Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II review: Brightest star

13 May 2011
It looks like the point where it all ends. A galaxy outgrowing its own limits. An explosion of energy and speed. An overdose of smartphone power. A phone that makes you love the smell of Android in the morning. The likes of Samsung I9100. Update: Samsung Dive overview added...

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  • Ezee

Confused .., 05 Jul 2011i have read many reviews for SE Xperia Arc and for SGS2 .. i wat... moreSamsung Galaxy S2..Download full HD wallpaper and watch that wallpaper in Samsung Galaxy S2 & Sony Erixsson Arc or any Sony Ericsson..You will see the difference..Trust me..

  • Ajab

alvin, 12 Jul 2011Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to send and receive data via U... moreCan anyone tell how to use macromode on gs2?

alvin, 12 Jul 2011Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to send and receive data via U... more1-Stop Kies (pressing the Home key)
2-Choose settings , then Wireless and Network, then USB something (I´m not using the GS2 right now...sorry!)
3-Wait a bit for thr computer to register the 2 cards (8/16GB internal and the External SD, if any)
4- Transfer files

  • alvin

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how to send and receive data via USB cable on the Samsung galaxy S2 ? usually when we connect the usb cable to the pc , we get options like data storage nd stuff like that , well i don't get such an option with the galaxy s2. Any help wld be highly appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance

  • Fongy

Your Beloved Peter, 05 Jul 2011You don't get it. As most junior developers do. I do not need... moreNo offence, but personally I think you're barmy...
Life's waaaay too short to even be remotely angry about things like lock screens...
To be honest, it slides (as opposed to having a slider) and it tells the date / time...
I rarely see it because it's unlocked in a flash...
If anything, I think HTC are going the wrong direction by allowing feeds, etc on a lock screen - that must surely eat battery... possibly proven by how bad the Sensation's battery fares...
Glad we can all agree that this phone is by far the best out there, and it's going to take something very special to beat it...

  • philippines

so yeah i got mine this week. overall experience is mind boggling!! i previously used nokia n81, nokia N95, then samsung omniaII, samsung wave and then this galaxy s2... and all i can say is what an upgrade this is!!! had some hands on with htc and iphone4 and i can truly say gs2 is the best choice at least for me. android is great os for me. advantages are the screen, sound (with earphone only because in loudspeaker my wave was louder and clearer), customization, eyecandies and the speed specially during web browsing...way faster than my officemate's pc in playing you tube haha!! i have downloaded 70+ apps and counting... cant contain myself.
some negative would be (as they say) the plastic design (which i covered with a casing, problem solved),and the very pitiful box it came with, i couldnt believe it could contain the 4.3" phone i paid for...doesnt have a usable instruction guide. Also there's something weird about the sms converting to mms when its too long like 4 msgs long and you cant turn it back. maybe theres something i shd tweek on the settings. im yet to read (using my gs2 ofcourse hehe) the guidebook i downloaded. so there, hope i dont encounter much problem and i doubt i will. if any1 knows what to do about the sms converting to mms, will truly appreciate. thanks

  • philippines

Tina, 05 Jul 2011Peter n Other s2 admirers if u like every thing about the s2, th... morewow i must be lucky then to have mine last 1 and 3/4 day with normal usage and a day with heavy usage (just got it last tuesday and i didnt put it down most of the day hah! wifi connected the whole day and i was pleasantly surprised to see it still 22% by 7pm whereas my previous wave wouldve been dead by then). hehe so wow!!! this is some technology and the its my proudest moment to own this beast!!

  • Your Beloved Peter

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2011its totally STUPID to judge a phone based on the lockscreen of ... moreI totally agree :) It is stupid.

But I'm not telling, that S2 is a bad phone. It's a great phone, where perfection was destroyed with annoying lock screen. Add slider and full date names, and THEN it will be perfect. This is really not so much work, that is why I'm so angry.

  • Anonymous

its totally STUPID to judge a phone based on the lockscreen of the phone.
after tryin both phones,it.all depends on the preferance of the user. There is no perfect or ideal phone for anyone. Everyone has different needs n interests. for mr personally,i like flexibility n freedom to customize. so of course android phones will be my choie n nt apple. Iphone is probably for people who likes simple interfaces. but in terms of specs,nobody can deny that samsung galaxy s2 is at the upper hand.

Your Beloved Peter, 05 Jul 2011You don't get it. As most junior developers do. I do not need... morethat's funny seeing how you deeply bothered by an unlock screen.. you probably spent your time watching how cool your iphone when it's locked.. well who are me to judge..

btw, your "simple" lock screen on iphone is get a little something with it's ios 5 update.. it's still simple, but steve, the one you love so much, really take android as an example this time.. it's weird that you're saying iphone is a perfect ideal phone, but to upgrade it apples still needs a little of android's magic.. it's pretty cool actually..

  • Your Beloved Peter

Fongy, 05 Jul 2011????!?!?!?!? Wow. That's quite a rant about a lock screen... ... moreYou don't get it. As most junior developers do.

I do not need "nice screen locker", with its 145 features, 20 add-ons, music player, diary, news and weather. I just need simple, elegant screen locker, that does nothing, but just one thing: unlocks the f** screen.

I have tested some screen unlock apps on Market. They almost ALL are badly designed, poorly written, they eat battery like hungry wolf, they hang home screen, they overload device with useless wallpapers or download SomeVeryImportantData when you are not watching. Or upload your private data to some chinese hacker.

Just look at iPhone 4. Simple, elegant, no stupid useless "features". Just date, and slider. That is why Steve is making tons of dollars. iPhone 4 is nice and simple.

Steve really understands importance of clean UI, ergonomics and User Experience. Most people do not see it. They feel it. They do not understand why it is fun to use iPhone, they just use it, because it is usable.

