Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom preview: First look

12 June 2013
Just taking the photo won't do these days - you'll want to edit and share it, then rake in the likes. Except most cameras pretty much bail out at the snapshot. Not the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom though, a hybrid of a point-and-shoot with...

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Sometimes I close camera and lens still open and sometimes it open AND close itself without touching the phone, any one support me to fix it? Also how I turn flash on while video recording?

How I use flash in video recording in samsung s4 zoom?

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2013Its interesting to know if the galaxy zoom use tripod to zoom 10x?Yeah this device has a port for tripod

This device dosent support multiwindows

Help me
my lens get stuck
Lens still outside aftr i shut the camera
wat yo do
any help

I dont have multi window.
Does it because my version?

  • Mittyjbz

Fongy, 04 Jul 2013It's odd when people judge a phone immediately by how it looks..... moreI really lyk thz phne

Display size is nt good.

  • Gopal .B.R.

no really i certisfied this handset

goron, 21 Jun 2013so what no one want simbiyem anymore not even close just to cal... moreIf you can't spell "Symbian" you probably don't know how to use it ot what you can do with it (a lot). Likewise, you wouldn't know how to use this one either.

  • phonemaster

This is a phone chaos! Its a complete mess! Its something you wouldnt buy

  • phonecritic

Samsung waited then tadaaa here comes Nokia! Then samsung feels so bad, why is it that Nokia has better camera, then Sony Honami arrives tadaaa! All the more Samsung felt depressed, i wish i created much much more better camera phone

  • Anonymous

Fongy, 04 Jul 2013It's odd when people judge a phone immediately by how it looks..... morePeople just love to hate. Especially on Samsung lately. And picking on "plastic/thick" is one of their favorite targets.

It's odd when people judge a phone immediately by how it looks...
Have we come so far to only judge things on appearances?!?
Come on, technology fans have witnessed a whole gamut of different shaped / sized phones - and each one appeals to different people...

I remember the Nokia 93e (I had one!) the 'transformer phone' - I've got a Note 2 now (who'd have thought people wanted phones THAT BIG?!?!?)

But remember the old HTC Tytan2's?!? And the phones with the slide out keyboards?

And the SonyE P800 / P900s?!?!

Come on people...

It's about functionality - the Samsung S4 Zoom is more than pocketable - it provides a brilliant halfway-house between camera / phone and something I wouldn't mind owning at all!

Look at the Nokia 920 - a real return to 'bulky is best' - as well as the N800 (camera phone)

Let's not judge by what it looks like, but what it can do, and how people will use it...

On holiday? Fantastic. Just to be able to have to hand for those daft moments with pets / friends / nights out - excellent...

And it's more than a decent enough smartphone as well...

What's not to like?

  • Mega58

Interesting indeed

  • commentators

I agree i think samsung HAVE TO BE FOCUS so that its resources will not be everywhere. For premium market just make galaxy note and galaxy note camera for a higher segment.

  • samsung fan boy

Samsung scheming the market to much n makes its products floods the market. SAMSUNG BE FOCUS! Just make galaxy note,galaxy note full frame camera,galaxy note full frame interchangable lens with the most update 1080p n 800 snapdragon. Many people will not buy camera half sensor like that. Look at your galaxy camera without call function or samoled it is saleable? Why people think that your camera is not as good as nikon or leica.

  • Shabz

With a 20x zoom on the galaxy camera, could someone clarify exactly why its worth upgrading to this one with a 10x zoom- is there anything specification wise that has been improved?

i was thinking the same thing

  • Sahin ahmed

i was buy this mobile for Galaxy S4 zoom