LG Optimus 2X will get ICS update after all, the saga is over

02 November, 2011

You are forgiven if you got confused about whether or not the LG Optimus 2X will get Android Ice Cream Sandwich or not. We were getting mixed signals from the Korean company's camp recently, but now the saga is finally over and things point to a happy ending.

LG used its Facebook page to confirm that "rumors that claim LG will not be providing the ICS OS update for the Optimus 2X" are not true. The Koreans said they are already in the process of planning the update and they will be announcing the update schedule once ICS is made publicly available by Google.

The even better news is that the Optimus 2X won't be the only LG droid to get the Android 4.0. There were no details on which the other lucky smartphones are, but we should know their names once the update schedule is released.

It appears that LG has finally decided to increase the pace at which it pushes out software updates. The news of the Gingerbread updates for their high-end lineup came only a few days ago and we are already talking about ICS.

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