This is the difference between, for example dead Windows Mobile and iOS. Gates thinks "give user gazilion of options ! Let him loose in maze of our Great Software.". Steve says "give user only, what he really needs. Nothing more.". Simplicity.

Android is going right way. The companies, that are trying to "improve" original Android are f** up.

  • Confused ..

i have read many reviews for SE Xperia Arc and for SGS2 .. i watched videos 2 .. and both of them ROCKS .. but am still confused

plus am in love with taking pictures , listening music , browsing web and using applications ..

so who is better : SE Xperia Arc or SGS2 ?? Plzzzz Help Me Out *_*

  • Fongy

Your Beloved Peter, 02 Jul 2011So, I bought this phone. Only, because I must - I'm developing a... more????!?!?!?!?
That's quite a rant about a lock screen...
I didn't realise they were so important...
To be fair, there are much worse out there, and you can change the pic to whatever you want, it's fluid, functional and, well, it's a lock screen (who is actually that bothered???)
Also, if you have something like Poweramp, it replaces the lock screen with a nice 4x4 widget of your music player complete with artwork and gives you full functionality of your player and a nice unlock button.. (well worth purchasing)
There are many ways around this (even lock screen replacement apps) if it's such an issue...

  • Fongy

Tina, 03 Jul 2011friends i have bought this phone yesterday after using sony eric... moreJust look on Google for "top android applications" - it's all a matter of preference, and half of the fun is actually trying new and wacky apps!
Also you'll find on android market (online) "top free" apps, again - look at the top 10-20 - it'll show you what a lot of people are using (not always the best, but most popular) - it should keep you going for a bit!

  • Tina

Your Beloved Peter, 04 Jul 2011Are you joking ? Galaxy S2 is coming with FULL essential soft... morePeter n Other s2 admirers if u like every thing about the s2, then what about battery performance?? Do you like that too?? Mine lasts for about half a day :(and don't know how to improve the battery life :(

  • Jota

I don't know why no one talks about the horrible color banding that the S2 displays!!! It looks like a 16bit gadget. The markting arround S2 is doing so well that no reviews tal about this! For the folks that are thinking to buy the S2, just do your self a favor and compare the image quality with the S1 and you will see that the Super Amoled Plus is not so Plus after all ... I even doubt it is still Super LOL

  • Your Beloved Peter

Tina, 03 Jul 2011friends i have bought this phone yesterday after using sony eric... moreAre you joking ?

Galaxy S2 is coming with FULL essential software pack. There is great (best on the market) video player, that opens almost all video files, great music player, best browser, and OS included battery manager.

What else do you want ?

The only app I get from Market was Adobe Reader. S2 is the best phone I have ever used, and I used lot of them. The only thing, that could and should be improved is locking screen :D

  • Tina

friends i have bought this phone yesterday after using sony ericsson w810 for almost 4 yrs but i am stuck now. I dont know how to use it....which apps i should put....s2 users please help suggest some apps for various things like video player, music player, browser, good battery manager app, etc

  • Your Beloved Peter

So, I bought this phone. Only, because I must - I'm developing a game, and this is a tool for me.

This is almost good Android implementation among others.

As an UX fan, I have been just striked down, when I saw what Samsung "engineer" (fire him immidiately !), responsible for unlocking screen has done.

This bastard, this stupid mf*** just broke, original, good, clear, usable Google Android 2.3 unlocking screen ! It was the nice slider, clear, legible display with date and time.

Now, Samsung S2, most expensive phone today, has unlocking screen just cheap as some resistive-screen Nokia for 50 bucks ! Even Windows Mobile 5.0 has WAY BETTER usable unlocking screen !

I expect, that Samsung as fast, as they can, release new firmware to repair this misunderstanding and breaking all UI and UX principles.

My screen shows only three letters of month name and three letters of day name (Poland country).

This looks like:

2 jul, sat.

What a STUPID mf just done that ? I must torture myself looking at this f*** ugly screen hundred times a day ! It destroys all the joy of using this phone !

Samsung "Engineer". Now may I suggest, look at iPhone 4 unlocking screen, if you just do not know how to do that properly.

Date and day should look NICE, not "good enough". Name of month should be displayed as FULL name, not shortcut. As a day name. FULL names, for Christ sake ! This is not Atari 800XL with 320x256 display !

Second. They just actually done unlocking by sliding screen wallpaper in any direction. This is ugly, bad, disgusting, looking cheap. My 15 years old son is doing better UI designs !

So, you wanna good UX experience ? Buy iPhone. Sorry, Samsung. Great hardware is not everything. Invest some money into good engineers and q/a for best UI experience.

Anyway, I can wait 2 months for update. Do your homework.

  • Fongy

audio_junk, 29 Jun 2011Will try that out the next time i go to the phone shop.Anyways I... moreNo need to worry / panic over screen burn...
Depending on age / contrast / what you have on your screen, similar to a monitor - my old GS1 - you could faintly see where the time / battery / signal had always been in the top right of the screen, but it was barely significant... using a UI that removes status bar, or mixing things up a bit should resolve that (and lets be honest, you don't buy Android just to keep your theme the same all the time)

I've just rooted my GS2 - gives you access to some pretty amazing apps, no problems re: performance, if anything, it's made it better (if that's at all possible) - even if I couldn't update (no reason why not) - there's little coming in the next year I suspect that would mean I'd be missing out (and sometimes it's nice to get a newer phone with whistles and bells you don't currently have!)

Sound-wise from 3.5 is brilliant, I use FM Radio and Poweramp - the equaliser (both from GS2 and PA) really make a difference and 5.1 when watching films is GREAT!

Honestly guys, it's impossible to fault this phone, it's simply IMMENSE. Where do phones go from here? WHERE?!?!?