Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean review: Bread and butter

1 October 2012
The official rollout of the Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update has finally started. In the next few weeks it should land on just about every Exynos-powered S III unit out there, letting it have a taste of the latest and greatest from Android...

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  • Keshav

vicky, 27 Nov 2013The day I upgrade my s3 on jb. Totally cramped. Too much slow; v... moreGive information about Android version KitKat, menu bar comes very late

  • ken

by the time i make 4.3 the s3 fuked up become laggy and buttery finish soo fast i think samsung did this update to kill s3 and i will not buy Samsung any more the just careless

  • Shehri

Plez give me information about kit-kat version in s3

  • Belinda

CedricPhoenixGuetta, 16 Nov 2013I've experienced my phone about 1 year. On ICS i haven't got ... moreI used to love my Galaxy phone. Now I hate it. The battery runs down by midday. The effects are gone on the camera. The auto spelling is linked to the predictive text. I hate this phone now.

  • shyam joshi

S3 i9300 not full work 4.3 version battery problem net not work download file is not work totally not work 4.3

  • vicky

indraprasad, 07 Dec 2012I am from india I updated to jb b4 a week...... Am too disapoi... moreThe day I upgrade my s3 on jb. Totally cramped. Too much slow; very quickly battery drain; home button work response
Very slow.

I've experienced my phone about 1 year.

On ICS i haven't got any problem it works like a charm.
but on 4.1.2 update i have serious issues over 6 months.

- Laggy UI
- 70 Mb or less usable RAM (Total 832 mb)(It's very low because even stock browser use 114 mb RAM when you just open that)
- Less battery life (2-3 times charge per day)
- Multitasking lags (e.g Sometimes you can't open Chrome+S Memo. It restarts itself!)
- Slow lockscreen wake up (Sometimes it do lag so much)
- App notifications receiving very slow (Like Facebook or Twitter. I doesn't had this problem on ICS)
- Slow response (Compared & based ICS Stock ROM)

General issues here. I regretting to buying this phone. Too bad Samsung. You killed a nice phone with mess update.

And one bad news too; Android 4.3 update is contains too much minor bugs and lag! Don't update your phone if you don't know how to downgrade it!

Some sources said, Android 4.4 is use 512 Mb RAM. At least when S3 uses 512 mb RAM we still have over 300 mb usable RAM. So i think we must get 4.4.
I just waiting for Nexus 5 arrived in my country (Turkey) if it not or receive too expensive i automatically go & but LG G2. Poor move Samsung, you lost your customers.

  • Sophie

Does anybody else find that when pressing either the middle button or the power off button to wake up the screen, that it takes longer than usual to wake up? It used to take less than one second, but now i find it lags and can take up to five seconds to wake up! Is it only me experiencing this?

  • Rajashekar

Hey Guys,
I am using GS3 of JB 4.1.2
& I am fully satisfied with it, There is no lag or any such kind of problems.
I don't know why many of you are complaining of JB 4.1.2
Its working absolutely alright.
I have No Regrets...

  • egghead

I have no idea what other people here are complaining about the 4.1.2 update on the GS3. I'm absolutely having ZERO problems with it. None at all. It's running better than it did compared to when it was still on ICS. Maybe I'm just lucky.

  • Salman

Blowntoaster, 20 Feb 2013for those of you who have freezing issues I have bad news. I did... moreDude, from last week i have been experiencing the same problem. Thanks to ua comment. Il surely do as u say. what did the care centre do? Did they format it?

I was thinking to buy GS3 and now wth this JB update... I'll surely buy this... :)

  • Anonymous

Did it lag at 2:41

  • Blowntoaster

for those of you who have freezing issues I have bad news. I did a full wipe and reinstall on all apps after I experienced that the phone started lagging a bit on 4.1.2. not soon after the wipe did my phone start freezing, most noticably when the mobile data was on and or when connected to a wifi network/hotspot. two weeks in and the phone died completely. in for repair or replacement. According to XDA it might be a Memory chip failure...if you have freeze issues and it's still under warranty, take it in for repairs asap...

  • Anonymous

arif38, 22 Nov 2012after updated official jb on galaxy s3 it takes 10hours to full ... moreSame problem here.....disaster

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  • Preet

I live in india.. My phone runs ever so slowly on jb.. Am regretting having updated it. Pls tell me if there's anyway I can revert back to the older ics?

Thanks for this informative post! I was having big troubles with the S3 even before upgrade it to JB. After my supplier company fixed those issues, I upgraded to JB (has worked just fine) and I noticed the battery long time to charge and almost the same battery life and thought it was the device, now I know is an issue with the OS, hope they can fix that, meanwhile I'll find a nokia charger as an advice on a previous comment lol. Eventhough I've decided to not use Samsung devices anymore(at least until my supplier's contract ends) and definitely will go with Apple.

  • Anonymous

I recently updated my s3 to jb having lot of problems after phn lagging in processing and opening up of contacts call log and it automatically switchesoff.can I wait for next update or it's better to degrade??

  • lee

Updated a week ago in. Nigeria n everything is good to me