Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 review: Power play

16 November 2011
Tablets are cool. But they have a purpose too. Larger screens, higher resolution and more mileage out of the battery make them better suited for certain tasks. Thatís why people are not only fascinated by them but do end up actually...

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  • Anonymous

I have been using the samsung note for almost 4 years now, and had no provlems so far. Never used the s-pen..
Changed the battery once the original one stopped working. And that's it.
Great phone!

my phone processing is getting slow what should i do

  • asholle

gilbz, 15 Oct 2015This phone sucks everytime im watching on youtube , playing game... moredont lie to yourself.

  • hasan

It is probably the phone with the largest display width in ratio & even in measurement alone(par with nexus6). Everything is good considering its birth time except battery thoug mine has an korean lte shv-e160.

  • gilbz

This phone sucks everytime im watching on youtube , playing games and using browser this phone ( galaxy note ) lag or too slow and i always using trash cleaner every end of task just to make it fast again but when i got nexus 7 im not using this crap phone i just going to sell it tosomeone mabye it has a large memory but it has a slowest processor ever

  • Misty

This phone is very great. They function very well when you have them brand new but it starts giving you problems when you use for some time. Now my camera is blurry, It becomes too hot when data is on, you have to be adjusting the sim card to get a network signal, the screen shakes and operates on its own at times and the battery runs down too quickly. But I just like the phone.

  • Anonymous

Rinku , 08 Jan 2014Very good working is awsomeVery goods

  • adib

My fone were good but suddenly it terned of and never turn on and l change the buttery and it still off what is the problem ..thank you

  • Anonymous

I haven get one yet but am tinking about it I like this phone

  • Frelen

I cant download apps.due to insufficient internal memory

  • Anonymous

I cant download because of insufficient memory what am i going to do

  • Kaul

I am using a Note for over two years now. I dont feel the need of a new smart phone. It still has decent options and also is like a mini tab.

  • Chris

GSM ARENA NOTE REVIEW FINAL WORDS - No, we don't think all phones will look like the Galaxy Note any time soon...

How quickly the market changed...

  • Anonymous

All of a sudden my phone will not charge my battery I have only had it about 6 months what can I do about it my provider won't exchange my phone not my battery till I'm eligible for an upgrade is there anything Samsung can do I really like & enjoy the Galaxy note 1 & I'm on a fixed income & cannot afford another phone rite now please somebody help me

Why don't use simcard ?

Why don't use simcard ?

  • Dr.kapilkhatri

Very good its ultimate smartphone in front of this all smart phones are loww so i think its gold in that prize

  • Anonymous

Internal memory not 16 gb its only 11.9 gb and 1.7 gb for system applications, its too bad cause you not installed more apps in your phone.

  • iya

i hate the white round thing that appears on the screen whenever i touch it. how will i be able to get rid of that.

  • Rinku

Very good working is awsome