Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II preview: Second encounter

13 April 2011
Having earned its place in the Android hall of fame, the original Galaxy S can start thinking about retirement. And these won’t be thoughts of fear and worry. With a replacement on its way, the veteran can look forward to getting the respects it deserves...

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  • Fongy

crikey, when you lot start sticking it to each other apple vs. the world - it certainly makes things interesting!
speaking as the voice of reason...
a lot have complained about "me" trolling and making statements about sammy's quality... to be honest though - he / she has a bit of a point...
and it's not just sammy - it's all manufacturers...
(in my humble opinion)
apple make gadgets that are DESIRABLE - you WANT ONE - there's no reason to it, mostly the specs are a bit rubbish - but it's the look, it's how they work, it's what they do... makes you kind of want one...
true - they don't innovate - and my view of apple is that they're totally riding off the back of their app store - they don't need to innovate their actual hardware, because developers are doing all the work for them, they create a platform, and let the apps sell the products...
and to be honest - this is the downfall of all other manufacturers...
once someone (and Sony is trying hard - but are severely failing on specs) creates a product that LOOKS amazing but also has the internal guts to back it up - then apple should be worried...
but take a look at HTC's line-up - generic phone after generic phone - it's virtually impossible to distinguish between models... sammy's G1 looks like a CHEAP (I know, I have one) iphone 3GS and G2 looks like a cheap iphone4 - they're simply not desirable enough...
until manufacturers stop diversifying with 14 types of each model and start concentrating on just a couple - with looks to match, apple has nothing to worry about...

me, 19 Apr 2011well for starters a fanboy will always be a fanboy no matte... moreAluminium is a lot heavier than plastic, and it is studpid to carry a heavy brick in your pocket all day, and the plastic on S2 is strong enough and is not a "fingerprintmagnet". Galaxy S2 does not look like any IPhone, and as long as it does not have an actual Apple-logo on it Apple can bitch and waste money trying to sue all they want. Apple have no more new ideas or innovations and to sue Samsung, instead of coming up with new improved design or any new ideas, only makes Apple look stupid.
Flash 10.1 is a totally integrated part of Internet today, but as one of many things IPhones can not even handle Flash 10.1. IPhones simply can not be compared with Galaxy S or S2 because they are so very much better on everything. IPhones are only all about looks, and that is why they sue Samsung because of "looks", even though Galaxy S and S2 does not at all look like IPhone. Apple try to bully and sue everyone else out of the US-market, and try to "patent" touch-screens so that only Apple can sell capacitive touch-screen phones in USA. Apple is today worse than the almighty Microsoft ever was, and even the use of the Apple-unique micro-SIM-cards is a way the force users to be loyal to Apple IPones only. Apple is trying to kill free trade and force everyone in USA to be able to buy only IPhones.

me, 19 Apr 2011well for starters a fanboy will always be a fanboy no matte... moreSamsung makes great phones just like other companies and I don't find arguments from "loving" Samsung but people like you troll with their opinions generated from being a fanboy and not looking at things without a bias.

Your bias against Samsung not only is misleading but it also doesn't help consumers trying to find out more about Samsung products.

Your first argument we'll agree to disagree because if you're a fanboy of another company you'll come up with some stupid argument against me and I don't want to have a pointless argument.

Second, yes while it's plastic, their phones have not "deteriorate" after 3 months... I have no idea where you're pulling this out of. Yes, Samsung phones are made of plastic, people find it cheap feeling, but definitely NOT poor quality products that break apart.

Third, have you seen any previews of SGS II???? There's no lag!

You have proven yourself that you are completely ignorant because you don't do your research before coming here to bash a company.

  • Sanj

O my God ...This phone is so amazing ...and iam sure apple iphone's is a gone case in front of this beauty...i would say it's a superb blend of ...unique technologie and creatvity....and trust me the day is not to far when the samsung complety will rule this mobile phone world ....Well done SamSung ...5 starts to you.

