CES 2012: Samsung overview

11 January 2012
Samsung brought a range of Android devices to CES and LTE connectivity and Super AMOLED were central themes and both AT&T and Verizon getting in on the action. Most of the gadgets were GSM-flavored, but all of them had voice connectivity...

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  • Do all better,Sam..d

I hope/wish,Samsung Galaxy S3 is 3D Full HD Super amoled PLUS display (960 x 1280pix) resolution and over 350PPI.

Santanu Dey, 11 Jan 2012I forgot when was the last time when I looked at a new Samsung D... morethen you havent seen seen samsungs series nine laptop its the best looking laptop on the earth :) and their leds tvs are awesome :)
i dont know why gsm arena didnt talk about it.

  • Anonymous

thanx to the gsmarena for this review

  • SGS2 is COOL!.

But,where is (SGS3) Samsung Galaxy S3 model??. :/

I have to kind of agree with everyone here (as a GS2 user) that Samsung definitely need to step up a gear re: handset designs...

To be honest I'd say they're almost 'too' focused on the tech side (not that I'm complaining - most phones coming out this year will essentially be the same specs as the GS2) BUT I'd like to have a desirable / funky / quirky handset too!

Sammy is all about substance over style - I get that... BUT here's hoping that the GS3 comes along and it doesn't need a facelift!

Having said all of this - if you look at Sony's new handsets and HTC's they're all pretty bland...

Here's hoping Feb's show brings some eye-catching surprises!

  • Anonymous

If the Galaxy Tab 7.7 can keep the Exynos with its LTE, why can't the other devices!?

And the Exynos isn't even that great anymore....

Santanu Dey, 11 Jan 2012I forgot when was the last time when I looked at a new Samsung D... moreExactly! They all look the same with the same old boring design. Samsung smarttoys are ugly and not easy on the eyes like the Lumia 900, the Android killer.

  • Luther

In every details, iPhone is better than these phones.

I forgot when was the last time when I looked at a new Samsung Device and said, that looks different that the previous others.......

  • kenovi

this is so boring, yawn! Is this CES of my memory lane? feels like I have seen it all.

  • Anonymous

Anyway, the other new device is the Samsung Exhilarate. It's made of 80% recycled post-consumer materials, AT&T advertise it as "the first 4G LTE smartphone built to meet many environmental and sustainability standards". It's got a 4" Super AMOLED screen and eco-saving software features.

i bet there are a lot of "post-customer materials" put into this phone.

  • nick

what do sony really bring to the table other than last year's hardware?

no news about Galaxy S3?

  • jm

no thanks samsung. Sony Xperia is my choice :)

  • Mouse

Boring, don't like huge devices, Sony is much more interesting.

  • RamyRamz69

Ok whatever, still getting an Xperia Ion

The Galaxy Note is a monster... in size that is and in specs. But it's too big for my liking. I'm happy with a 4" screen on a medium size device. The new Sony Xperia really does it for me.