Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: All rise

25 October 2012
When we review phones we try to put them in context, and tie everything up with a snapshot of the market and the closest alternatives. Now, we usually keep droids and iPhones separate because honestly they just don’t mix. But every now and then...

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  • Anonymous

“Good artists copy, great artists steal. And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”

Steve Jobs

  • Anonymous

sam vs apple, 27 Oct 2012Look Price half blutooth can't connect with iphone sd card no... moreGet your grammar and spelling right before bashing.
iPhone 5 has a much better camera than the S3

Seriously, stop bashing - they're both great phones. Not everyone has the same preferences as the others.

  • UzY3L

"You'll be the judge, so the winner doesn't have to be the one with the better lawyers."
Nice hint on saying the S3 won :))

  • tagil

z, 27 Oct 2012switched to i5 from gnexus. im never going back to android. because you dont have money anymore?

  • Dave

I used galaxy s3 for about three months and then got iphone 5 when it was released. Really like both phones , but the one thing that makes the iphone better for me is that it has stronger signal than S3. I got sick of not being able to get reception in some of the places I go to when using S3. I had phone swapped twice but still the same issue , my S2 I used for awhile had the same problem. Also I find the camera on iPhone much better. Aside from that they are both really good phones, I take the S3 with me if I want to be able to watch movies and plays games to keep myself amused but I prefer the iphone as a day to day mobile phone. What I do get sick of is all the user reviews that pretend to have owned iphone 5 and not been happy with it or pretend to be open minded and then go on to put down iphone , Apple and anything or anyone that has anything to do with either. I prefer iphone , it does what I want and need from a mobile phone but I would still recommend S3 to anyone who wants an Android phone.

  • mark manny timbang

Currently using s3
I sold my s1 for iphone 4... and i am disappointed
Sold iphone 4 and bought htc sensation xe.. and i am happy again
Bought galaxy nexus... then sold once again to try iphone 4s... wtf no dffence
And now i bought samsung galaxy s3 and i rooted it..flashed different roms ... and its a super powerful device..
I will not sell my phone once again to buy the iphone 5 clearly the s3 wins with tons of features than iphone..
Iphone.. no widgets.. cant customize lock screen..
Same ui as the older version... not cheaper as samsung...
Bad camera.. bad battery no nfc... cant customize..

  • Anonymous

HTC Desire HD, 27 Oct 2012Well said man..Rooted android device is very old DH... moreIn some ways yes. But I'd argue that rooting also limits some apps. Take sky go. One of my favourite apps. Won't work on a rooted phone. It will work fine on a jailbroken iPhone. So until devs are made to stop placing restrictions like that then rooting an android can actually limit your phone. Not good on a supposedly open system..

I have an s3 and an iPhone 4. Sky go is one of the few reasons I still keep an iPhone due to the fact that android has such restrictions that iOS doesn't..

Sort that and I can leave the iPhone at home....

  • alex

And a winner is...Samsung galaxy note 2!!!!

  • Anonymous

CJ-Smile, 27 Oct 2012Spec: S3 is better. Software: Jelly Bean is better, even smooth... moreTBH I'm not sure I understand your post.

You start by saying its personal preference, then move on to slate people choosing an iPhone. So what you're really saying seems to be it's personal preference as long as they choose what you prefer....?

  • z

switched to i5 from gnexus. im never going back to android.

  • Anonymous

Hey there folks from!
Well I was waiting for this review from long and as you said in the beginning, I think it's a little too late.

Great review over here.
I really wanted to know about the phones ups and downs and now I really think I do.
Especially when it came to other things except benchmarks. Cause the iPhone 5 clearly beats the Galaxy S3 even when it gives out its best.
I was really confused which phone to upgrade too.
Especially because the years about to end and new smartphones are coming up in the market.

And now I have decided to buy a Galaxy S3.
As you said, software is something important to me.
And I have been using the iPhone 4 from quite a long time and I need an upgrade. Really think SGS3 is good enough.
Thanks for the reviews and tips you have us.
Thanking you sincerely,
Anonymous fan.

  • CJ-Smile

Spec: S3 is better.
Software: Jelly Bean is better, even smoother now.
Resale Value: iPhone 5.
Usability: Personal Preference...

Well, to pick a phone nowadays, it all comes down to personal preferences, really. Apple fanboys will always love iPhone no matter what. Even that their iOS is becoming tiresome like many reviewers have mentioned. The hardware isn't as solid as before, and not to mention their outdated design. Android has been growing real fast. It's already gone ahead of iOS since ICS; even further more that Apple's using it's own map app. Oh well, what am I saying, no matter how many good points to be pointed out here, fanboys will always be fanboys. Personally, I"m not too impressed with the feeling of Samsung's phone in my hand; they feel cheap. Everything else...find it really hard to argue that iPhone5 is better than S3 in any way other than its resale value; even iPhone5's cheap aluminum casing's build quality is now questionable.

Bottom line, just buy anything that you like. No matter how awesome the phone is now, by next year, it's antique.

  • Paw

I own a phone. It hasn't got as good specifications as some of the other phones on the market. But I like my phone. I chose my phone because it does what I need it to do.
It's all well and good fanboys from both sides commenting that this is better than that and some things beat other things but at the end of the day people should choose what works for them.

  • sam vs apple

Price half
blutooth can't connect with iphone
sd card no place
I tunes secure but hactic
Cemra s3 good
some extra sensors in S3
screen size is bigger
And iph5 back and sides stuff can't stop scratches
Black iph5 have white handsfree in his box
Bettery s3 better

  • Apple hater

As Samsung said it doesnt take a genius for choosing s3


man just go for blindly s3
cons of apple i5
small screen, no bluetooth data transfer, no nfc, no hd screen, battery pathetic compared to s3, costly ,and lest ios6 and android
its look for spple
and everything for samsung galaxy s3
howtaht s3 is a clear winner

  • Anonymous

so mutch to read :) a nice video will be fine too :) think about it next time..

  • nonynous

how come that gsmarena only make a passing comment with the purple haze on the pictures? its not normal to have it. i dont have it on my 3gs and 4s, how come the 5 have it?

  • Anonymous

Clearly SGS 3 is the winner

  • S3

iPhone 13 S3 15. We have a winner