Samsung Galaxy Nexus hands-on: First look

19 October 2011
Well, Google didn't just unveil a new version of their mobile OS early this morning. They also unveiled their next Google phone, a new galaxy by the name of Nexus. And just a glance on that Super AMOLED screen in 720p HD resolution is enough to tell you it means business.

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Are you able to select all the emails at the same time and mark them as read or delete them all?

  • legacy

uncle bob, 20 Oct 2011wrong, with ICS updates happen in the same way as IOS now. r... moreI don't see much change myself as far as my Desire is concerned:

You can read the full statement from HTC below.
We are excited about the latest update for Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, and are currently reviewing its features and functionality to determine our upgrade plans. Our goal for Android updates is to give every customer an improved user experience, which means balancing each phone's unique hardware, HTC Sense experience and the Android kernel. While our goal is to upgrade as many of our recent devices as possible, we are committed to maintaining every phone's performance and usability first. Please stay tuned for more updates on specific device upgrade plans.

  • uncle bob

legacy, 20 Oct 2011By that theory nothing has changed - when Jelly Bean Pie comes o... morewrong, with ICS updates happen in the same way as IOS now.

read about ICS and googles answer to fragmentation before stating your incorrect facts

johnny devil, 20 Oct 2011Has anyone else noticed that as the keys on the bottom take up p... moreYa, I agree. What is the use of having a big 4.65" screen when part of it is used by a permanent onscreen buttons. Just waste of the screen size!

Decent, 20 Oct 2011this beast can blow other phones out of water. it is so smooth. ... moreYour comments clearly show your unconditional hatred towards Nokia and not necessarily your blatant love for Sammys and Android. Cmon dude, get a life; would you? The camera on this phone is puny when compared to N8, its the 1080p video recording that impressed me. As for lag free interface, if you have read the article carefully, you would have known that it does feel a bit laggy, could be a pre-release issue but quite there, none the less. However, N9 is not laggy at all. As for dual core processor and impressive GPU, Android is known to be power hungry and requires more resources to do a similar job than a Meego or even a Symbian. I would like to know the battery back-up of this device. Please appreciate the device for its strengths and criticize it for its weaknesses rather than getting involved in mud-slinging, you have your backyard for it. :0

  • Harold

lambo, 20 Oct 2011I'm sorry, but I don't get the reviewer's comment on how ICS wil... moreUmm.... the skin the UI is using has absolutely nothing to do with fragmentation. Anyone can change the skin of their Android phone with a launcher, the underlying OS is what causes fragmentation. ICS fixes that by creating a baseline for both phones and tablets that will all be supported in the future across tablets and phones.

You don't seem to understand what people mean when they say 'fragmentation'. No one is talking about the manufacturers UI's those can be as different as they want, and the OS underneath will still support what the core OS does.

  • legacy

uncle bob, 20 Oct 2011Fragmentation fix wont happen over night. All prior devices (let... moreBy that theory nothing has changed - when Jelly Bean Pie comes out (or what ever it happens to be called) all but the latest phones released with ICS in 2013 approx. will also become redundant and fragmentation will still exist at the same levels as they do today.
I'm not sure if this is in the plan but dare I say a more Apple approach may be better i.e. the new OS can be scaled to work on any hardware (within 3 generations or so).

this beast can blow other phones out of water. it is so smooth. no lag. and it is ICS android which is the latest and best OS better than dumb buttonless meego N9. This phone can do magic like touchable holographic, and it has the most powerful cpu and gpu than any other has bt4, sd card upto 64 gb,HDMI and the camera is much way better than Nokia's shitty N8. RIP nokia. Hail samsung, android , google and fandroids like us.

  • Anonymous

That skin looks very like Sony Ericsson's current skin.

  • jay

the hands on states no Micro SD, but the spec states the is....?????

800 bucks for start, for an update for andriod 4.eww 0 serious this phone phone should from 400 bucks despite the way they dish out phones that still isnt isnt nice enough to last its beauty and then comes another

  • uncle bob

legacy, 20 Oct 2011How does ICS help fragmentation? May be between new tablets and ... moreFragmentation fix wont happen over night. All prior devices (lets say 2010 maybe early 2011) will not get ICS.

All new and recent top end devices will be running ICS, setting the path for all previous versions to be non existant in the future.

Eventually in time every android device will be running ICS

  • uncle bob

there is no point to the review what so ever ! Lets review a beta unfinished copy of android so all the haters and uneducated people can slate it !

Please explain the point of this review ? why not wait untill you have the full version and the released copy of the phone


ooops , i didn't mean usb theterign, i meant usb hub , as in using usb devices like real keyboard and real mouse on it.


Where is it ? I find it unacceptable for a 500-600 euro phone. ios sucks the only option left is windows phone which has no hdmi or gyroscope or usb thetering..damn where is the perfect phone ???

beautifull but sluggish! that brakes are from the screen resolution or from the 4.0 icecream???
Wonder how my SGSII would feel with new Android...

Has anyone else noticed that as the keys on the bottom take up part of it, the usable screen picture looks to be the same as the s2 ?, should have had proper keys as too not intrude on a big screen !

Bar the HD screen resolution, it will be interesting to see how it compares with the SGS 2 once that also gets the ICS update.

  • RG

Sun Down, 20 Oct 2011This phone got my attention that's for sure. However, I do notic... moreActualy phonebook is more similar to what SonyEricsson have in it`s Android lineup sins 2010... it`s just the same name as Windows Phone.

  • legacy

How does ICS help fragmentation? May be between new tablets and new phones but I would say that between phone and phone is by far the biggest problem. Unless ICS is going to show up on my old Desire this seems to be adding to the problem without an Android version that has the ability to scale between old and new hardware.