Samsung Galaxy S Duos review: S goes Dual

03 November 2012
Dual-SIM users generally fall in one of two categories those on a tight budget who look to optimize spending by combining carrier plans, and frequent travelers, who dont want to carry two handsets all the time. Top-tier manufacturers...

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  • Rhut!k

I am using this phone . My battery stands for 2 hrs when browsing , it works nice . But just 1 gb internal memory i am disappointed, it too less . Camera has nice quality and also very good flash .

But some games dont start

  • Anonymous

This is worst phone. I will never buy any samsung phone now. It keeps hanging all the time. Do not depend on this phone when you are in extreme need of help surely this will ditch you

  • s duos 6572 user

i dont know why my battery life lasts merely for 45mins when used continuously on 2G web network....i am very muchh irritated by its sudden battery deaths...i think dere is some problem vid its battery..but i hav been using it for barely a what could be the solution....i dunno whats wrong vid my phone

  • pasha

waste phone and always phone will become hanging. After completion of 1 year of the device the mobile will be charged for 100% when iam browsing within 5 mins the mobile will shutdown and when we restart it will warn about charge your phone and it shows 2%.

  • a

i call in sim card they goes to skype when number is not saved to contacts in samsung duos

  • Navaneethakrishnan

1. Good mobile for first time mobile users hangs a little bit.
2. My mobile fell from 5 th floor to ground floor in 29/07/2015 luckly nothing happned (i had a case cover) this is not the first time it fell meany time nothing hpnd gud luk.
3. But if the RAM size is 1 GB it is very ease to use.
Nice mobile...:)

  • Bindas boy biki

My best mobilE

  • tohidseman


  • darshan

No update ....greater than galaxy slow...hangging every time ...apps not responding...big problem.....
I want to kill my mo..i..m..really anggree on this phone

  • roRocky

Hi I am using this phone since 1.5 years
It is very slow , can I update OS please reply me

  • Arun vasi

This is a fantastic phone

  • Anonymous

This phone has given me nothing but trouble. I had inserted a 32gb memory card as this phone's interal memory is v less and your phone basically cant function with only the little internal memory. After inserting the 32gb card and transferring my photos and apps to it, the phone automatically began to unmount the sd card and prepair it again to be read. It kept saying "sd card removed unexpectedly" or "damaged sd card". I removed the external memory card and put it back in but the problem still persists. Its doing it right now as i type. Also the battery life is very less and after 1 year of use it switches off after 5 minutes of opening an app.

  • Anoob

When i am making call showing call 23441 or use mobile option , how its solve

  • ysa here in jeDdah .i want to buy samsung GalaxY S DUOS..howmuch the cost?
Reply asAp.tnx.

  • Anonymous

Screen size of samsung s duos ?

vipul, 13 Jun 2014GTS 7562 1 sim use internet not support sim2 incoming callPerhaps it has not been set up correctly? Mine works very well on both sims.

I already have this phone and this review has shown me a lot more about it than the instruction manual with the phone did! I am now happier with my phone, although disappointed that it was unable to rate higher!
Love the way the review has been done.

  • chandu

super i want to purchase it

This mobile is the worst mobile i ever had.. it hanged 10 times. The ram is very slow. You can't even move your apps to the sd card. Its really disgusting . There is 4 GB internal memory but u can use only 1 GB.

  • Nur Alom

sunaina, 19 Aug 2014I hve this phone drain. Phone's bttry fastr from day 1 n... morei hv also same condition