Samsung Galaxy Nexus hands-on: First look

19 October 2011
Well, Google didn't just unveil a new version of their mobile OS early this morning. They also unveiled their next Google phone, a new galaxy by the name of Nexus. And just a glance on that Super AMOLED screen in 720p HD resolution is enough to tell you it means business.

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  • Sun Down

This phone got my attention that's for sure. However, I do notice some features that's a subtle copy of WP7 Mango's feature. I'm talking about the "People" feature. Sure it's not as polished as Mango's but ti's still too close of a similarity.

  • Anonymous

Why not USB 3.0? Why hardware manufactures are so slow to adapt?

Why not Bluetooth 4?

  • Anonymous

5MP camera sucks. 8MP must be the bare minimum today. No proper codec support out of the box? Price?

  • Dan

Question about the integrated message it just email or also SMS/MMS (and ideally other messengers & IMs) ... ?


For people complaining about this phone being too big or bigger than 4.3inch phone, just for quick reference i think you are forgetting dimensions of the phone itself. The width or largeness of this phone is 67.9mm which means it will feel smaller in your hands than some of the 4.3inch phones like Optimus 3D@ 68.8mm or Newly announced Moto Razr @ ^69+mm. So looking at it technically, if you can hold optimus 3D comfortably then this phone will feel smaller in your hands which is a great plus and will just feel a little larger than GSII and of course it is smaller than T-Mobile GSII and Sprint Epic Touch 4G.

Personally I was disappointed with this phone because of it's 5MP Camera (I wanted to Upgrade my N8 to this) and the unforgivable inability to play DIVX and Xivd files out of box which i know other Samsung Galaxies does for play

  • mudblood06

you mentioned on P1 - "Memory: 16/32GB storage, microSD slot"

but on P2 - "...a microSD slot is missing. There's no way of expanding the in-built storage memory on the Galaxy Nexus."

MicroSD or no MicroSD?

Mista Calais, 20 Oct 2011It's so big, phones are just getting bigger and bigger :(yes, i don't like that at all. Wonder which is average screen size in phones next year, maybe 5? :D Why don't just buy tablet and keep the phones small as possible.

I don't see any mention about dual core support in android 4.0?

It's so big, phones are just getting bigger and bigger :(

  • ShootSpeak

There is a BIG typo on the first page:
- Memory: 16/32GB storage, microSD slot

There is no microSD slot.

  • qwer23

You mention microSD under "memory" in your spec sheet and rule it out a page later. Please delete microSD from your spec sheet!

  • Anonymous

"Above the battery, there's a SIM card slot. Sadly, a microSD slot is missing. There's no way of expanding the in-built storage memory on the Galaxy Nexus"....

Then why is the SD Slot still listed on your spec sheet and on the first page of specs in this article?

  • Anonymous

Whoever said the N900 is the first buttonless phone must've forgotten the entire keyboard.

Anyway, it seems to me that GSM Arena has reviewed a Galaxy Nexus with an older Andriod version. The latest ones being demonstrated are 4.0.1. Other evidence is the different icons this Galaxy Nexus use (notice the difference in the task switcher button - bottom right).

  • Anonymous

Sorry GSMarena, but the first buttonless phone is the Nokia N900, not the N9.

  • Zeph

They did well reducing it to 5MP with the Samsung based sensor it the camera.

Detail preservation's actually quite good, although soft on the edges, very Canon low-end PnS like. Much less noise than the 8MP snappers as well. The shots tend to be somewhat overexposed here however. Got to play with the exposure settings a little.

The 1080p recording is quite brilliant, with very good detail preservation. Plates on the cars are very visible with great clarity.

From the width of the images though, it'd seem that the FoV of the camera is limited compared to other media centric phones.

  • jackhammeR

Hehe...pozdrawiam również:D
I don't know how you guys, but I think that this mighty dual core processing power and cooperation fully with ICS is a fairy tale.
Nexus have always been in a tough position. Few weeks after him, another great, even greater handset appeared. He's more like scout.
But, there is always some BUT. Display is awesome. I'm not pretty sure what for in such a tiny device someone would want such a high res. Art for art. Samsung showed he can. That's it.
IMO, i'd prefer new RAZR. Moto is manufacturer which can do really sth cool and different.
And they did it again with RAZR.
And 960x540 is absolutely enough for me.
I'd wish manufacturers try a little bit harder and squize 100% juice from those dual cores, because now...let's say that it's more marketing than real life peachy. And they are talking about quad cores. My God! Do sth with dual cores first!

Man it's still not as smooth as my iPhone 4. And I am wondering whether my SGS2 will perform better even after the update. Where is the dual core support which everyone was talking about? And if this is it, then it's crap as hell! If dual core support is yet to come, then Google is just playing with Android users man. This sucks big time.

  • Mr S2

cool.. beat the 4S?