Lenovo K860, P700i, S880, S560 and A60+ hands-on: First look

01 November 2012
Lenovo held an event in India where they announced five new Android smartphones will be hitting the local market. The A60+, the K860, P700i, S560 and the S880. The phones span a wide price range, starting from around $120 for the cheapest A60+ to $530 for the most expensive K860...

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How to unlock my lenovo P700i under google not remember my username & password

Pls help me to open my phone tru google accnt thank you

  • Mhel

I have a problem on my lenovo P700i how to unlock the phone using my google accnt that i forget my user name & password, so that i can used my phone, thank you Pls help

  • Anonymous

Why lenovo s560 have two ime

  • Anonymous

why is it hanging everytime I play plants vs. zombies? I need to forced shutdown my phone which is lenovo k860 everytime it happens. Is there another way to fix this problem? I do have enough space in my phone's memory. The games space consumes only 240mb. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Yadi dhillon

I bought one last month. Its very nice phone. Its camera is awesome. Try it

  • andrea

Pls. Help me how to off the vibration effecy ..
If I type message it vibrates ... help me pls...

  • itsrosemarie

Can you do screenshot for p700i? Like you need to press something to do screenshot Or you need to download a screenshot app???

  • bharani

Dear buyers,
Itís my pain and suggesting others not to taste it.
My sincerer suggestion; to guys who wants to buy Lenovo smart phones.
I am using Lenovo laptop from more than 3 yrs, itís too good product from Lenovo. And I thought the same for smart phones but both the products and services are no ware related.
Lenovo guys cheating with the smart phone and these are china products.
Example which I have faced: As I have gone through the Lenovo smart phone configuration A800 and bought it but those are not true. After your purchase you canít feel them at all
 They said 3.5 mm audio jack: its true, but only Lenovo ear phone (the Cheap quality, its lesser the Rs 20/-) will work on that. You canít use other than that. After my purchase I have enquired about it, most of the Lenovo models have same issue.
 Lenovo service: after 1 month when I purchased, I have faced an issue so I given it to Lenovo warranty service center (IVEL Computers Hyderabad), its terrible service from Lenovo. They have taken it for service and they didnít return it back (itís been 2 months). Still they are telling, parts are manufauring in china so its pending with them. I have rose my concern to head office, they were telling we have dispatched but service providers IVEL computers said we didnít received. Am an audient hereÖ.!
 Coming to Camera: they have given in the configuration 5.0 MP but its worst than 2.0 MP.

  • Anonymous

my friend & I bought Lenovo p700i @ December ... Display got few white spots.. we soft-handle phones basically... both phones got cracks exactly at top left corner... Lenovo has outsourced it's service to third party... they always try to kick-off customers...I explained them that Lenovo mobiles has defective manufacturing. I requested for a change n display.. they can't do t under warranty...mobile costs 11.5k. But to change display they asked 4k+... I'm fed up with their service & product...

Only positive thing s battery backup. Display has white spots. Panel breaks by default at top left. Customer service s The WORST part.

  • Anonymous

Denver, 12 Mar 2013Thanks for your thoguhts. It's helped me a lot.Is the lenovo s560 a quadband.
Can I use this in the USA

I just bought a Lenovo K860 and it's awesome! If you into performance and great price (it's bulky, body design not as attractive with competition) this is the phone to buy! :)

  • Denver

Rocky, 12 Jan 2013Hey wr u brought in bangalore.just tl adress plz. I to want to b... moreThanks for your thoguhts. It's helped me a lot.

  • Neji

subrat, 13 Dec 2012I got this in bangalore....it is avlble in bangalore. awsm phon... moreAre you getting good battery backup?

  • DK

Vishnu Priya, 30 Jan 2013Same with me...but idnt y people sying it is awsome etc. same p... moreMe also having same problem. Hardly getting 6-7 hrs backup.
I am screwed up with this phone.

sumi, 08 Jan 2013hi My Lenovo p700i is not having good battery backup. when it ... moreSame with me...but idnt y people sying it is awsome etc.
same prblm im facing

  • Anonymous

Rocky, 12 Jan 2013Hey wr u brought in bangalore.just tl adress plz. I to want to b... moreAll models are available in the mobile shop at BTM Udupi garden signal.

  • Nitin

Yesterday got Lenono P7ooi from Snapdeal with best packing and service within 3 days,the phone is awesome with the best specs packed within.Ui is fluid,and the display simply rocks with 4" ips,with powervr sgx 531 gpu,everything is excellent in this phone. Guys i want idea internet settings for lenovo p700i if anybody has...........

  • M@d#

Got it Today from IndiaTimes Shopping at lowest Price among Online sellers. First impression is Good. Let me explore more and I will give Genuine Opinion soon.

  • ranji,...

Hi guys m using p700i no words to say its awesome

.lenovo s great n thanks lenovo