Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 hands-on: First look

05 September 2012
It's a big day for Nokia today - they're announcing the new crop of Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8. The future of the Finnish giant is riding on the success of these new phones, so the whole tech industry is watching with bated breath...

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  • vijay

mohamed, 24 May 2014Iam from chennai presently I have samsung s2 gti9100.Iam looking... morerealy u can go with windows bocz win os is fully optimized i am also switched from android same sgs s2 TO LUMIA 920 SIMPLY AWSOME AND GREAT

  • DramamFree Dee

Everyone else has Android or caught up in the IPhone generation. I wanted something different. I've always preferred Microsoft over Mac with computers so in December 2013 I was due for my free AT&T upgrade, walked in the AT&T store & the Black Nokia Lumia 920 caught my eye with its .99 cents upgrade cost! This phones processor speed is amazing even with multiple windows open, I love the fact it comes with Word & Excel. Battery life is okay even when on the internet but once you start playing games or listening to music, it SUCKS! 30 minutes or less & its dead! I have dropped it many times & the screen is great. I did finally crack the screen playing with the kids in the street. Still works great. Even tiny pieces of the screen have fell out due to the severity of the crack. I put a piece of tape over the hole in the lower right corner where the search key is at & it still works great. Last night I even dropped it in the toilet!!! Quickly grabbed it & turned it off! Let it air dry for less than a half hour....AND IT STILL WORKS PERFECTLY! I love this phone! I want to upgrade to the Lumina 1520 but for now the Lumina 920 was love at first sight!

  • vino


  • mohamed

Iam from chennai presently I have samsung s2 gti9100.Iam looking to buy nokia lumia 920 could anyone suggest me whether I can buy or not.I heard complaints stating that it is getting very hot while charging or speaking to someone else. Share me ur experience and performance of the mobile overall.

  • koti

Hello everybody i want to buy 920 can any one sujest me this mobile is good or flipcart is better to buy this?

Thank you

amirjab, 30 Jul 2013Hi i have a big promblem with my lumia 920 when i download some ... moreIf ur age is under 18 years in Live ID or whichever you r using..

Set ur age 18+
or Change Microsoft ID by restoring the phone

  • amirjab

Hi i have a big promblem with my lumia 920 when i download some thing the things not download msg com plz make family setting i can it can u make me this setting?

  • bryan

Should I buy a nokia lumia 820 guys is it good worth it

I am using C7-00
and just now the Lumia 920 - this is really valuable phoné!


Is there features on Lumia 820 for baring or blacklisting phone number/s.

  • pavan

i really miss nokia, as i hav bought s3.really getting irritation using Samsung. not worthy, no quality, lower battery backup. guys don't do d mistake which I have done. nokia is nokia. past 11 years i have used all nokia higher end mobiles, n now feeling very bad from changing nokia. i really miss nokia.

  • richheart

Ashish, 21 Feb 2013Android is bttr than lumia....Windows8 is better and the Lumia 920 is awesome.

  • Grespy

MasEnha, 13 Nov 2012Guys, I have both Android (SGS III, Nexus 7) and Windows 7 hands... moreI agree with you, good observation on both devices, android has unlimited dishes on the market!!

No resale value

  • Ashish

Android is bttr than lumia....

  • S;celo

I definately need nokia limia 920 please.

  • Anonymous

I found nokia lumia 920 in the bus today:)

  • MasEnha

Guys, I have both Android (SGS III, Nexus 7) and Windows 7 handset (Lumia 800).

I notified that Windows apps are pretty limited on the Market. Unlike Android, I found almost everything.

I'll skip this year, and waiting for the good news:)

  • JAMESHoe

I am sure it will be sell out of 3 millions

  • Anonymous

sk, 04 Nov 2012Queries; 1. Does photos of Contacts Syncs with windows Live 2.... moreMy 710 did all of that. I'm sure the 920 will.