RSCMUM, 18 Apr 2011Thanks for your update. I like the view on the technology today ... moreI'd say go to a store and try them out. Everyone's biased on this site ;)

  • me

well for starters a fanboy will always be a fanboy no matter what i will say if you love samsung...if you love android ( it's not personal agains android )..and if you love super amoled tech. you will find arguments and arguments ..number one: samsung copy-paste's everything can have a blind eye on the matter and say..ok's true but what the hell..i like it anyway..or find stupid arguments ..second: cheap plastic ...yes the phone itself has some great features ...however even if the overall argument is that it makes the device lighter ..the truth is that samsung builds with this cheap looking plastic because it's much cheaper then lat's say ..anodized aluminum ..they really don't care about the fact that people will pay 600 euros for this device and in 3 months will end up looking like an old plastic bottle full of scratches ..all they care about is earning money ..yes it has a great processor ..yes it has 1 gig of ram...and a great camera ...but all that good hardware it rapt up in some pathetic looking plastic..and you can't stop wandering yourselves : do they really care on giving me a great product ...or just selling me an expensive phone that deteriorates verry fast that i get annoyed and in the end i;ll end up buying another cheapppp looking plastic ...and yes touch wiz sucks a lot ...and android laggs a lot ..bye

  • Daz

Mix, 19 Apr 2011Very promising phone but there's no way on earth I would carry a... moreI agree. I don't want a tablet on my pocket. It's fine for girls as they carry bags anyway. But for guys we need portability with long battery life =)

  • PhoneShopEmployee

I for one can not wait for this phone to come out!!! iv been waiting ages for this handset!!!!! i just hope the battery life isnt an issue. Im hoping this will be my next phone :) So it will be goodbye Blackberry... nice knowing ya :) x

  • Anonymous

awesome, my next phone. so complete

Very promising phone but there's no way on earth I would carry a phone that size around! It seems the trend of big screens are increasing as all manufacturers have a 4.3" displays flagships making the phone very large to be easily usable for main functions (aka a phone).
Only wish Samsung would consider a 3.7" mini galaxy II without sacrificing too many hardware downgrades. "1GHz dual core, 1 GB RAM, same PowerVR graphics from the original galaxy S" sounds fine to me, I'm even ok with a 5 MP camera with good 720p video recording.
Wishful Thinking :-)

  • Anonymous

come on samsung! fullhd video with aac 16khz audio?!

DaffyOnLSD, 15 Apr 2011 Fongy" Trust me the apps on the iPhone are no differ... moreThanks for your update. I like the view on the technology today but there is race of smartphone in market, As a basic user, Need a phone with a decent battery life and flawless use of emails and clicks of photos.... If you could advice on one technology/ phone today in one call, if would help...Android/ i-phone/ Blackberry/ Symbian...Which phone today is at least the best bet?Pls reply

  • hak@cobs

Could any one give a exact date when it will be available in ASIAN market?

  • seb

anyone can confirm if there is a T9 keyboard for messaging in i9100 ? with T9 support?


  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Sorry for bad links.

Working links here:

SAMSUNG Exynos 4210 specifications:

NVIDIA Tegra 2 specifications:

Some benchmarks:

  • Nish

Pls let us konw...when can we get this phone....since we are unable to wait more...

While it's almost entirely plastic build, it's not gonna fall apart on you. Learn the meaning of "bad build quality" before you use it. SGS line has great build quality it just isn't built with premium material.

  • LLS

dkvc, 16 Apr 2011The only reason that I don't get this phone is for the plastic b... moreYou have to choose only one between good build quality and low weight. Mine is Low Weight as I dont wanna put a brick in my pocket and as long as I'm not going to keep this phone for the rest of my life the build quality it already hs is enough for me... it was the same for my SGS I

  • Anonymous

Fongy, 15 Apr 2011HELP! Well, I've read all previews of all mobile phones now... ... moreYou can buy an iPod Touch and enjoy iOS apps, and with an Android phone you can have widgets, customisation, Flash... Best of both worlds.

  • Amil

jitu, 14 Apr 2011Samsung Galaxy S II is Officially Announced in India. You read t... moreBut When bro..

I am waiting for it day and night..