Nokia N9 hands-on: First look

22 June 2011
Today's smartphone scene is one of fierce competition and breakneck growth. Rarely though do announcements get any bigger than this. The Nokia N9 seemed forever stuck in rumorland, but never lost its grip on users' minds. The handset is rightfully enjoying as warm a reception...

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  • chileshe n m

can it support the following :
we chat

  • Amam nazerp

I do ask this Nokia n9 can video call on skype

  • Surya (actor)

Nice phone .....I like it

  • Sahin Ahmed Tapadar

I shop nokia n9 and i need this mobile.

  • 333333

Brown Sugar, 10 Oct 2011Does it support Adobe Flash Player ? of course it supports what do you think this phone is this phone it is beter than s3 and iphone 5


sani, 26 Jul 2012samsung just keeps on chaping, just copies fones, it does not ha... morewhich version of sony ersion is best.

  • Auth

Blondy, 29 Oct 2011If you're raeding this, you're all set, pardner! I know that and tried it 2 times more. The thing is I see dupe entries in My apiplcation manager after successful installation and those regards PIPS and C++ only. I repeat, I'm more then sure it's not your fine piece of software but an odd combo of custom built FW and maybe some more apps I have.I have no QT components installed on my phone and if it weren't for all deal of reinstalling all my phone from the scratch, I would gladly reflash mine to an official JA1 Italian release just to try it out, AFAIK, latest official Italian FW release imposes only 18MB of free space on C drive so I simply can't accept it.I'm not saying you did a fine job, I'm just pointing out there might be something else like localizations to consider as my custom FW is built on another region version but ports only English. Maybe I'm all wrong in assuming so, but I had QT errors all over the phone ever since I tried to install QT or anything QT related.It's almost meaningless to say I restored my phone to factory settigns and defaults more then once in all my tries and fails to gain working QT apps.I think I'm one of those isolated cases where nothing could be done, so take my post as friendly and informative only so others might gain some conclusions from it.Thanks for your fast reply Woflgang :0

  • sani

zeeshan, 08 Oct 2011nokia is far behind in touch phones. It has lost the competition... moresamsung just keeps on chaping, just copies fones, it does not hav ny designs of its own... Also heard dat der r cases on it.. It is far behind in reliability(compared 2 nokia).... look at nokia, its own designs , so damn amazing, i own a N9.. Samsung is so common, be unique, its cool,if u want android, beta buy sony eric... Its way betta

  • Ripon

How can i install games in my Nokia n9???

  • Scott

Hope you have another in depth review of the Nokia N9..

  • imo

wow very nyc n9 i like it

  • Kathy

sket, 23 Jun 2011The only thing i don't like so far is the curved design. If they... moreThat addresses several of my cconenrs actually.

  • Leidy

And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me staright.

  • Lateisha

Lang, 18 Sep 2011how about vpn Which came first, the problem or the solution? Lukcliy it doesn't matter.

  • Brendy

Mr Gav, 09 Oct 2011Wow, Just picked up the Nokia N9. Handed over my iPhone4. and NO... moreGoing to put this atrcile to good use now.

  • Blondy

USr, 21 Aug 2011Yes, they pay MS royalties for the patentsIf you're raeding this, you're all set, pardner!

  • aadil khan

good in the eyes.... it'll just add to your "social status". this phone obviously lacks features especially when you look at the price. im not a Samsung fan but i'll definitely take n95 over iphone anytime. nice try for apple but id rather stick with pocket pcs

  • Only smartphones

Mr Gav, 09 Oct 2011Wow, Just picked up the Nokia N9. Handed over my iPhone4. and NO... moreWonder the contact has got grouping or categorization? Message group instead of contact by contact.

  • Anonymous

is their a 16 and and a 64 gb model???? or can you expand the storage some how?

  • Brown Sugar

Does it support Adobe Flash Player ?