Samsung C3312 Duos

Samsung C3312 Duos

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  • Anonymous

suni, 31 Oct 2015superu r r8 but if it hv whatsap it is great phone

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  • 13 hours ago
  • KA6P
  • nitish kmar das

soumen, 21 Sep 2015english,bengaliit is very good phone

  • Anonymous

ajay , 01 Dec 2015whats app not avilebel for this phon ?no

  • abhishek gusain

Rewat g

  • ajay

p.senthil, 27 Nov 2015wahts app illawhats app not avilebel for this phon ?

  • p.senthil

raju, 16 Sep 2015good phone.but not downloded can the downlod proceswahts app illa

  • sandeep singh

ahmedraza, 23 Oct 2015samsung con c3312 amdroid uodatewats app


very super phone

  • kalyani

it doesnot support whats app n true caller. It does not many video n audio n pdf files

  • Anonymous

i just love this phone my father bought it on diwali(december 2012) i personally love this phone ya its not android but thumbs up to dis phone it has no glass protection but from the day i have this phone its fallen 100 times from my hand but its screen is not even have a scratch or broken it does not hang or heat up love thisphone :)

  • suni

mansoor, 09 Sep 2015how to download and whatsapp? super

  • Hassan sir

It is best of all

  • ahmedraza

abhishek, 08 Oct 2015nsamsung con c3312 amdroid uodate

  • Tushar kumar

pranesh, 19 Sep 2015how to download fb messenger and whatsapp ?this phone is cool

  • abhishek

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2015whatsapp pleas downloden

  • mansoor

Whatapp messengar, 30 Sep 2015Samsung c3312 whatapp messengarhow to use whatsapp in this gt c3312?

  • yojana

i love this phone it is very nice and its touch is very awesome and whenever i play net the network is always fast since i recharge the 2G pack awesome phone thanks samsung i love your phones

  • Whatapp messengar

chandu, 31 Jan 2015how to install whatsupSamsung c3312 whatapp messengar

  • Nilesh yadav

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2015nice phone but can not use whats appMain mistake is whatsapp and want to be whatsapp in this mobile

  • Anonymous

mansoor, 09 Sep 2015how to download and whatsapp? download