MWC 2012: Sony overview

26 February 2012
Sony's pre-MWC event delivered the Xperia P and the Xperia U to the public. The smaller siblings of the Xperia S have the same characteristic design but each has it own quirks to charm the audience. The Xperia P is made out of a single piece of aluminum, while the Xperia U has a color-changing glowing transparent strip and and exchangeable bottom piece.

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  • Nimanfriend17@ymail.

Niz Mobile

  • haywhy

Pls tell me more about xperial p

  • Anonymous

Overall ok but one also battery pakup is less

Romeo, 16 Jun 2012I am a user of Xperia P, its a good phone with lots of fearures,... morebro plz tell me about its battery timing. i want to purchase xperia u. what is its battery timing?

  • kushal

I m using uu frm 1m n its awesome n I wanTed to know can I upgradee it to 4.1

  • Sagar

Hi, Xperia U can record only 720p and lacks Exmor R.......

  • Romeo

I am a user of Xperia P, its a good phone with lots of fearures, only thing I hate in this phone is that the battery life sucks to the core. Sony should do something about it. Rest everything is the best.

  • Anonymous

Xperia U is nice phone under this price range. Only missing is microSD. If u want to store huge data in ur phone than this is not recommended ( Apple also don't provide micro SD slot but still it works) otherwise it is the best phone for processing having dual core. Also there are many additional features which u will love. Great phone no issues.... :)...

  • Chanakya

I'm thinking to buy xperia p
Wats the best price for it?

  • ram

is it possible to move the applications instald in xperia u to a pen drive(to a cable)how can it be moved

  • sakthi

I don't like this

  • momomo

gyta, 01 Mar 2012with the new photos of Sony Xperia P, i got a little disapointed... moreurm the xperia s has a 32GB space of memory thats the same amount you would get for a microsd card .... And sure it would be nice if the xperia U had an expandable memory but it doesnt but i think it is one or maybe even the best low priced/end but good spec, phone out there. :D

  • Rohit

Rohit, 07 May 2012The only negative point I see here is - non expandable memory. ... moreWas talking about Xperia U in previous post.

  • Rohit

The only negative point I see here is - non expandable memory.
I loved the strip near the bottom of the phone which glows as per the color of the wallpaper. Cool feature for those who love colorful notification lights. This feature can also be utilised by various apps for notification purpose. Except memory issue, at this price this is one of the coolest phone around. Available in India for pre-order. :)

  • Anonymous

Samsung would beat sony easily xperia S is just with the level of galaxy sII the release of the SII and the Xperia Suck is oneyear apart so you wouldnt be suprised if it has some advantages from the sII but Sony Xperia Suck is only better at Camera so Samsung would won...Actually im not a Samsung fanboy but i think they would beat SONY,NOKIA,HTC,APPLE,LG AND SONY ERICSSON

bluemary1014, 27 Feb 2012Though I'm a Sony fan, for me this is a disappointment. Other m... moreSony Xperia P and U is the affordable version of the Xperia S, it was NEVER meant to compete with the high-end ones, now, come to think of it, if Sony would only manufacture such high-end and extraordinarily expensive phones, then who would enjoy it? Not everyone I suppose. I believe that Sony was only trying to be quite the generous one, wouldn't you agree? Not everyone would be able to buy Xperia S with it's pricy tag, so I think Sony deserves a thumbs up for these phones, not to mention for their affordable price!

good job sony!

  • boooom

have a good design and quality but this phone s 1year behind the hardware. the new this phone camera(12mp) and plastic cover. $400 not bad for the price

  • manu

veryyyyyyyyyyyyy nice mobilesssssssss.

  • Sony_hell_yeah

bluemary1014, 27 Feb 2012Though I'm a Sony fan, for me this is a disappointment. Other m... moreI really don't understand what you want more! They have a really good high end device that already started shipping (Xperia S), also is rummored that Xperia ion is going to be worldwide...then they decided to release one more high device (Xperia P)...what misses here? A mid/low-end device...and then Xperia U steps up, sony thinks in all people's budget capacity. Yes, because other brands forgotten how difficult the market is, high budget is not for everyone. Only Sony and Nokia thought on making mid/low phones with good specs (Nokia 700/Lumia 610). Samsung too, but their specs low/mid are not so good (Gio/Ace/Young/W). What do you need more from sony? A quad-core one? Maibe that will be their next step, a little late but...why do we really need more cores, isn't dual-core enough for a smartphone?!

Sony got style, god specs, good hardware, good responsive software and great acessories (Smartwatch, samrttags, headsets and dock stations).

Really, what do you want more?

Go Sony, you make me believe ;)
Also waiting to buy Sony Xperia S :D