Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 review: Gone fishing

23 February 2013
Modern smartphones are essential tools for urbanites, but they are usually left behind on a trip to the great outdoors. Not the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 though, it will gladly join in the adventure and isn't afraid of a few knocks or a dive...

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  • Anonymous

Why can't I move apps to my sd card. I mean those already installed. Thanks .. email:

  • Anonymous

Please I need the price of X cover2

nigella, 16 Jul 2013Put sim in phone contacts do not appear.I had to put mine in manually..

  • blessing

My camera is not working and the extra memory tooo

  • lex

it has only 1.18GB internal memory

  • david

I don't know why you say this phone supports MHL, has anybody tried ??, I did, and could not.

  • guri singh

i like this mobile special thnks for samsung

  • nigella

Put sim in phone contacts do not appear.

  • shan

What all can this x cover phone do can you spin on it

  • nmaske333

i like this phone ;that is perfect for mi

  • Anonymous

Techie, 25 Feb 2013I rather pay less and get more with BLU tank 4.5. Slimmer, small... moreit's also an 1ghz processor, the only con on the xcover 2 ;p

  • M

Actually that's not correct anymore, the Garmin Fenix supports BT4.0!

  • ML

Don't overestimate the importance of bluetooh 4.0 for fitness devices users. There is no one heartrate monitor with wirst watch working on bluetooh 4.0. All of them are working on ANT+. There are only bluetooth 4.0 sensors, but if you want check you hartrate or cadence you must unlock phone screen - it is very uncomfortable while you are running.
The only solution for fitness fans is old sony-ericsson xperia ANT+ enabled phone for recording and audio coaching and Garimin or Timex watch for easy check your pace and heart rate.

  • Alok Kumar Sharma

This is the Good device I have Also waiting for. This mobile Thank you Samsung!

  • Anonymous

This is the device I have been waiting for. Thank you Samsung!

who is better galaxy xcover 2 or NOKIA LUMIA 900?

  • Shilka jayakumar

Sorry to say samsung
it has a very poor design&i had turned to LUMIA

  • sumai

is it soda [coca cola] proof;););):0

  • Techie

I rather pay less and get more with BLU tank 4.5. Slimmer, smaller, bigger LCD screen

Sch, 23 Feb 2013If I want a waterproof & dust proof phone then Xperia Z is u... moreDude,Sxz is a high end phone.This one is a mid end phone and far cheaper.