Apple iPhone 4S review: Fast 4ward

21 October 2011
The last thing you need is one that looks exactly like your ex. On a second thought, it's too early perhaps to end it. You two did look great together, your iPhone 4 and you. In fact you still do. iPhone 4S owners, this is between you and your phone's inner voice - Siri. iPhone 4 owners, this...

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•MicroSIM card support only
•No Flash support in the web browser
•No true multitasking for all applications
•FaceTime video calls work only over Wi-Fi
•No file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storage mode (independent from iTunes)
•No FM radio
•No stereo speakers
•No microSD card slot
•Non-user-replaceable battery
•Siri still a beta, location services not enabled outside US
•Stuck with iTunes for loading content
(*no nfc
*no facebook integration
*no photo editor
*no video editor
no turn by turn voice navigation)

and the list goes on.

  • Anonymous

Wish it has bigger screen.

  • kiloh3rtz

Even gsmarena ppl make fun of androi emos

  • Siri

Feels like quite a biased review to me. But yes, the iPhone 4S is a great piece of hardware for sure. Not a bad buy at all, however a bit too expensive for my taste...

  • kiloh3rtz

User:Siri is that normal the great samsung copying you and nameing you IRIS?
Siri:Who is samsung?
User:Its a company that produces android bases phones
Siri:In that case they prob need a 4xcore mobile with a memory of 4gb to run smooth
User:Why is that Siri?
Siri:Cuz android fanboys cryout they cant afford an iPhone and hate quality that iOS+Siri run with 128ram,when android alone runs with atleast 300ram that is to run it decently
Siri:You are welcome so are you haters
Dont hate the player ppl hate the game...Apple da MVP at

  • Anonymous

Iphone is just an example how marketing pervert our brains

  • Anonymous

i don't get how the browser experience is better than SGS2 when Apple refuses to provide flash support..??..most sites are bursting with flash content..!!..
Even if I accept that gsmarena got a fat check for this review I can't hide my disappointment with SGS2(which could have done better with Tegra2 chip set rather than Exynos)..

  • Anonymous

iPhone best phone ever so powerful and sleek best 8mp camera/video best browsing experience iPhone rocks!!!

  • Anonymous

Sun Down, 22 Oct 2011Having some parts of a movie shot by this phone doesn't make it ... moreBy the way, in my case, I am not interested in proving the dominance of iPhone 4S, or get into any 'my phone is better than yours' argument. I just happen to think the iPhone 4S is a beast of a machine, and is the best phone for me. Everyone should get the best phone for them, according to their needs, and enjoy the tech.

  • Anonymous

Sun Down, 22 Oct 2011Having some parts of a movie shot by this phone doesn't make it ... moreVery true, but it does at least indicate that cinematographers feel it a good enough tool. Also, one of South Korea's most famous directors who directed Oldboy, also used the iPhone 4 to film a movie:

  • Shinigami

GSMArena made me sad. Its my B-day today and I can't afford iPhone 4S...
Well, there's always next year! Maybe they'll finally put a bigger screen in it...

  • Anonymous

A side-by-side video with the Samsung Galaxy S II?

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2011Also, GSMarena, you are the first of many reviews to state that ... moreFirst??? Hahaha! Haven't you read any reviews of iPhone 4S? Almost every review of 4S has camera benchmarks and comparison with GS2. If you have bought a GS2 and feels guilty or jealous after you read iPhone reviews, jus go and cry in a dark room or something.. making it evident is so lame.. ;)

GsmArena forgot to mention lack of NFC as one of the negatives.

  • Anonymous

That is so sweet! This is probably third or fourth review, where they talk about the awesomeness of the new iPhone based on some benchmarks, especially some browser benchmarks. This, in turn, is immediately reflected by the behaviour of Apple sect members in the comments :) Again, really, really sweet :) They try so hard to convince everyone that they finally have a competitive smartphone to warship. Maby better luck with the iPhone 5, but 4S is not really a competitor for top droids. It has a very good graphics chip, but it's processor (which is downclocked to 800 Mhz, as someone already correctly noticed) is old news already, let alone in a couple of months. Even the old Galaxy S II is still much more powerfull, just go ahead and check the side-by-side performance comparison on YouTube. O, and by the way, iPhone is nowhere near as fast in browsing as GSII! Even the stock browser is apparently faster in real life, and I'm not even talking here about Opera Mobile, which gets around 1600 in the BrowserMark. Even without Ice Cream Sandwich... A review from Anandtech is coming in a day or so, let's hope at least that one will be thorough and professional.

mrx, 22 Oct 2011No, my impression of the review is that once again Apple is incl... more"Divx video playback,"

Not going to happen, you know why? because what apple offer it works perfectly and everytime you know what you get.

You cant know if some divx video working or not what you found from internet, it might need new codec to play etc. Or it might work, but have a low framerate, or video quality sucks, or video size is wrong, there's many possible problems about divx and xvid and i know every computer users know that!

That's just not the way how Apple do things, they offer quality and usability, if something can't work how apple want they just leave it out. You like it or not.

Gladly there's video players in appstore which play all kind of videos, i use VLC. Its not out of the box, but you can watch almost any type of videos with 3rd app without converting.

[deleted post]It's funny how apple stole the concept of Full HD video from Samsung. If apple would spend some money in research, they would not need to steal other from Samsung like notification and FUll HD video and 8MP camera. Truth is apple has nothing to offer. Apple just waited for GS2 to release and then took 5 months to copy the features. They could not even come with a new design. Even the antennae design is copied from Samsung.
It's all hype around apple. Samsung will teach them a proper lesson. Good thing that asshole Jobs is dead. A person who denies paternity of his own daughter needs to die.

And Samsung had already passed Apple to become the largest smartphone manufacturer

  • Sun Down

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2011You guys should read the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS reviews, before la... moreHaving some parts of a movie shot by this phone doesn't make it awesometacular. A head-to-head comparison between the top cameraphones would be the best benchmark.

  • Sun Down

[deleted post]I'm not sure how you've concluded that the SGSII is a piece of crap, but if I were to follow your logic then the iPhone 4S is a blatantly overpriced piece of crap. God, I thought stucked-up Apple fanboys like you are already extinct. It seems that I'm wrong.

  • mrx

[deleted post]No, my impression of the review is that once again Apple is including features that other phones have had for years, like customizable notification tones or video stabilization.

Maybe next year, they will finally invent smart dialing, Divx video playback, and bluetooth file transfers. Until then, I pity them.