Nokia E7 review: Open for business

02 March 2011
Business as usual for the Eseries is a cliché – thank you very much. But the kind that makes the world feel right. The Nokia E7 could’ve been just another Eseries phone. Oh well, that wasn’t meant to be. The latest is implicitly the greatest but, in the...

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NOKIA, please make an upgrade version of e7. i really 2x love the design , but much2x hate its specs!!!
my request :
1 GB RAM, dual core proc (at least), autofocus camera 8 MP pureview tech. i dont really care about the OS. symbian or wp8 would nice for me.

  • Anonymous

How to reopen

  • Maliki

I want to know the price of this phone in USD..

  • Anonymous

hey, mi nokia n97 died a month ago and i´m looking for another phone. i would like it to be as similar to my old one as possible, i even thought about getting another n97 but as it is out of order it´s kind of difficult. i wanted to stick to nokia, so the e7 seems to be almost the only possibility,what do you think? is the e7 a good substitution for the n97?

  • AdamBoy64

chino, 05 May 2012hey guys i just want to share my experience using nokia e7 -... moreThank you for sharing. I am interested in this phone.

  • chino

hey guys i just want to share my experience using nokia e7

- actually im using galaxy s 2 i went out of money andsold for 19k here in philippines. bought a 2nd hand nokia e7 complete and locked.


design il give it 10/10
display nokia clear black display 10/10
battery using stock not even anna/belle 7/10
battery using belle 10/10
camera well not autofocus but still can get good shots 6/10
keyboard 10/10
speed and multitasking using belle 9/10

++++ note ++++

huge improvement when upgraded to belle
- fast , no lags , pinch zooming is great

- im a fan of android since xperia x10 was released
but nokia e7 is great to use
- get it and you wont regret it

thanks nokia e7
thanks samsung galaxy s 2
thanks htc sensation xe, xl , desire hd
thanks sony ericsson xperia line up
thanks apple

  • Anonymous

Nokia e7 is a fantastic smart phone, got the bells and whistles, can do everything I want...except make a firkin phone call. Don't rely on this phone in an emergency!!!

  • Ibu

Honestly i luv the nokia e7 because it is just like a mini laptop.very good and durable.

  • Anonymous

Now, you can update your E70's symbian^3 into belle.. Anybody can give to us review bout it..

  • Simon

I've been an avid user of the Nokia Communicator since 1997 when I first got my Nokia 9000i. I upgraded to the 9000il in '98 and the 9110 in 2000. Since then, I've had every single Communicator on the market with the exception of the 9300(i). I've just purchased a Nokia e7 after some back and forth.

But seeing that my third(!) Nokia e90 is dying, I don't really have a choice and I don't want to purchase a second hand or refurbished e90. If I could find them brand new, I'd go for that instead of the e7.

I'm not a Nokia lover, I've had various HTC phones (including two that were Android) as well as Samsung, Siemens, Blackberry and even a couple of iPhones. (3G and 3GS)

But I've ditched each one in favor of returning to my Nokia e90. It does what the other phones couldn't do for me. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of the candy bar touch screen form factor. So with that in mind, the e7 is a 'hybrid' in my opinion. It's stuck between being a Communicator and iPhone wanna-be.

But I love Symbian, have a ton of programs for it and I've never had it lock up on me unlike the iOS or Android phones. I could care less about 'eye candy' and I'm pretty certain most business users will too.

What's sad though, is since Nokia has gone over to the WP7 the Nokia e7 will more then likely be the LAST Communicator from Nokia I'll buy. Which is sad since I've been a user since 1997.

  • karan

it is a good cell to purchase..................................i like it and i get it after diwali..........................................­.............enjoy the life..........................................,

  • rohit

come on guys,nokia is the undisputed leader and as far as smartphones are concerned e-7 is a multi tasking phone with great looks ,user freindly.its just a hype of other platforms.symbian is here to stay and nokia is the king

I agree with Randy, one should run alway an antivirus check before downloading anything, e.g. with

  • Arvind

Nokia care center is not efficient enough to find correct fault in E7. They merely check and tell customer that the product is physically damaged. Mere 60 times plug in and plug out for charging battery can cause imprints and tilt the mother board. Nokia care center don't care just for cares. They can pull themselves out of warranty by simply causing physical damage to the product.

  • Kulich

Man, nice review, but how can you compare this device to some Android crap? Do you have the notification light on the Android, Desire Z or any other?? Do you have multitasking on that? Is the Android device able to wake me up in the morning when it is off over the night?? I really do not get the point, why people criticize Symbian so much? It is more than obvious that Nokia is far more better than any stupid Android phone. My E7 is perfect and would not trade it for any other Android phone. I used to have one and had enough of that. It was SGS and became a true nightmare to me. Never ever! I stick with Nokia and Symbian.

  • Anonymous

Tlax, 05 Aug 2011i just want to know if this phone has a vedio call???yes it does

  • Tlax

i just want to know if this phone has a vedio call???

he Nokia E7 is not a good mobile i purchased brand new mobile and very after 2 days it became out of order from wifi and gprs connection then i contact to united mobile company they collect the mobile set sent to karachi the engineers of karachi were unable to find out the problem now this set has been sent to chaina and after 17 days the mobile set is not in ok report and still i m hang on to know that what was the problem. very shame for Nokia Company that what does it claim and what does it do.

  • qqdracos

androids have a massive securety issues. do you realy want them to see your Photos read your mail and know where you are at all times (kinda creepy realy) all androids can do it without you even knowing they might deny it but it is possible to do and i am not risking it. to all that want this phone go to nokia website read what it can do (wich is alot) nokia tells no lies in their advertisement they say it is good because it is and here is a nice trick that androids cant do connect ANY blutooth keybord and mouse to the phone and a t.v and you just built an awsome usefull bigscreen internet device good for work and play. this thing can do it ALL out of the box no need for boring hours trying to find an app on android market most android apps suck anyway small useless programs. and o yes