Nokia Lumia 920 review: The Luminary

04 December 2012
Not the best of times then for the Finns, but the right time for a flagship to show its worth. Saying that the future of the company is being decided here is probably too much. But the Lumia 920 could be the difference between living with dignity and scratching a living on emerging markets...

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  • Anonymous

It's very powerful device and upgradeable to WP 10! with the insider app. Amazing mobile phone.

  • stephens

I have used this phone for a long time but now using 930 but this 920 is a superb phone and good solid strong device.
now available for cheap so grab one I would say, very good phone.

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2015lumia 920 flash light is no bright, as compare as samsung mobileIt doesn't need to, it beats any samsung by miles.

  • Anonymous

lumia 920 flash light is no bright, as compare as samsung mobile

  • Nick Negri

Aju, 27 Aug 2014You must upgrade ur os 8 to 8.1..thereafter u will get filemana... moreI agree completely

  • parth Patel

Nice che pan sdcard no locho che

  • Aju

Gajavalliabhishek, 21 Feb 2013May i knw wheater do v hve file manager r nt...??You must upgrade ur os 8 to 8.1..thereafter u will get filemanager and more


sanjeev, 23 Jun 2013I am Lumia 920 for last 2 months. Facing some problems which are... moreIts screen touch prblm....

  • Anonymous

nalin, 23 Dec 2013I have the same problem.i'm using galaxy s2 phone.I think it is ... moreBattery saver should be disabled, and you shoud allow Viber to run in background from Applications settings. Thanks

  • Laura

Vader567, 19 Jun 2013Does it skype ? I think that's true you really are right

For me a classy smartphone that works extremely well. No problems-took some time to set up everything correctly and made sure I understood the workings of the phone and software. Definitely worth upgrading to windows phone black. No problems with battery- lasts a whole day with 40% capacity left when I get home(lots of whatsapp, text messages, around 5-7 calls a day, some e-mails, light browsing and using 2 or 3 other apps.)

  • nalin

dee, 13 Apr 2013hi I bought a 920 its 1 week old I have got one serious problem ... moreI have the same problem.i'm using galaxy s2 phone.I think it is a falt of viber application.not a falt of the phone.

I've used this phone for three months and almost got crazy. it has some of the most annoying problems a smart phone may have.

First of all it does not allow you to charge it while it's turned off. This might seem not important but actually it is.
If you let the battery discharge completely it takes three hours to turn on again.
It does not have an option for sound record and all the free apps available just don't work and are full of advertisement.
It does not allow you to memorize a place without entering the full address.
It does not have an option to fix screen rotation.
Attached files don't open halt of the times.
The keys are so badly positioned that you keep pressing them accidentally.
It's just awful, the worst electronic device I ever used. I just offered it, it's unbelievably bad.
The first experience might not be that bad but on the long term it just drives you crazy.

  • shehi

Hi there.I just got lumia 920 ,after inserting the microsim into the sim hole i tried to on it but it couldnt come up.Its been sleeping for days now.Somebody should help please.

I m using Lumia 920 before that I was user of google Andriod .. I had a software naming LOADERDRIOD through which I can dload movies and vedios from facebook with one touch .. can I have such software in windows app store.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee help........

  • Acqkram 1

My lumia 920 I bought from dubai last week has failed to display this morning and yet when you call on it the caller hears it ringing.i need some immediate help.what could be the problem?

Nokia lumia920 The most convolute smartphone coment more for save Nokia

Vader567, 19 Jun 2013Does it skype ? Yes it does.

  • sanjeev

I am Lumia 920 for last 2 months. Facing some problems which are quite irritating
. In phone book group members can be added one by one.
. No option for rotation.
. Hangs up now then.
. Heats up.
. File attachments many a times unable to open in emails
. Zip file can't be opened.
. Many a times while dialing a number screen lights off. Unable to see anything on screen and loose control.
. Sometimes touch screen do not response.

  • Arunesh Verma

This is the worst phone from NOKIA I have ever seen,
1. Compromised GPS.
2. Poor hanging Navigation.
3. No search in favourites- POIS.
4. Cannot attach files ( word/excel/ppt) to mail from mail ( other ways possible - but its ridiculous and funny)
5. Very Low volume.
6. No Player, Cannot surf to a diffeternt time when a video or audio is running.
7. Camera does not have zoom or any high end features.
8. You cannot access the system folder.
9. Cannot open password Protected file.
10. Translatoe camera has very limited translations possible.
11. NO player.
12. Very less application.
13. NO SIP.
14. Mobile VOIP not working.
I suggest if you are a business used do not buy this phone.