Samsung I9000 Galaxy S vs. Apple iPhone 4: Collision course

06 August 2010
Itís not like youíre out of options. Hereís one. Another one would be to get a friendís iPhone 4 and another friendís Galaxy S, put them on a table, close your eyes andÖ tell your friends to bugger off. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way. Flip a what...

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  • the_anomaly

Samsung Vibrant, Iphone Killa!!
There's no phone Rilla!!

  • Anonymous

Give me a break, 07 Aug 2010Reviewed by Samsung I9000 Galaxy S by Samsung Galaxy S lover :D

  • Anonymous

sad people, 07 Aug 2010a good review. Im wondering tho why are people getting so mad th... moreLost? No winner was proclaimed. And we are not mad either. We're just pointing out how biased this review is. No one is taking away anything here from samsung. Some of the aspects noted here about the galaxy being better than the iphone is true. Like its display's better contrast ratio with deeper blacks, among other things. But the ip4's advantages seem to have been deliberately missed out. Like in the camera review for example. They didn't bother doing low light photos. Why? Because the galaxy doesn't come with a flash? They gave credit to the galaxy's videocalling advantage being able to videocall either by 3g or wifi, but how about the ip4's advantage of facetime out of the box without the need for apps, and the facts that it does work smoothly and much more stable than any videocalling implementation out there. The iphone clearly has a big lead as far has the apps stores are concerned. They said it themselves, yet they gave the iphone 9 points and galaxy 8? Just 1 point? Come on. As for web browsing, they recognized the galaxy being faster than the ip4. True. But only on wifi connection. They did not bother with 3g. Why? Because the ip4 beats the galaxy in speed on 3g connection. Why didn't they bring up inconsistencies and poor implementation of the galaxy's gps and navigation implementation? Because the ip4 edges it out in that department especially with the ip4's gyroscope integration with its maps.

There's actually more ip4 advantages that they deliberately missed out to make the galaxy shine more even when they didn't really proclaim it a winner. How about them bringing up the ip4's antennagate issue and leaving it at that and giving the ip4 a low score when the truth is, the ip4 has lower dropped calls rate according to at&t's OFFICIAL report, and the fact that the ip4 also has better reception and call quality than the 3gs. And they just gave it a 4? Come on. I don't mind a close fight, but this is just too biased. Be fair and honest. That's all we're saying.

  • Phobos

To those that, have commented that the antenna issue isn´t a serious issue, it is one of the most serious issues for a cellphone, because what´s the most basic function of the cellphone? It is to make calls. And to some people that keep telling that they can't make drop phone calls, it is because the problem isn't where the signal is great, it is in places where the signal isn't very good. I'll give one example of other subject: If you buy a car(a pricey one) and it function normally
, but in 2% of the time it won't function, would you find it acceptable?

And I'll say one fact that happened in my country(Brazil:
Apple may be banned from sellin iphones in less than 180 days, in my country, because to sell officially in Brazil, the Company has to offer repair support, even after the warranty is expired, or is caused by bad use(of course the custommer has to pay), or the company must have another company that will offer the service officially.

My appologies if I wrote something wrong, but english is not my primary language.

  • gosht

Give me a break, 07 Aug 2010Reviewed by Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Lover..
is it that ur reason to denied the review.
just another men with kid mentality and attitude.

  • Anonymous

Jackson Melling, 07 Aug 2010There are no Apple haters here, there are only Apple PEOPLE hate... moreExcuse me? Go to other articles like the n8's or evo's. See if you can see iphone users going there to mock those devices. Maybe one or two. But go to any iphone4 articles in here and read the comments from all haters from all other users. Iphone haters even post more comments than iphone users, and you have the nerve to say that the iphone is hated because of its users? Iphone users mostly don't even bother with these websites. Also, iphone users are mostly respectful and ethical with the way they write.

