Samsung I9000 Galaxy S vs. Apple iPhone 4: Collision course

06 August 2010
Itís not like youíre out of options. Hereís one. Another one would be to get a friendís iPhone 4 and another friendís Galaxy S, put them on a table, close your eyes andÖ tell your friends to bugger off. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way. Flip a what...

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  • kiloh3rtz

So dear readers Imo Gsm arena ppl should not make this big+ for samsung,ok samsung has great phones epic ones but I had from Sony-Ericsson to iPhone many phones in hands and the problem is:If u want a good camera-phone get Satio no phone on earth can beat that phone ,btw gsmarena guys get a grip on your nokia favorite+,trust me in real life situations no way N8 can outdo a Satio,keep in mind SE has and prob will always be the company with the best camera phones(except sharp,but then again sharp not on EU market),If you want free applications and more custom shit get an android(Galaxy S) if you want a slick phone with good durability balanced and with more atractive games get the iPhone so depending on your needs chose you phone

  • Anonymous

chris, 24 Feb 2011I have a question. I'm interested in viewing text files (pdf or ... moreI can do that with my I5500 using Documents to Go, so i assume the SGS can

  • Ptlnil

samsung galaxy kiled i phone 4 i say samsung si9000 is imaging mobile

  • FHM

Nice Comparison guys.

I own both Galaxy s and Iphone , i had to switch from iphone due to signal issue and other stuff like :

1- Android is a free world you just can do what you whant
2- Galaxy s offers more than apple in term of user experience

don't get me wrong iphone 4 is a good device , but the issue is with apple its not improving the most important thing in a mobile which is telephony and messaging , compared with their other features.

bottom end

Galaxy s is v.good
iphone 4 is good

  • Anonymous

I like SGS but the occassional lag particularly if you use it in rushy way, I don't like that, it seems like the operation system is not mature developed before they launched this phone. Second is the model and material used for this phone, it looks way too cheap, the plastic battery cover even thinner than a cracker.
Third the battery life. Besides that it is quite good.

  • Ronaldo

there isnít a perfect smartphone out there. Thereís always something for anyone to love or hate. What makes the iPhone so special is that it takes love and hate with the loftiness of a royalty.still the number 1 in the market

  • chris

I have a question. I'm interested in viewing text files (pdf or word) while rceiving a call. Is it possible with any of these two phones and if yes which is best?

  • Anonymous

I love SGS........!

  • Jogiamm

I is always Capital. Ask Mark zugerberg why he is not using Android phones? He loves his iPhone. iPhone user segment is always premium.

  • Anonymous

More applications than you can imagine wins over android market any day of the week. While Samsung did a good job with Galaxy S in many ways it has a long way until it beats Apple's App store. To those that say "android market has free apps" app store has plenty of free apps as well there are also thousands of $0.99 apps which is as good as free in my book. iPhone 4 is best until apple releases a better one.

  • Anonymous

john41, 01 Feb 2011hmmm... i don't think iphone4 is superb against samsung s. in ho... morewell said

  • Richie G

I-Phone = Locked to I-Tunes for updates and sync, buy applications and using apples propriety interface.
Samsung = Open OS and free upgrades. Applications are free and interface can be customized.

Decision = Easy.... SAMSUNG Galaxy S...

Sorry Apple, you might have had the idea first, but locking your system to just your hardware has lost you a reasonable market share...

  • eXiLeD aSsAsSiN

to all the apple fanboys do you even know that the iPhone 4's prosessor is made by samsung before you bash everyone else research who actully builds the parts of your phone.

  • Pellie

Think about it, Apple is alone. Android has big companies like htc, motorola and samsung trying to develop the best smartphone and all they can do is come 2nd best or copy apples' ideas and still not be as good.

The antenna "problem" is probably solved in the new verizon iphone 4. So how are anti iphone people gonna make fun of the iphone now?

  • annoniem

I think the people who work at gsm arena are anti apple. I agree there is alot of basic stuff that apple can improve, but there is no way in which any other phone has a better touch screen. Iphone also gives the best photo browsing experience. The music player is based on the ipod!

I can go on like this forever and keep on giving reasons why the iphone is better than any other smartphone around...

  • Anonymous

galaxy S is a great phone indeed..

  • sisir_bd

Its one kind of insult 4 galaxy to compare wid i4.

  • Anonymous

i dont care about this crazy test. iphone is the best mobile phone in the planet.. and it will be
i want to have apple phone in my hand, and i hate to have somegthing in my hand that is like the previous version of iphone.
it is one year that samsung starts sucking apple phones, apple ipads and apple ios.. it is just copying and the thing that is imprtant is : WHO MAKE IT FOR THE FIRST TIME? and the answer is steve jobs and his company.

  • Anonymous

Windows4ALL, 14 Jan 2011Wow... This has to be one of the most BIASED review ever. He ser... morei bet u own a i phone
i could make out

  • john41

Sanjeet Singh, 22 Jan 2011I have galaxy S, and I am fully satisfied with the phone, It is ... moreand u can adjust the samsung galaxy s display brightness for more color accuracy. original settings are low in adjustment