Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II review: Brightest star

13 May 2011
It looks like the point where it all ends. A galaxy outgrowing its own limits. An explosion of energy and speed. An overdose of smartphone power. A phone that makes you love the smell of Android in the morning. The likes of Samsung I9100. Update: Samsung Dive overview added...

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Mahmoud, 28 Aug 2011Hey all, Please help us reach Samsung's developers to add prope... moreOut of the box the Galaxy S2 doesnít automatically reflow the text in the webpage if you zoom in. But if you just goto settings and check the Ďauto-fit pagesí option, all is well again.

@gsmarena team: you say in page 6 in the review, "The available options during a call include taking a note,".
I found no such option, can you post a screen shot?

Hey all,
Please help us reach Samsung's developers to add proper text reflow to the Samsung Galaxy SII's browser. Find us on facebook by searching "Please Samsung, Add Text Reflow To Samsung Galaxy SII".

  • Tim

phonebuster, 22 Jul 2011I had some issues with my battery draining, but after the 2.3.4 ... moreHi Phonebuster. please tell us how was your battery life before upgrading to 2.3.4 and how is it now after upgrade. Thanks in advance

  • Girish India

vampyren, 14 Aug 2011One thing this or basically all Android phones lack is proper ba... moreMy dear friend, I can understand your loyalty towards I phone but everybody has choice to choose what he thinks is best. All the observations you have made about S2 are not correct.Blaming S2 does not make i phone a great phone. Both devices have their own strong points. If you like IOS please do not compare it with android. Its altogether a different operating system. But you will have to admit that in android range this is the best phone available at the moment.There are many things which IOS does not even have which Android has. so comparision is pointless. Hope you get my point.

  • Aries

To all samsung galaxy s2 users,do u think and feel that the phone will getting warm to hot easily among 15 minutes ago during u r playing game and online.What i found was that most of the slim' phones can be warm faster just for a few minutes when u r playing...especially online.The apple iphone also as long as i knew from my friends...why?ist too slim?But it is only the nokia phone which i seldom to meet this kind of problem.If it is truth and recognised from u,dont u felt so uncomfortable during using these phone?

  • My review

the very best

  • Anonymous

Samsung could of made a thin version of galaxy s2 and a normal version with bigger battery life. I know I would choose the one with longer battery life.

  • Tina

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2011my chosed samsung g2 mostly because of its low weight coz its th... morefirst of all i dont feel like replying to someone anonymous...second i dont think that taking a 8.45 mm to 10 or 11 mm in a phone would Actually make it THICK or HEAVY...

  • Anonymous

Tina, 16 Aug 2011samsung has made ALMOST an excellent phone. ALMOST. i dont get w... moremy chosed samsung g2 mostly because of its low weight coz its thin. sorry

  • Akhilesh

uk27, 31 Jul 2011I bought this phone on 23rd of this month. First and great di... moreif you connect MW600 with SGS 2 then pls. let me know because i am not able to connect.

  • Tina

samsung has made ALMOST an excellent phone. ALMOST. i dont get why they are so obsessed with getting it so thin. ????? WHY???? has anybody from u heard ever complaints about smartphones being thick??? i've never heard such complaints. what is the only BIG COMPLAINT u can hear all the time about smartphones? is it that its too thick??? no, all smartphones suck because of battery life. those smartasses in samsung were so clever to create the worlds thinest smartphone but WHY ???? why did not they dedicate some extra 2mm for the battery??? some extra 2mm would at least triplle the size of miseralbe 1650mah battery and would triple the gaps between charging.
has any body heard complaints about smartphones being too heavy??? i have not. so some extra 20-30 grams would not make a difference.

  • Behdad

i saw one of the most stupid hands-on video in this review... removing the sim car and battery while phone is still on and working?
absolutely stupid work.

One thing this or basically all Android phones lack is proper backup. So far it seems only solution is to hack (root) is the only answer. Only then i can use titanium backup or similar appz to backup my program and its settings.

A few other things i dont like about GSII is the "low" resolution. Compared i iPhone4 it isnt all that good for browsing. The text get pixely. dont get me wrong the screen is amazing for movies but not for text.

A few other things that its bad at is the battery charging takes forever, almost 3 times longer compared to iPhone + battery doesn't last so long. Another disappointing Android feature i see is that stuff like copy/past/text select are not consistent throughout the phone. Very annoying.
Sure this is the best android phone right now but coming from iPhone4 i cant help compare how poorly Android still is. Even comparing same applications between Android vs iPhone show how badly they work on Android (ex: TuneIn Radio, IGN ...)

My list is long but i think you get the picture.

  • uk27

Albino, 14 Jul 20111-Stop Kies (pressing the Home key) 2-Choose settings , then Wi... moreYou have to download Kies from the samsung site and install it on the windows pc first. and do the rest.

  • uk27

Tina, 05 Jul 2011Peter n Other s2 admirers if u like every thing about the s2, th... moreYes. I agree. Battery life is poor. Should have been better, considering the opening of the back cover a delicate process if a second battery is an option.

  • uk27

Jota, 05 Jul 2011I don't know why no one talks about the horrible color banding t... moreYes. I think the images are over-saturated on the display. When transferred to PC, they are not TRUE to the saturation found on the phone display. Apart from the fact that digital zooming is useless, almost.

  • uk27

I bought this phone on 23rd of this month.

First and great disappointment is, there is NO phone number display along with names which i badly want. Even cheap phones have this feature. (Funnily only cheap phones have it). This would have been a great help in copying phone numbers to paper or while making calls from the land phone. It will also help to remember phone numbers.
Other niggles:
The phone is very slippery, in my opinion.
Lack of a dedicated camera button is bad. This will make the volume button press inadvertently.
Micros SD card slot is not hot swappable. I have to take not only the back cover but the battery also to get the MSD card.
The bundled pouch is very protective, but less useful. It is difficult to the use the device when the call comes or to use the camera fast. I will be using it without the pouch sooner.
To add insult to injury, NO USB on the GO adapter is available here.
The supplied earphone is a joke. There is no pause button. While listening to music,if a call comes, we have to stop the music.
Mono bluetooth headset will not support audio/music; only calls will be supported.
Therefore I bought 'Sony Ericsson's MW600' stereo bluetooth headset today, which has almost everything I need. It can pair with 3 devices and has built-in FM radio too.
Now, the positive sides:
I am happy with it anyway.
Excellent display. Good call quality. As a phone very good, except for the phone number display...
I like to use the device for reading pdf files,but it is difficult to keep the reader minimised, as it is often get closed or if i reopen it afterwards, the settings ie, the previous reading session is changed. Is there a solution, can I retain the last read setting intact?
I would like to know, is there any way to send attachment using the e-mail like gmail or rediffmail?

I had some issues with my battery draining, but after the 2.3.4 update it all got fixed, I did the update from here,

yeah it's a very good phone,they did not rush it's software good specs among other phones,but the quality build is the real rush build in plastic!the specs are copycat,while built in quality is rushed.