Motorola RAZR i review: Intel inside

9 October 2012
The RAZR line that Android helped revive is to be looked at with nothing but pride but Motorola should realize it had more luck than others. Giants like Siemens and Alcatel that used to shape the industry have been almost completely wiped from the map, while Moto stayed afloat and was acquired by no other than Google...

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well, have seen another review posted today... Photos don't look very awesome, but they didn't mention audio quality issues at least. of course, they didn't analyze audio characteristics. I'm still wondering how good is that pentile qHD panel for web browsing. motorola should try to think about using also IPS HD panels (like nokia), those amoled screens are quite good, but they cannot fit 720p in 4.3" screen yet, I guess the smallest amoled screen with 720p is around 4.7" :-/ nice 4.3" IPS 720p penel would do some business, or even good TN panel (like xperia P)

  • Anonymous

i like this phone . im waite to buy one razr i

  • Anonymous

+1 to all the people asking for a retest on sound and camera quality. I really want to get one of these but if the sound/photos are that bad then I'm not sure. Other reviews didn't mention any problems...

  • Nick

My wife has HTC One S with the same PenTile display.
I CAN see pixels I look unconfortably close. It is a pain for eyes to look that close. My wife don't know what PenTile is, she can't see pixels and is very happy with the phone.
Yes, I would prefer HD display on RAZR i just because it is 2012, not because qHD PenTile is a problem.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2012Would love to have an Intel droid, something new and different. ... moreI use a razr has the sam pentile display and resolution.Its absolutely gorgeous.You wont notice the difference between a pentile and a rgb display,unless you will use a loop

  • Anonymous

Would love to have an Intel droid, something new and different. But this phone has the same old long outdated display. Why can't they use a decent HD LCD, instead of that low res pentile that even Samsung users dislike now. High end price but low res pentile, what a combo.

  • Nick

aquadust, 10 Oct 2012I compared photo samples from Razr M and Razr i, and I don't und... more100% agree with every word!!!

  • Anonymous

I had preordered this one phone Amazon, but "fortunately" they delayed the delivery multiple times. As I saw the audio quality measurements in this review, I immediately cancelled my order. They're unbelieveably bad. They seem like outliers. If these measurements hold for all units, my ears would scream in pain.

GSMarena: can you confirm the audio quality measurements with another unit? I really would have wanted to get this one, since the only reasonably-sized phone (outside Razr M, that is, which is not available in Europe) that isn't completely low-end. I don't want a brick in my pocket, but I also want some decent hardware!

  • Anonymous

No FM Radio, why am I not surprised? Another crippled total BS offering from Moto.

I compared photo samples from Razr M and Razr i, and I don't understand why there is such huge difference in PP form both phones. I expected both carying the same camera unit and the same PP settings. But the difference between photos form M and i is soooo huge (noise, sharpness, contrast, saturation). The same is for audio output, I've never seen such bad measurements from 400+eur phone :( I can't believe that Motorola is using some crappy cheap DSP chip in razr i, or whatever is being used there. Razr M measurements were pretty good though! Isn't it possible that this phone is prototype or pre-production unit? I was really looking forward to buy this phone... it is such a shame that razr M is unavailable in Europe :(...

@ GSMArena: Can you do the re-test with another razr i device? I believe many people would appreciate that! Thanks.

  • Michael

GSMarena can you test another unit?
RAZR M is a great phone with good audio and moderate camera according to GSMarena. RAZR i has bad audio and bad camera. IMHO phones are almost identical, something is wrong.
Has anybody contacted Moto?

I really like the size of RAZR i and I can live both with PenTile and Intel, but camera and audio?
Looks like One S would be a better choice despite its size and the size is very important for me.

  • Marco

doggyman, 10 Oct 2012well. given my experience with motorola in defy+ and recent news... moreKey things about Motorola now: New management, from Google, and a cut in number of phone models. JB is promised to arrive shortly. Webtop etc is cut and hence the departments and programming time for that disappears.

Google is also changing Android (rumored), so that the customization from manufacturers eventually will not affect the release dates. It will be more like 3rd party launcher from the manufacturers.

  • Marco

Won, 10 Oct 2012Is it really that big of an issue about the apps compiler compat... moreIt can run just about anything. Then Intel chipset support is the same as any other chipset. About 95 % of all apps is the number given by Intel when the first gen's got their Intel earlier this year.

  • Anonymous

Can you confirm the audio quality measurements with another unit? They sounds unbelievable bad, especially when the Razr M had ok measurements.

  • Eloy

[deleted post]The bootloader is unlocked to both RAZR i and RAZR HD so research first and then troll :)

Thanx for the review.

  • doggyman

well. given my experience with motorola in defy+ and recent news about atrix (No ICS for pretty much ICS deserving models) I am never gonna buy motorola again.

Even the gingerbread on defy is pretty bad. The stock was good. but then, after an update, it turned into an ugly unlock screen and I can't even go back. My only option left is the cm9/10 by quarx

  • Won

Is it really that big of an issue about the apps compiler compatibility? I want to try this out, and I am wondering how much of the store it can't run.

  • Seph

I try to switch to android from IOS becouse i think that phone is stink it cost almost double compared to other smartphones and i switch to Motrorala and buy their products like Atrix 4g and Photon for my family and i after i used it. i totally agreed that android is one of a kind, I ask the sales lady in Motorola if the device will get "ICS" they said it "YES!" i brought it in october 2011, and after a long waiting "SOrry No ICS" It's a dumb marketing strategy, one of the Dishonest company and best of all Problem > sorry > doesn't fix the problem..

I never doubted a company before but this One i Can tell you, "A Thief in disguise"

Watch this:

  • Nick

RAZR i is my choice because of its size. There is NO other compact phone on the market.
Don't understand why camera results and audio is so bad? Preproduction unit?