Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean preview: First look

07 September 2012
The Galaxy S III didn't stay in the R&D lab long enough to come with Jelly Bean out of box, but once the latest Android version was announced, Samsung was quick to commit to releasing a timely update. And it seems the wait will be shorter than expected with the official update coming in just a few weeks' time...

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  • phil

wish list.. to allow the option to change the notifications bar to start from bottom up, instead of top down..

  • Annu

Its a Nice phone..But beware Samsung Galaxy S3 As there can be major attack by Hackers.
Check out Major Vulnerably on Samsung Galaxy S3-A line of Code may Wipe out all of Your Data
Malicious code can remotely wipe out data in Samsung Galaxy S III (Major Security Vulnerability resolved by Samsung)

  • ck

Omg, y my s3 knt upgrade to jb? Sw don hav anything? -_-///

  • rahul

Whatever s3 do , the benchmark is never going to reach anwhere near 'optimus G' . just throw this kid to dustbin

  • DrSpoon

Android or WP ?, 24 Sep 2012Why no Flash support included ??? WTF !!! Someone tell me reason... moreFlash is dead on mobile, Adobe decided to stop supporting Flash on mobile

  • Android or WP ?

Why no Flash support included ??? WTF !!! Someone tell me reason for this stupid step.

  • DigitalMonsterr

The Jelly Bean update on Samsung's new smartphone; The Galaxy s3, was a total makeover for the phone!! I realll liked the improvements especially the offline voice chatting

Android jelly bean update got no flash player to play your flv files downloaded from you tube and the likes. There's not much of a difference, i'm keeping my ics 4.0 instead to save my phone memory in useless consumation by the new OS upgrade.

  • oujisan

Ok i got my upgrade to a S3 and tab 2 10.1 etc but they both on 4.0.4 and both didnt have adobe flash.... so nothing new i just downloaded it from playstore (after google searching him)....cant say how i would miss such a plug in.. really effect tablets than phones for me

  • Anonymous

will jellybean change how the screen unlocks?

  • nickynokkynooyajammy

I have GS3 SIM Free. I really love the phone. But I have a few niggles. Firstly Phone has 1024MB RAM = 1GB. My phone has these widgets & shortcuts currently = weather, google search, flipboard widget, email widget, and these shortcuts allshare play, dropbox, gallery, settings, ChatON, Camera, Samsung Apps, PlayStore, 12 other shortcuts and 1 contact. I have AVG Antivirus.

Now I find that I have 542MB/779MB. So when I open a program, or a few I have less than 250MB maybe available. So Android eats way too much RAM, we should be able to have a much more memory efficient OS than this. I mean 1GB of RAM, come on - a mobile oS. Windows used to be able to run nicely on 512MB less than that! This is only a mobile.

Ok so the OS requires more RAM because everything is higher resolution & whatnot but shouldn't an OS, widgets and all UI anumations etc, programs - be made to make use of much less memory. This phone has state of the art hardware processor and high specs and a lazy use of system memory and memory storage.

Why is it always the case that as hardware gets better, Software developers think they can make use of more memory for everything and make lazy use of it. The software I know is not light load. But it should be, and it should be more efficient.

Because this makes the 1GB of memory seem awesome and amazing until you see most of the meory is used on your phone. Good going Google, way to go. I love it and I Hate it at the same time, & that's not an apple joke btw!

  • LG

Anyone who tried it can tell if they removed the limit of 5 joined contacts? Please

  • deep

my s3 not showing JB update.its australian s3 n im from india.plz help anyone :(:(

  • sEzaN

I got a SIII and its rocking.. Umm loving it but whenever I am trying to update via computer, the update takes much time.. So I am little bit confused whether to update it to JB or stay with ICS... :(

  • Anonymous

Pretty cool update, but at the moment I'm disappointed with it as there is no extra features added, especially seeing the Galaxy Note II review.

  • CoolIAm

J, 10 Sep 2012I'm wondering why Android is still lagging. Seems like the butte... morePlease go ahead and buy, who has stopped you from doing so?

Love it

  • Anonymous

J, 10 Sep 2012I'm wondering why Android is still lagging. Seems like the butte... morethe s3 does not lag!!!!! it just shows a little delay for the apps or widgets on the screen once in a while when you go back from a heavy application running. And even at that, it doesnt affect the actual speed of the device...So people, quit talking about this lag

  • Ross

For those who complain about lag. Keep in mind it is still a beta. Wait until the official is release then we can discuss

  • Ross

For those who complain about lag. Keep in mind it is still a beta. Wait until the official is release then we can discuss