Apple iPhone 4S review: Fast 4ward

21 October 2011
The last thing you need is one that looks exactly like your ex. On a second thought, it's too early perhaps to end it. You two did look great together, your iPhone 4 and you. In fact you still do. iPhone 4S owners, this is between you and your phone's inner voice - Siri. iPhone 4 owners, this...

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I'm really impressed with the amount of detail in the full light 1080p video - seems like only the 4S is able to capture the texture of the wallpaper behind the Ferris wheel. Also the colors are really good in the stills, even though noise levels are much higher than the N8 camera. Good job Apple!! (PS: I use an SGS2 and never owned an Apple product)

  • jeet

please do a camera comparisen between apple iphone 4s, nokia n9 and samsung galaxy sII.

  • Anonymous

You guys should read the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS reviews, before lambasting anyone of biasedness. iPhone is blasted when needed by GSMArena crew.

Apple has obviously been concerned about Antennagate and the negative media effect, so obviously took care to cover all possible aspects of improvements in iPhone 4S. Looks like they succeeded.

It has benchmarks that rival and best SGS2, amazing camera (Cinematographer admitted that parts of The Avengers movie was shot using iPhone 4 camera, so imagine how much better iPhone 4S camera is), and coupled with iOS5 with its 250+ new features, make this the best iPhone ever.

  • Sun Down

After reading the review, I felt more inclined to choose a Nokia WP7 device over this. It's a great phone, but it seems that everything is covered by the Micro+Nokia combo. Another issue here would be the camera comparison. The image quality does looks superb, but looking at the pictures taken by the N9 and SGSII, I would say those 2 would be envious at all. In fact they're on par, with the 4S just ever so slightly falls behind. One thing's for certain though, the 16 GB version costs 1.7 K here. Now that's impressively scary.

  • john

Biggest problem is the screen. It Is now at 4.65" super AMOLED HD.

also. now Steve jobs is dead maybe apple can move past his personal issues with adore and GET FLASH.

Then it would be a great phone.

  • buntz

uncle bob, 21 Oct 2011Lol what biased review. Last time I'm coming to gsm arena Ho... morewow, are you an expert in this field to tell gsmarena is biased.

  • buntz

wow, gsmarena nice review, got answers too all the questions, going to order my ip4s now

  • uncle bob

Lol what biased review. Last time I'm coming to gsm arena

Honestly looks like an Apple press release ...sort it out

  • ancakbutula

yes..but iphone 4S camera is less wide than the rest..and not mentioned in camera section?

  • Anonymous

Only in Apple-world is a triple-click and tap-and-hold-for-2-seconds considered good UI design, lol

  • Anonymous

Also, GSMarena, you are the first of many reviews to state that 4S camera is better than GSII and even N9. 4S sensor is tiny compared to N9's. GSII is much better in dark and light. Biased much?

  • Nico

Hey you GSMArena guys, I'll love your reviews and put a lot of faith in them, I never buy a phone without checking it on your page first! I have a request, though: what about a shootout between the 4S and the N9? A chance on that?

  • Ashura

mrx, 21 Oct 2011Considering that Siri is based server-side computing and not som... moreWatch as that is probably what is going to happen

  • mrx

Considering that Siri is based server-side computing and not some magical iphone 4s hardware, I'd be extremely pissed at Apple for blocking all older iphones from the service.

  • mrx

Mr Bluesman, 21 Oct 2011Does Nokia N8 is still the king in photography department? And why wouldn't it be? Did Apple figure out a way to defy laws of physics with their tiny sensor that Samsung and others couldn't figure out before?

  • zet

And what's about the batterygate??

Does Nokia N8 is still the king in photography department?

[deleted post]I saw this one coming based on the benchmarks of the iPad 2. The iPad 2's A5 blew past the rest of the pack and I am not surprised to see the results replicated on the 4S. If the A6 continues this trend then expect the iPhone 5 to have better benchmarks than the top 'droids, again.

  • Jigger

Ok. I am impressed with the 4s' browser, audio output and camera. But I still can't force myself to buy a overpriced, fragile and over rated (it is great, but still over rated IMO) product like an iPhone (and other Apple products).

  • jack Sparo

[deleted post]another fail? lol, what was the first fail?.. Apple has been winning ever since the first iphone, highest market company in the world!