Samsung Galaxy S II vs LG Optimus 2X: Head to head

08 April 2011
Ah, the power of dual-core processors it lets you do cool stuff like buttery-smooth multitasking, exciting 3D portable gaming or Full HD videos. The latest Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II packs the new Exynos chipset, which pairs...

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  • optimus 2X

Samsung galaxy S2

  • beeprecious

Ian, 26 May 2011If you think LG lost this fight... When it comes to customer car... moreHow can u speak on something you never had....


  • Calin

In the end which of the 2 is the best on the traditional phone stuff? Like calling, reception quality, battery life a.s.o?

  • rohitsamsung23

samsung galaxy s 2 is the best phone

Rafael da Vila, 25 Apr 2011@ Anonymous, "why r u comparing 1GHz,512MB RAM to 1.2GHz,1... moreI totally agree. This is not done subjectively. You compared the 2 devices with 2 different display, different chipset and different processor. I mean come on. You should have not compared 2 phone models anyway. Just compare the hardwares in other words. Everyone knows that Samsung's display is already on the top and you compared it to device with LG's display. Compared with the price, i believe SGS2 is more expensive than LGO2X.

  • Ian

If you think LG lost this fight... When it comes to customer care and quality of their product, LG wins it all!!! I never used samsung in my entire life because i know the negative things about them. We're using LG products and we are very satisfied!!!

  • Dan

All that and not a single comment on whether they fixed the GPS. :(

  • Anonymous

I dont believe the browser test was really in favor of the samsung. Notice on the video that the LG loads a an animation on the righthand side, while the samsung does not. Obviously it will take longer.

  • User

LG is crap. Always was. Samsung Galaxy S 2 is faaaaaar away better than LG Optimus and just confirms it. It has better screen, better processor, better RAM. BIGGER SCREEN ALSO !

loool the galaxy s has better colours but as far as games are concerned the lg is faster or equal and a game that is not jerky is far more important than deep colours

  • Raj

This of course is an insane comparison. But even in that optimus gave a tough callenge. I have used both the phones, for the fancy and rich looks samsung galaxy 2 may win but for practical use like battery life, temperature, application stability etc.. LG is better. I could not make my activesync work in samsung but LG (in 2.2 android) worked like a charm. The LG customer care is million times better than samsung.
I felt that this comparison was going as a gospel to samsung in the very first paragraph. If you are a practial user LG is better. Remember, 2.3 is not very far for optimus. Raj

  • Subash

Rafael da Vila, 25 Apr 2011@ Anonymous, "why r u comparing 1GHz,512MB RAM to 1.2GHz,1... moreWhat benchmarks you have to say Tegra is better than Exynos?

  • Anonymous

I don't know about optimus 2x but the g2x is far better than the gs2. tegra2 on board makes a big difference. the vanilla android is far smoother than the iPhone looking touchwiz. besides the g2x features full HDMI mirroring. also the g2x screen is brighter that. the super amoled.

  • abhishek

optimus 2x rocks!

  • Ehsan6543

hey pplz . there's no need of compare ! its so clear . only the 4.3' Super AMOLED plus of SGS2 is enough to hit LG optimus 2x . but there r many other things . 1.2 ghz exynos (orion) Dual core - better 1080p movie quality nd frame rate nd ... . So ...

  • Anonymous

who is win samsung or LG????????????

  • Rafael da Vila

@ Anonymous,
"why r u comparing 1GHz,512MB RAM to 1.2GHz,1GB RAM. This is totally insane!"
What is better: a I7 @ 2,8GHz - 1GB or a Core to Quad @ 3,0GHz - 2GB?
Tegra 2 is the best cpu for cell phones.

  • me

so you guys think the more you pay the best phone you get? lol get an iphone then. afff.....

Galaxy S II is a very high end phone so it should not be compared with LG Optimus 2X i think...