  • sad people

a good review. Im wondering tho why are people getting so mad that iphone4 lost. I mean comeon just cause apple releases something doesnt mean other phones arent better. Lets be honest here. APple advertises video calling as if it were the newest feature and only they had made it. JUst actually read the review and then comment. SAmsung has been around in the phone business for a long time. Give them atleast a little bit of respect. THEY CAN make a phone thats better.

  • wakaka

seems like most of the iphone fans boy already been brain-washed by steve...what a shame...

  • Anonymous

what a bias review.. clearly u guys are trying to make out samsung galaxy is a better phone but really it an't. Not to say iphone is better by much. They both have pros and cons but most parts of the review favours the samsung over the iphone anyway.. not much of a review to me

  • Give me a break

Reviewed by Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Lover..

  • gosht


owh man..u know nothing about what u say.
the spec has been list by @Pika is not just in paper.
is has been tested and bechmark in real life.
u can read the review in phonearea, comparison between Apple-A4 and samsung-hummingbird.. the result seem suprise, Apple-A4 is far away behind to compete with samsung-hummingbird..

shamo on u techii

  • Jackson Melling

There are no Apple haters here, there are only Apple PEOPLE haters. The reason Apple is hated so much is not because of their product but because of their fans.
Drop the arrogance and smug attitude then you and your beloved products may get some respect.

  • kai

thank you gsm arena for having the balls to tell the truth.

  • you are sad

techiii, 07 Aug 2010Wow I can see lot of apple haters here, the unlock code and jail... morewhat ure saying is that just because all of the features are listed in the iphone ( the ones u mentioned), it must mean that other phones cannot have equal or better specs. I agree fully with the whole review. Iphone is overpriced and as you said "hardly". LOL my 5 year old phone hasnt had a dropped call yet.

  • techiii

Pika, 07 Aug 2010@techiii Hardware wise, the galaxy S is a BEAST. The "A... moreAgain what u are seeing is papers when you actually use Samasung galaxy s realistically in your hand the 720 p hd video is jerky with low frame rates, further more
even in terms of games and graphics samsung will never be tested at a full potential coz android cannot handle high end games, and big developers will not use android for their development coz there is no money there,

I just wanna tell u after testing Samsung Galaxy s, is just another Android phone, people using Htc desire or smasung galaxy will not feel any difference realistically, these android phones comes and go after sometime, as any other brand will take out a higher spec android phone and people will forget Samsung galaxy s, its true coz the competition is so high.
Iphone 4 is better in benchmarkings by the way

  • Anonymous

But at the end of the day, I think the iPhone4 is more desirable than the Galaxy S.

If both phone is on the table for you to pick...I could honestly say that the iPhone4 will disappear twice as much as the Galaxy S.

Yes. Truth hurts.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2010iPhone 4 is like watching a video of the best porn star. Samsung... morehaha! nicee allusion! ;)

  • Pika


Hardware wise, the galaxy S is a BEAST.
The "Apple A4" is actually a samsung S5PC100, which is an A8 Cortex core with a PowerVR SGX535. In the iPhone4, the SGX535 is at 180mhz.

The galaxy S uses the samsung S5PC110 "Hummingbird", which is, again, an A8 Cortex core, but this time, with a brand new shining PowerVR SGX540 GPU @200mhz.
The SGX540 is around 40% stronger as it is, and with the frequency gap, you get around 50% more juice from the galaxy s.

It has a dedicated GPU, one that kicks the iphone 4's sorry behind, it has every thinkable feature on the market, and probably the best screen around.

Although they messed up BAD with the first Galaxy, the Galaxy S is, simply put, a device nearing perfection.
It's a media beast, a gaming beast, a good phone, good net console, and all of this is coming in a slim, light, and nifty package.
Samsung did SOMETHING right this time.

  • HD engr

A recap for me, Samsung Galaxy S won over icrap crappy iphone4:

Video, screen display, ease of use, practicality, lighter, faster

  • brynn

i am an i-phone hater and using allsorts of fones but today saturday i am off to an o2 shop to get galaxy s ,,if they have one in..