OSs so it depends on the user to chose whether Google or Apple. They both have the same processor. I wouldn't pick either, Id wait for the HTC Ace as is going to be like the EVO 4G but on GSM connectivity.

  • dd

when u r samsung user, u 'll want to defend samsung is the best. And same goes for apple user. So, this comment session gonna be a big fight.

I use omnia and i8910HD (currently still using). I am not apple user, But I already ordered iph4. coz I dun want to make another mistake again. I've played with both iph4 and galaxy-s in stores. THats all I can say.

  • screamming mimmi

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2010Lost? No winner was proclaimed. And we are not mad either. We... moreGosh, does apple pay your salary? Why are you so sore about the others conclusions? None of your points are that valid, over saturated pictures are worse because you can't do nothing about that with a photo edit software, and low light pictures with led flash?? Come on, led flash is only good to use as flash light, otherwise they are more a pain than a real advantage. And about the video call, it's embedded on the galaxy-s too, the difference is that you can pick another alternative!! Hardly a let down, in my opinion. And the app store??? Android is mostly free! Isn't that an advantage for you?? Please... And maps??? You have basically the same alternatives for both! Just go to the apps store and pick one!

I bet engadget isn't biased to you right??? The score of the iphone is totally ridiculous on their review, but whatever...

oh, and by the way, apple confirmed that iphone 4 loses more calls than 3gs, so who's being biased here??? Biased and childish, if you're that happy with your phone, good for you, but don't ask for the rest of the world to be blind with you just to help you to justify your choice!

  • Cambridge

iPhones may be feature rich; but for the price they are quoting, to get an iPhone is not justifiable. iSheeps wont complain about the Antennagate issue since they are holding their iPhones as their Boss said. If he had told to hold their phones in the inverse position also, they will buy the iPhones and hold it like that. Whatever the reviews are iSheeps will always buy iPhones and iPhone haters will always buy other phones and curse iPhones. :)