Samsung A711

Samsung A711

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  • souvik

ausome ph...have been using this phone for 2 yrs....
still working great....
thank you samsung

  • Anonymous

Can we block a any phone number in A711.

  • Anonymous

anyone know how to delete the recent log on this phone in your messages??

  • Anonymous

this phone is a tank i even droped it in the toilet and it still worked and the battery aint that bad i got to charge it every night but its ok

  • Tasnuva

From the picture you can tell there's an internal camera.

  • Addy

It is a great phone!
The only problems I have is with the Sync with the Computer... lost all contacts + everything once. Also there is not many applications... Battery is pretty poor when not in use (just sitting there) but once u play any song or video goes down real quick

  • shermin

This phone is good. But the main problem is with battery. I need to charge after every 3 or 4 hours. How can i get rid oh this? is there any solution????????

  • hassan

mobile is good.every thing is excelent except its battery.i hav to recharge it after every 3 or 4hours.overall it is a good phone bt batery.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.saad

  • Dr. Butt

Can someone tell me which other phones use the same battery as tha A711?

I need a spare battery and i just can't seem to find one.

  • Anonymous

hey. got this phone last night. u can assign your own ringtone, sms tones, and alarm tones.i did not choose samsung before coz some of their phones dont have this option. basic phone,but does everything. the sound is very clear, and the display is nice. would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a very capable allrounder. very cheap through telstra. call quality seems quite good 2.

  • hello

it was a good phone untill now.. my mssages are playing up it wont lett me recieve them or go into the message icon.
can anyone help its annoying me

  • Anonymous

this very nice but/

  • mavrick

its a good phone,.,., camra's result is viry nice,,, but its battry time is not satisfying...

  • Anonymous

asdf, 05 Jan 2009For some silly reason it puts all new text messages onto the sim... moreok where does the sim card go

  • asdf

For some silly reason it puts all new text messages onto the sim card not hte phone, which is really annoying. Otherwise a good phone.

  • Anonymous

Telstra in Australia not AT&T

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2008what network is this phoneat&t

  • rina

if you want to use you own ringtone - it should be less than 100 mb or else it will tell you that the file is too large - so it does not mean that if you move all your contacts to the phone memory, you can use your own ringtone.

it is AT&T by the way

  • Anonymous

what network is this phone

  • dhanes

I got bored with the themes on this fone but anyway the keyboard is nice, and easy to text a message, i like it! you should buy this fone! lightweight and simple.