Motorola Atrix HD review: The Atrix reloaded

24 August 2012
The LTE-packing Motorola Atrix HD for AT&T faces a couple of hard challenges. First and foremost, it has to build on the user experience of original Atrix 4G, giving its owners who are up for an upgrade these days, a reason to stick with the brand...

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  • kk

Trying to upload gallery pictures to Facebook. What do u do!!!!

  • *LoveNeverFades*

Ive had high classphones my moto atrix is best ive ever own

  • ittbitykapeetapeekee

Oh an one more thing o forgot to say about the Atrix HD. Ahbitillatitty

Mia, 02 Dec 2012This is the worst phone i have ever had. I had my phone (which w... moreNot true i have the same phone and its very impressive

Im currently typing this comment from my Atrix HD an I must say that this phone is completely worth it, I don't know why in the previous comments people complain about battery life because i can game, watch YouTube videos and chat the whole day and the battery lasts till 8pm on wifi which is absolutely fantastic compared to the Atrix 4g and Backflip I had earlier. Browsing is fast and the screen clarity and color is far better than my friends with the S3. My only problem is the 8gb internal which is too small for installing HD games and the fact that i cant update to jellybean yet. Cudos Moto

  • Mia

This is the worst phone i have ever had. I had my phone (which was a droid) before this one for 3 years. I had my Atrix for 4 months before it broke. I am very good at taking care of my phones and rarely drop them. I drop this phone once from 3 feet up on to carpet and it shattered! Once it shattered the camera stopped working on the front and the back even though the shatter was in the bottom left corner. Also 2 months in, it would randomly freeze and turn off. Then one day it froze and turned off, so i waited about 1 hour and tried to turn it back on. But it wouldnt turn back on. So pretty much, this is a piece of crap phone that randomly turns off, shatters like it is its job andjust sucks all around. I am never buying from Motorala again because they obviously dont care about the product that they release to the public.

  • DAN13L

I bought this phone as soon as best buy opened on the release date. This is my first time reading the review. This is actually a great phone. Only complaint is battery size, battery life and internal storage. Battery life got better with last update. I can last the whole day without charging with moderate use. As for internal storage, I don't have have enough room to install grand theft auto 3 and Max Payne. If only i can install to the sd card. The atrix 2 had no issues. Reception is good. I like bragging to other co-workers when i get LTE signal at work when their phones don't. I also like that I now have data connection at the gym because of LTE where as i didn't have it with hspa+.

  • saldi

if you buy this phone, be prepared that you might not get software update that you'll need when the time comes. Just check current customer complaints and see it yourself. Motorola doesnt care about their customers.

Its a very good phone for people having modest usage of Smartphone. But with Android its tough to have average use of your smartphone. Its battery life is a bone of contention and irreplaceable battery doesnt give you option to upgrade either. But still awesome specs.

  • Anonymous

this is best phone in the market

1sickbastard, 29 Aug 2012Now I wish there's some way we can bug Moto about the ATRIX HD M... moreYou and me both, Bro. For now though, I am quite impressed with the Atrix 4G. Switched to it from a BB Torch 9810 and probably won't go back to the BB. Still, like your idea of bugging Moto for an Atrix HD MAXX :)

  • 1sickbastard

Thullraven, 29 Aug 2012I wanted this phone so bad as I wanted something like the Droid ... moreNow I wish there's some way we can bug Moto about the ATRIX HD MAXX until they release it..

  • google

Company is no more....why u are suggesting ?

I wanted this phone so bad as I wanted something like the Droid RAZR, but I have AT&T. Long story short.I had this phone for a little over a week, took it back and reversed my upgrade. Let me explain. purformance wise, it was awesome! The screen awesome! Circle widgets, very cool! Camera was OK (didn't care). Battery life was horrible. Not only that, it also seemed to take a long time to recharge when empty. With a non removable battery, these were deal breakers for me. I am on the go and can't be tethered to a charger, especially while at work. I wasn't expecting MAXX level battery life, but I needed it to be better than what it was. Even Juice defender and Smart Actions enabled didn't help much. I'll see what Moto has down the road for AT&T. I'm hoping for an Atrix HD MAXX. In the meantime, I'm trying out an Atrix 4G that I unlocked. So far, I'm enjoying it, and the battery lasts longer than the Atrix HD and is user replacable.

  • yeah?

Adomas, 28 Aug 2012can't agree more with others - UGLY AS HELL!!!!!!!indeed, the phone will REALLY be ugly if you will see your face on the screen.

  • Adomas

can't agree more with others - UGLY AS HELL!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2012The battery life turned out WAY better here than for the oneX an... moreWhat do you use your phone for? Did you do some HD gaming?

The Atrix2 handles HD gaming quite well already and it has a much lower clocked chipset.

Is it worth upgrading if battery life is somewhat a priority?

  • Anonymous

The battery life turned out WAY better here than for the oneX and evo..does that slightly smaller screen really make that much difference? Good job, hopefully the mini hdmi will replace crummy mhl in future phones so they can use a true universal tv out and charge at fullspeed or use usb on-the-go both at once! And seriously, when is stock Google gonna add the darned smart dialer?!

I still love my s3, but the new moto sounds awesome for att folks that want good alternative options.

  • naru

this phone is ugly as hell

  • kdflere2

kudos Motorola and GSMArena for being unbiased with your review.