Nokia E60 review: Strictly business

26 May 2006
Nokia E60 is available on the market for some time now and offers the users powerful business solutions in almost every possible way. The tri-band phone has 3G UMTS network support and features a fabulous TFT 16 million colors display. E60 is based on the 3rd edition Series 60 and runs on Symbian OS 9.1. It has GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared and USB support.

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  • lovro

I havent read all the posts so sorry if there is something like this..If your sms sending is slow - download SMSaccelerator! its free and its GREAT!
Now-Im using e60 for 8 months, and I adore this phone! It has everything! I had 6600, 6630, n70 before this one, but e60 is simply the best! one and only thing thats missing is camera - just VGA, or 1.3mpx... it really misses... but everything else is great - WLAN (super easy), blutut, Irda... All I can say is - Best Mobile phone I've ever had!!!

  • Anonymous

I have been using the E60 for 1 year now. The biggest problem I face is the VERY SLOW sending of sms from this phone. It took upto 3 minutes to send a sms and during that time, the phone can't be use for anything. I have installed the Quickmessaging software from Nokia and it cut down the sending time from 10mins to the current 3mins. Anyone suggestion?


E60 or N80 ?? hm...

  • roy

I like the nokia E60 but to my suprise its not available in the Philippines. Can anybody tell me why?

  • Sebastian Guy

Have been using E60 for some 8 weeks now.

I have configured the Truphone SIP service with this handset ( ). This is a SIP service with 'over the net' configuration which works amazingly well. The config worked fine (2nd time round - it WOULD have been easier if I had read the instructions first!)

All in all, a GSM with quad-band GSM, 3G(UMTS), WiFI, Bluetooth and a QVGA colour display - what a mega-phone!

  • mark pearce

Had the phone for a month,
The call waiting feature via a bluetooth headset is usless, I missed 4 calls in 10 minutes,
Ive given up and gone back to my 6230i
very disappointing phone

  • Anonymous

can any1 whose using the e60 tell me if it comes wit a pre installed virus protection n if not how can i get a full really impressed with the review n want to buy it

  • Anonymous

anyone knows how good the sound quality of MP3 playback of E60 is, both through its loudspeaker and stereo headset? pls share!

  • Vantha

Nokia E60 is an outstanding phone for those who do not need a built-in camera. But it is not yet available in Cambodia so far. Does anyone know why?

  • Martin

Have had one now for 2 months. Excellent phone. Superb screen. Incredible Web browser. Someone enquired as to it's capacity with respect to an external Memory card (Mobile MMC), have just installed a 2GB card, works perfectly.Voice recognition great for opening up applications but almost NEVER recognizes contacts in address book.

  • hienlude505

Great review that impressed me enought to purchage this Nokia E60 and it is coming tomorrow(07/26/2006)i think this phone is RIGHT for people that do not need camera, like my case i never use the camera or video with my Nokia 8800. Phone are designed to connnect people with conversations...i have owned N91 but sold it after 2 weeks because the dusts got under the phone's screen.

  • Cisco

Does anyone try to connect a SIP device?

I am talking about connecting to a Cisco IP network and connect as a Wireless handset to the local PSTN network.

  • memon

Does anyone know how high a memory card can it take?i want to put a 2gb

  • Ed

Nice review. I already have the Nokia E61, I've hade that for a month, and just got an Nokia E70. I use the Nokia E61 as my Monday - Friday device and the Nokia E70 as my Saturday-Sunday device.

Having read this though... it makes me want the E60 as well...


  • Josh

Can anyone tell me if this will work in the US if I use the sim card from my razr phone, I am on the T-mobile network. I work at a job that does't allow cameras and this seems many times better than the razr anyway. I wanted a phone without camera that had a music player, and this is the only one I have been able to find.

  • Anonymous

I guess it may be of interest for you that your review (including photos) was copied and translated into Russian on a site:
without any copyrights, except the aknowledgement that "photos are made by"

And an "author" states there that he is the "author" of that review.

  • anonymous

Nice review. I just dumped my RAZR for this the e60 (RAZR is the worst phone I've ever had--if you care about actually using it as a phone). I have to second the comment about this not having a camera--I swore to myself my next phone wouldn't have one after the RAZR. Actually, the e60 being able to play music and video did make me think twice about buying it since I didn't want any compromises on it being the best it can for it's main purpose--a phone. I had to talk myself into that fact that this comes with the Symbian OS anyway so it shouldn't hurt anything. So, overall, I'm very very pleased with the phone. Great reception so far, great display, great speakerphone, durable and expandable.

  • Mark Laris

I have been using the E60 for about 2 weeks and I think it is the best cell phone I've ever had (my third Nokia). It is very powerful and easy to use. The web browser is great. Much has been made out of the fact that it has no camera but the main reason that I bought this phone was for that very reason. This was designed to be a business phone and many businesses do not allow cameras on their property. I've wanted a smart phone for a long time but could not buy one because they all had cameras. Thankfully, Nokia understands the business user.

  • Tsimora

I own the E60 since 2 weeks now after 6 months of waiting to be available. In general, I am very pleased with it. I always wanted a phone with a capable web browser like the one implemented in this phone. In my former Nokia 6600 I used Netfront but this new one is a lot better!
The E60 broke down on me on its 4th day of use: the Messaging subfunction become inaccessible. Only a hard reset (*#7370#) could fix it. It broke down after receiving some bad format emails with the automatic email download function.
The E60 is my best NOKIA phone of the six I have had so far.

  • neo

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