iPhone 4S over iPhone 4: Should I stay or should I go?

20 October 2011
A lot of people are wondering which iPhone is the right one for them - both people looking to upgrade their own one and people who are just joining the Apple phone party. How much more do you get with the 4S, over the iPhone 4? If you're wondering just that, we're here to help by putting the two...

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  • Geoff Burns

This is really useful. I will buy none of them.

marko, 21 Oct 2011Love the new security problem i discovered with siri.Even with t... moreI can give you a total list of android flaws. do you want them?
Test this one...set an alarm and when the alarm rings rotate the android in landscape mode and the whole lock screen will rotate to landscape and that dont fit on screensize. Just try it and you will see it.
Try to scroll the contact list a few times...it will go crazy after some scrolling
sometime when i turn on wifi...my device gets restarted.
one day during a phone call...my device restarted.
go to gallary app and it takes 5 minutes to load photos.

Do you want more?

  • Bubba

besides the results of drop tests the browser results are skewed. Looking at video comparisons with the SGS2 on youtube the differences are sometimes for, sometimes against the new iphone, but never an astronomical difference as the benchmark would indicate. What is not being considered though is that the SGS2 is rendering flash as well and still manages to beat the iphone in certain browsing scenarios.
I've had apple computer products in my home since 1991 and continue to do so but will continue to hold out on buying an iphone until true multi-tasking and bluetooth transfers are implemented.

  • fun9

RicHKiDD, 21 Oct 2011 DONT LOOK FOR REASONS TO SKIP IPHONE 4S... ... morewhat a statement u have there! Great one, great words only come from a wise persons
very very useful opinion n make sooooooo many senses. Thanks
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The way the economy is going today, itís no wonder consumers are looking for the best deals out there. Right now, when one considers the iPhone landscape, the iPhone 4 is looking like a hard-to-beat bargain. If customers opt for the 8GB option, theyíll only need to pay $99 with a two-year agreement. The iPhone 4S, on the other hand, starts at $199 for twice as much storage. In todayís economy, $100 is a sizable difference, considering how similar both devices are.

When one compares the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S, theyíll quickly find that the smartphones have the same, basic designs. They feature glass backs, a 3.5-inch Retina Display, and both rear- and front-facing cameras. The iPhone 4Sí sales pitch would be stronger if it had significantly updated design. But it doesnít. That could be enough for some folks to opt for the iPhone 4 instead.

At its Oct. 4 event, Apple touted the downlink speeds of its iPhone 4S, saying that it could reach 14.4M bps. However, it has been revealed since then that those speeds can only be reached on AT&Tís network. So, those who are running the device on Verizonís or Sprintís networks will be stuck with 3G. The iPhone 4 has 3G speeds as well. If faster downloading is important to customers and theyíre Verizon or Sprint subscribers, choosing the iPhone 4S doesnít make much sense.

Apple touted the quality of the iPhone 4S camera at its Oct. 4 event, saying that it now offers 8-megapixel resolution and faster shutter speeds than the competition and is even noticeably better than the camera in the iPhone 4. For those who take a picture every now and then with their mobile devices, that might matter. But for the rest of the consumer base that doesnít buy a smartphone solely for a camera, who really cares? Aside from the dual-core processor, the better camera is arguably the best improvement over the iPhone 4. Even that isnít all that impressive.

Each year, when Apple launches a new iPhone, the companyís smartphone goes through testing by a host of organizations. And each year, something always goes wrong. For early adopters, thatís not such a problem, since they expect that. But for the rest of the market, it is. The iPhone 4S is an unknown quantity right now that could suffer from annoying issues. The iPhone 4, on the other hand, has had all quirks fully discussed, making it a known quantity. For some customers, itís better to go with a product that has all its issues well-documented, than one that has yet to be put through comprehensive testing.

The biggest announcement from Apple this year has arguably been the unveiling of iCloud. That service allows users to sync content in the cloud and across all the other products they own, including the iPad, Macs and PCs. Although Apple has been showcasing iCloud on its iPhone 4S, the service will still work with the iPhone 4. So, folks who are worried about not getting access to iCloud shouldnít buy the iPhone 4S just to put their minds at ease. The iPhone 4 will still do the trick.

Itís also worth noting that Apple isnít giving any preferential treatment to the iPhone 4S when it comes to its operating system. Like the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4 will be able to run iOS 5. Whatís more, I was able to take iOS 5 for a spin on the iPhone 4 and was impressed by how well it worked on the smartphone. So, donít have any worries about software on the iPhone 4. It will work just as well as it does on Appleís latest handset.

  • irteza

only 1 page of comments ? God ... GSmarena just stick a word Nokia Before the topic you'll get 1000's of comments in just a blink of an eye ;)

  • marko

Love the new security problem i discovered with siri.Even with the lock on i can bypass it by asking siri to take me to my pictures and it does.So whats the point in having my passcode on?Yet another amazing floor for my so called perfect phone.Wish id stuck to android now.

  • z

no galaxy nexus?

  • i wil buy an iphone

thanks gsmarena, great review. I will go for 4s, thanks again for helping me to choose.

Who borrowed the voice for Siri? It's very sexy ...;)

  • Lol

Optimus 3d best value for money by far.

Here's an excellent review of Siri by Brandon Miniman of pocketnow.com:


  • Anonymous

nah will stick with android thank you very much

  • Anonymous

it's funny how others brag about iphone fails at drop test. it is the responsibility of the owner to take care of his phone.

  • regarding_CDMA

I think the CDMA option on i4s should be put with asterisk (*) because iphone doesn't support CDMA RUIM. only CDMA inject.

So, it's not really an advantage to have CDMA in i4s, as no one can't use it while traveling.

It's only useful for anyone who use CDMA right now, and want to travel and use GSM at another country.

And sidenote.... CDMA is falling and falling. more and more CDMA celular network switch to 3G(WCDMA) and 4G (LTE), so the benefit only for CDMA user.

[deleted post]Eeewww!

ThePacemaker, 20 Oct 2011Dear GSMArena, unfortunately your iPhone 4S suffers from the &qu... moreCorrect. I was thinking the same thing when viewing the videos. The Device must has "Yellow Gate" tint screen problem. But as reports say that its just the glue which was used while manufacturing and the problem will go away in a week or two.

@no matter. Don't compare them to drop tests. I've seen iPhone surviving from 12 foot height and breaking from a desk of 3 foot... Even seen a sgs2 broken from 4 feet height. So it doesn't matter what they are made of, it matters how you use it. I drop my phone a lot so I use safe holster for iPhone. Hope You Agree...

  • super trousers

what about the 4s battery in standby compared to 4?

if you are an iPhone 3GS user or never used an iPhone before then definitely go for iPhone 4S. Otherwise, it's not worth it to get an iPhone 4S if you already own an iPhone 4.

  • Anonymous

mark, 20 Oct 2011one thing that niggles me with the 4s. its got the same, speaker... moreYou may be glad to know that reports indicate significantly louder speakers for the iPhone 4S, one report mentioned it to be 6 decibels above the iPhone 4.