Sony Ericsson K610 review: Sure 3G choice

05 July 2006
Sony Ericsson K610 is a new addition to the K-series but with a twist - it is one of the smallest mobile handsets available with 3G support and video calls. But if that is not enough, the mobile packs in a 2 megapixel camera and a Memory Stick Micro (M2) card slot. The classic shape and design would most probably appeal to the male audience, and one thing's for sure - you could always find place for this little fellow in your shirt's pocket.

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gsmerena is like one

  • Nyd

Good phone. I've been using it for more than 3 years.

  • sallak

been using the phone for years, tough, reliable, planning to replace it by xperia x10 next week

cam is not cool, but that won't bother me as i don't use it at all
what i didn't like is that when u put the sim in place it get scratched due to narrow place, so if u used to remove the sim few times for any reason, u might need to replace a new sim

frrreat phone, grrrrreat brand

  • Al-ameen

I'm using k610 n i'm enjoying it. I love sony Ericsson

  • Nikz

Hi, Again, Can anyone tell me if they fixed the noise wherever or whenever this fone is subjected to low light condition using it's 2 megapixel camera?? I read one of the reviews last time and it says that they are working on it, I hope in the final release of this phone, it was fixed so that it'll be much better, I really want this phone so please leave me an answer to all of my questions, I will really apreciate it alot, Tnx, -nikz

  • Nikz

Hi Guys, I'm from the philippines, and I really want this fone sooooo much!, can anyone tell me how much this cost in our country now?? I really want to buy one, but I'm afraid it'll be as expensive as new other phones, hope it is not, can anyone tell me how much it costs nowadays?? My budget is Php 6,000.00 to Php 8,000.00, I hope it was on my range!! hehehehe! To all Pinoys there!! Mabuhay Tayo!!! Please post your answer to my question ok as soon as possible, I really want to know the price of this piece of masterpiece, Yeah!..Nikz

  • noname

heyhey,den if compare wif w810i let say...
how it?nice and worth?

  • baloy

this phone is great!! love it... bco'z its stereospeakers can widen up!!!!nice... the good thing to make your phone loud.. is set ur equalizer to full bass n treble n it wll be completely just right!0k phone..recommend to buy it...around 300$ price.. =P

  • WEI teacher

It's a good phone for 180 $ does its job , a good 3G - small business phone ! I like using it , I really do !

  • EnWui

I've just bought this phone unlock, New for about US $210
Nice Evening Red :)

  • Fun-y

First time I saw the phone, it's just full of love and amazing. More love I got when I used this phone. When I got into the internet, I felt so comfortable. So I just can say now that the phone is very good. K610i is nice! I love it!

  • Rose

I have K610i for about one month. Overall, i really like it, from the design, features, weight, color, it is slim. Cool!!. But i find the weakness in speakerphone. While playing the music, the sound is going weak and sometimes disappears. I have to press the back of this hand phone **near the speaker** to make it sound, and sometimes if i don't hold it, once again, the sound is disappear.

  • Joey

Fantastic phone.

I work in the phone industry and have no problems in recommending the phone to customers.

The only issue I have have is that there is no camera zoom. And I very rarely use the camera anyway!

  • Tony

somebody ...please emeail me and what i want to naow it`s what contains the package because i want to buy it ....

  • will

I am going to grab one but unfortunately they eliminate the LED light and auto focus. Really wish to have those feature in K610..

  • Ikos

Hello! I didn't notice in your review if these phone can be powered with USB, like K750?


  • jiaozenos

mmmmm...juz bought it today...planned to buy K750..but the price onli a bit different with i picked K610i..speaker are too loud!!!!!!LOVE IT


I bought K610i & the external memory (within package) was M2 with 64 MB, the problem that you have to buy the memory reader if you want to transfer the memory data to PC or you have to use USB cable with the PC Suite software.
Bluetooth internet connection has to be done with the PC Suite software.

  • Nic

I can pair my K610i with my PC (using bluetooth) but it come to synchronising with my SE PC Suite, it just will not recognise the phone ... any one has experienced this before? Please help!!! thanxx

  • yun

does this phone comes with memory card or we have 2 but it on our own?